Vehicle Fleet Management - Management Meeting



1. APOLOGIES: Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)
   Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Manager


ATTENDEES: Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
  Buckley, Jo (JB) – Senior Fleet Manager
  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
  Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
  Hawley, Louise (LH) – Operational Management Accountant  

The minutes of the previous meeting on 20 May 2015 were approved as a true record. The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 15 July 2015.


Action 1 – 15.07.2015: Sarah Gilding to complete 2015 PDRs for Andy Stockham and Don Crawford (as their line manager during this reporting period has now retired).

• Cycle Repair and Maintenance Budget

5.1 Revenue and Capital Update
LH reported that the Budget Managers Commentary has changed in regard to the way the variance to budget is reported – underspends are now positive figures and overspends are negative.

Currently there is an underspend of £145,000 of which £90,000 is forecast for VER, which will be taken out by virement this month.  Going forward, there will be an under spend of £55,000.  The main underspend is within the accident repairs budget.  There has been a change to the way we are coding invoices, vehicle parts for the mechanical side and the body shop side are both being coded to the same code now. We need to ensure we can still identify the costs of accident repairs and run a report off showing this detail.

Action 2 -  15.07.2015:  Louise Hawley to speak with the Insurance Manager to ensure we are able to collect the data on accident costs and report on it.

The fuel budget is again under spent but is off set by re-charge.  LH reported that we need to monitor the costs within the fuel budget, in an effort to manage without a constant underspend.  JB was wary of reducing the budget at this stage because of fluctuating fuel prices, so it was agreed to monitor the situation for the next few months.  There will be savings next month as a result of VER.

5.2 Trading Accounts
LH has prepared trading accounts for the last financial year and one for the new year to date.  SG will send this information out to all.

5.3 Capital Vehicle Replacement / New Vehicle Framework
LH reported an underspend on the vehicle replacement programme, which is actually savings from the Diamond Review, which will be stripped out of this budget at some point.  SG reported that we are still to sign the contract for the new vehicle framework as issues and queries with regard to the contracts have to be dealt with first.  SG said that she or procurement would e-mail the Management Team to confirm the final details. AS raised a concern about Peugeot who recommend a 12,000 mile service schedule but AS doesn’t think this is appropriate for Police vehicles.  SG agreed to feed this into the NAPFM Technical Committee in an effort to standardise procedures.

5.4 Tranman Project
LH is still in discussion with the Tranman project manager at Humberside Police with regard to the share of costs they have paid.  We undercharged them their share in 2013/14 and it has been agreed to invoice them £10,000 to cover this. Agreement has to be arrived at for the following year but there should be more to be recovered.

SG confirmed that LH will be leaving us and moving to another Department and Glen Hitchen will be her replacement.  SG thanked her for the work she has done.

6.1Tranman Upgrade
JB reported that the Oracle interface with Tranman is on hold at the moment, while the Force deals with ERP.

SG reported that the Strategic Partnership project is ongoing. VFM have not had any contact yet from a fleet perspective.

SG reported that the creation of a stores hub at Churchill Way is progressing. Stores is also part of the Fire Service project as they have a large store at Eastwood.  The hub here at Churchill Way facilitates stores and uniform coming in and out. We also need to see what the opportunities are for Eastwood as they have a large Fire Service store there, for which our Driver Services currently perform deliveries. 

SG reported that a new project has started that will look at whether there is any merit for Fleet to merge with SYFR.  VFM staff are aware of this.  The first stage is data collation of what both parties have with regard to finance, fleet and staff and looking at the Eastwood and Rotherham premises along with the Managers and their teams working there.  Euro Car Parts have been invited to advise. Going forwards, monthly meetings have been set up to progress and monitor the position.

Action 3 – 15.07.2015: Karen Lilley to provide formal advice to Sarah Gilding about communication with staff with regard to the project looking at SYP Fleet merging with SYFR Fleet.

7.1 PDR’s
Just a few PDRs outstanding.

Nothing to report.

7.3 VER
Five people from VFM have left due to VER.  SG asked if anyone had any issues as a result of these departures.  A discussion took place, which resulted in the following action:

Action 4 – 15.07.2015: Joanne Buckley to review any actions to take to speed up the process of getting the gate release buttons in place on 1st floor for Admin to operate.

It was agreed, in view of current projects, to discuss this in a separate meeting.

The recruitment of a Support Service Manager has been agreed and advertised with a closing date of this Friday. The two apprentices that we requested have been declined.  SG said she would put something in place to advise SCT about what this means for us in terms of succession planning, especially at the Bodyshop with regard to the demographic of the staff there. This must be looked at in view of the Fire Service project as well.  AS asked if in view of the vacated apprentice post at Rotherham, if it was possible to allow the person who is currently on a work experience placement within VFM to fill it.

Action 5 – 15.07.2015: Sarah Gilding to contact Ann Harhoff to find out if we can fill the apprentice post that has become vacant at Rotherham.

SG said this has been on our Performance and Governance action plan over the years. The secondary employment notifications within the Department have been rental properties.  SG had a discussion with her colleagues within other regions about their situations and Humberside came back to tell her that they had recently dismissed two technicians for not notifying they had secondary employment and conducting work as technicians out of work hours. This needs to be communicated to our Technicians.

Action 6 – 15.07.2015: Supervisors to advise staff of the dismissals in Humberside due to not notifying their secondary employment  but were carrying out work outside of working hours.


8.1 BMW – 330 X DRIVE
SG reported that we now have a course of testing at MIRA scheduled from week commencing 17 August, for the BMW 330 X-Drive. SG has contacted Driver Services to ask for the BMW 330 X-Drive to be collected from BMW at Farnborough and delivered to MIRA during week commencing 10 August.  BMW asked for an independent person to attend, so Geralt William the Chair of the NAPFM Technical Committee will attend at the end of the week of testing when MIRA deliver their results. This will help to deal with this in a more structured way.  SG will try to get a Driver Training lead there as well.

SG reported that the trialling of cameras in a couple of vehicles had taken place. This is being dealt with by the Mobile Information Project.  VFM have no further input at this time.

9.1 Force Performance
SG sends this data out directly to the Management Team.

JB reported that servicing at Churchill had caught up but has slipped back a little this week.  Doncaster garage is static.  JB explained that part of the problem is the difficulty with the correct mileages being provided when vehicles are fuelled. This can cause big jumps in mileage, which then suddenly affects the service schedule. We are trying to be proactive and catch these earlier when doing the utilisation reports and the scheduling.

AS has looked at the times and thinks that they seem reasonable.  A discussion took place about this. It was agreed to hold a final meeting to include the technicians who have done the work on this and agree how to disseminate the information. This will include an explanation of how these times have been arrived at, what it means and that the actual time it takes to do a job must still be booked.  Standard times will however be used to monitor performance in those instances where technicians take longer than the standard times to complete a job. 

Action 7 – 15.07.2015:  Sarah Gilding to contact the NAPFM Technical Committee to clarify the exemption on MOTs and what it means.

Nothing to report.

It was agreed to plan the next stock take for the end of September.

Nothing to report.

13.1 Cycle Repair and Maintenance Budget
LH queried this budget and exactly what it was for as there has been little use of it so far this financial year.  AS explained it was for the annual maintenance and repair of bicycles and for the purchase of the required tools, training and parts.  SG stated this showed that a saving has been made by bringing this work in house and that some costs that Districts would have paid for within the budget are being absorbed within other VFM sub-budgets i.e. The transportation of the bicycles is done by Driver Services and labour costs come from within the VFM staffing budget.  It was agreed to pause and review how we are using the budget for cycle repairs and maintenance, as we have costs going out in different budget areas.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Wednesday 19 August 2015, in the VFM Conference Room.


Wednesday, 15 July, 2015 - 09:30