Vehicle Fleet Management - Management Meeting


VFM Management Meeting


 Hitchen, Glen (GH) – Operational Management Accountant

ATTENDEES: Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
  Buckley, Jo (JB) – Senior Fleet Manager
  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
  Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
  Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Manager
  Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes) 

The minutes of the previous meeting on 18  November 2015 were approved as a true record. The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 16 December 2015.


• Welcome to new staff
• Option to buy demonstration vehicle
• Humberside ANPR kits
• Death of former member of staff
• Amperas

5.1 Revenue and Capital Update

No reports. When GH sends the reports through, they will be sent on to managers.

5.2 Trading Accounts
No update.

5.3 Capital Vehicle Replacement / New Vehicle Framework
No update yet on delivery of the new Peugeot vehicles, any updates will be fed through to managers.  JB explained that the Driver Training vehicles which come off fleet will be used as pool vehicles as they are low mileage.  SG said the next batch of BMWs are due to arrive in January.  However, the report on the future of response cars has been deferred, so we are waiting the outcome of this decision, before commissioning can be started.

6.1 Strategic Partnership

SG has handed JSO(U) over to Will Lambert as Humberside Fleet will lead on this.  We will still maintain ownership of the vehicles and maintain them etc.

6.2 Fire Service
SG said that the interim report is almost ready. The report gives the current position and is focused on moving Rotherham Bodyshop and Mechanics into Eastwood and provides some costings on this.  SG discussed proposals with regard to staff if we simply merge,  there are a number of savings from current vacancies, which could be cashed. SG has discussed the benefits of pooling resources and skills and is recommending to both Command Teams to advise if they wish to progress further with the project or not.  There are no costs on security yet and the electrical supply may need upgrading.  This will need much more detail if we are to progress with this.  Discussed options for tyre supply for HGV’s in particular.  SG will send an e-mail out to all in VFM outlining where we are with the Fire Service project.

7.1 PDR’s

All PDRs are up to date.

7.2 Sickness
AS asked for clarification with regard to absence management and information that had been provided on a recent course he had attended. KL confirmed that the absence management criteria was 33 days or 5 occurrences over 3 years.

Action 1 – 18.12.15: Karen Lilley to feedback to HR that different advice has been provided on different courses.

KL confirmed that a copy of the fit note must be scanned to HR and the original given back to the member of staff.  KL said that if anyone gets stuck with the new procedure, they should contact her.  Staff have responsibility to close off their own sickness on the system.  This generates an e-mail to their line manager to conduct a back to work interview.

The new absence reporting system is due to start on 04/01/2016 but there may be some slippage to this date.

7.3 Recruitment / Vacancies
SG reported that the Support Services Manager post that was vacant, has now been deleted.  There are no other vacant posts as all have been recruited to and a third apprentice is starting next week.

7.4 Flexible Working Review - Timeline
Everyone within the Department has been made aware of the Flexible Working Review.  An e-mail will be sent out nearer to the time, to remind people they must re-apply.  DC said that Jamie Dickson had put together a draft proposal which gives 6 – 7 people in the workshop every day at Churchill Way.  This was discussed and it was agreed to set up a separate meeting to look at this proposal. 

Action 2 – 18.12.15: Mandy Stiles to set up a meeting to discuss the way forward with flexible working in the Garage Workshops.


8.1 BMW – 330 X Drive
SG met with BMW at MIRA last week and MIRA gave a presentation of the tests that had been done.  There is more work to do but one of the first actions to be taken is that the NCTS – Goodyear tyre is not on the homologated list that refers to the vehicle and it has not been tested by the MET. The only one that has is Conti Sport.  So,  5 sets have been ordered and Insp Clifton will identify 5 vehicles for these tyres.  AS to confirm which vehicles are fitted with them and note it on Tranman.  SG reported there may be more tests done.  Moving forward, daily checks on tyre pressures must be done.  Reports have been sent to BMW and they have been asked to formally respond and provided advice.  DC said  we need the certificate of calibration for the tyre pressure gauge at the Ops Complex.

Action 3 – 18.12.15: Don Crawford to arrange for the tyre compressors at Maltby and the Ops Complex  to be checked to see if they are calibrated correctly.

Action 4 – 18.12.15: Mandy Stiles to prepare a letter for CCS to ask them not to send anyone to our sites without having been authorised to do so by a member of SYP staff or have an order in place for future work.

8.2  BCM Plans Update
BC plans are currently being updated.

9.1 Force Performance

SG disseminates this information direct to the Management Team.

9.2 VFM Performance
There has been some slippage in performance at Churchill Way but Rotherham is up to date and has agreed to take on overdue services and MOTs for Barnsley, Magna and Wombwell vehicles. These 11 vehicles will help pull back on performance up to Christmas.

JB explained that no one would be going over to Rotherham from Churchill over the Christmas period.  As from 4th January and initially to the end of March, there will be an opportunity for and MVT to go on secondment there.

9.3 Standard Times Project
Still waiting for an outcome on MOT.


Nothing to report.

SG asked everyone to begin preparing for year end and to look at anything that may need writing off.

SG reported that we have an electric car as a demonstrator, which has gone to Facilities Management, who have been asked to complete an appraisal on this vehicle.  Also an I3 is coming on Friday as a demonstrator from BMW.  This will go to driver training for them to evaluate.

The Eco Business Driving Courses are still ongoing but there has been no response from Driver Training with regard to putting their trainers through.

SG has also received an up to date report from Eco Stars and will send this through to the Sustainability Manager.


13.1 Welcome to new staff
AS welcomed Ryan Warren and Jake Marsden to Rotherham Garage and DC welcomed Joseph white to Churchill Way Garage.

13.2 Option to buy demonstration vehicle
DC said he had been contacted by Vauxhall who were offering their Astra loan car to us to buy.  It was agreed that we do not wish to purchase.

13.3 Humberside ANPR kits
DC said that Humberside had made contact to ask if we could fit some ANPR kits for them.  SG said a formal request on e-mail was required.

13.4 Death of former member of staff
DC reported that Don Spinks a former driver had passed away.

13.5 Amperas
DC has discussed with Pentagon about putting the oil filter pack in the service schedule, as the valves are sticking to the cylinder heads.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Wednesday 20 January 2015, in the VFM Conference Room.




Wednesday, 16 December, 2015 - 09:30