VFM - Management Team Meeting


VFM Management Meeting


1. APOLOGIES: Buckley, Jo (JB) – Senior Fleet Manager
 Hitchen, Glen (GH) – Operational Management Accountant
 Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Manager

   ATTENDEES: Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
  Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
  Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)                                                                                                           

The minutes of the previous meeting on 18 February 2016 (March meeting was cancelled) were approved as a true record. The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 20 April 2016.


• BMW Shock Absorbers
• Feedback from GTA Meeting
• Changes to MOT Criteria
• Availability of Defibrillators
• Review of diagnostic software and hardware requirements

5.1 PDR’s
SG reminded Managers that all PDRs are due now and need to be returned to HR by 15 May.  The Managers present said that some PDRs had already been completed with their staff.  SG also reminded everyone, that HR have notified that a new system is coming in, in June this year.

5.2 Sickness.
The current position was discussed.

5.3 Recruitment / Vacancies
Nothing to report.

5.4 Flexible Working Review – Timeline
The Department is on track with this.

5.5 Apprentices
Both Apprentices are making good progress.

6.1 Revenue and Capital Update
The year-end report shows a £60,000 over spend, which is mainly due to less District lease charges coming in.  When GH had looked into this he saw that the Districts had under-spends in this area. SG reported that we are in a good position but may need investigations in certain areas to understand exactly what we are spending on.  Fuel is underspent and we didn’t get as much in on vehicle sales but there is a batch of vehicles ready to go to auction now.  We are down on vehicles going to auction due to supplying more vehicles for PPU use.  Warranty income was low at £818 but this was offset by money back from Insurance.

6.2 Trading Accounts
No update. Still outstanding.

6.3 Capital Vehicle Replacement / New Vehicle Framework
Nothing to report.

6.1 Strategic Partnership
No update.

6.2 Fire Service
An update has been sent out to all staff recently.  SG said the latest plans still needed costing and HR still have work to do.  SG and Martin Wright are trying to get a meeting with Beverley Sandy  and Nigel Hiller, to discuss moving forward, employment models etc.

8.1 Revised Risk Register
SG said she hadn’t had any electronic reminders from this system and so will double check the position on this.

8.2 BMW – 330 X Drive
SG has a meeting at MIRA tomorrow to agree with BMW  and other representatives, the next round of testing and the specifications.  The proposal is for it to be the rear wheel drive BMW, the X-Drive Tourer and the X-Drive Saloon, at different loads, to see how they behave and agreeing a testing date.  North Wales are going to send the rear wheel drive BMW and so we will only need to send the X-Drive Saloon and Tourer SG said Dan Herrington had made a good point at the recent VFM Health and Safety meeting, about light bars which are different on the saloon and the X-Drive.  AS commented that we hadn’t had an incident since changing onto continental tyres but also the weather is improved now too. We cannot confirm that the drivers of these vehicles are using Sport plus mode retrospectively but also there are 3 further options within this mode and clarification on which option is best is still required.  We need further guidance on how we can look at this retrospectively via the I drive.

8.3 BCM Plans Update
BC plans are currently being updated.  A meeting will take place today to progress this further.

9.1 Force Performance
No update.

9.2 VFM Performance
Some Technicians have worked overtime recently in order to pull back from the position caused by the Easter Bank Holidays and get more on track.  Both garages are very busy.  DC reported that Churchill Garage has had a number of lengthy jobs, which leave less time for completing services etc.  DC reported a recent problem with FSG vehicles, being in and out of the garage or Body shop and a number were faulted one after the other necessitating turning them round quickly to get them back on the road.  ‘AZM’ is a problem at the moment and will go back to the Dealers for repair.  It was noted that the mileages are high on these vehicles.

SG asked for any feedback on the new Peugeot vehicles, which so far has been good.  However, there has been an incident where a wheel had been replaced out at District with one for a Ford Focus.  This needs to come into the garage as soon as possible.

Action 1 – 20-04-16: Joanne Buckley to send an e-mail out to Districts and Departments to remind them there is a space saver tyre in the boot of the new Peugeot vehicles.

Nothing to report.

Excellent results for the year end stocktake with minimal discrepancies.

Nothing to report.

13.1 BMW Shock Absorbers
On the hub of the shock absorber is a small pip and going over speed ramps at speed has pushed the shock absorbers out at the bottom.

13.2 Feedback from GTA Meeting
AS reported that GTA will be running a level 3 course shortly for electric vehicles and have offered free places for 2 of our Technicians.  SG welcomed this as she is proposing to replace as many if not all of FM’s vehicles with electric ones as it appears to be the best Department to start with, as they don’t do many miles per day.  SG is due to meet with one of the Building Engineers to discuss the make-up of FM’s fleet of vehicles and the vehicle specifications they need.  AS handed some information about the new Tesla electric vehicle to SG for her information.

13.3 Changes to MOT Criteria
AS has taken this up with GTA, who have said they are applying to be able to offer the IMI exam.  They said they would keep AS inform on this.

13.4 Availability of Defibrillators
DC said that one of the Technicians had recently attended a First Aid Refresher course and had been told that defibrillators were available out in Districts and Departments and had asked if we were getting one here.  It was thought that PSD have one.

Action 2 - 20-04-16: Andy Stockham to contact the Health & Safety Department to find out their thoughts on defibrillators, in terms of numbers required across the Force and if each building required one.

13.5 Review of diagnostic software and hardware requirements
As we need new diagnostic software for Peugeot it appears to be the right time to review all diagnostic equipment, what we have got and what we need.

Action 3 - 20-04-16: Andy Stockham to task Mark Hall and Dan Herrington to conduct a review of diagnostic software and hardware requirements for the Department.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Thursday 19 May 2016, in the VFM Conference Room.


Wednesday, 20 April, 2016 - 09:30