VFM - Management Team Meeting



1. APOLOGIES:  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager Rotherham Garage

   ATTENDEES: Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
   Buckley, Jo (JB) – Senior Fleet Manager
   Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Manager
   Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
   Dickson, Jamie (JD) – Motor Vehicle Technician
   Oldfield, James (JO) – Operational Management Accountant
   Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)


SG introduced James Oldfield who is now our Operational Management Accountant, to the rest of the Management Team.

The minutes of the previous meeting on 19 May 2016 were approved as a true record. The  action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 22 June 2016.


 • Retirement

 5.1 PDR’s

 There are still a few PDRs outstanding but plans are in place for these to be completed by  the end of this week.
 KL asked if anyone had booked onto the new PDR training and she encouraged people to  attend.  PDR’s going forward will be due on the anniversary date of appointment to post.   The HR system will send out an e-mail to indicate when a PDR is due.  SG asked about when  PDRs are next due where one has been done recently.  KR explained there is a tolerance in  place where recently done PDRs will not have to be repeated under the new process.  KL  agreed to ask HR to produce a list of when VFM PDRs are due.  KL explained that objectives  can be set now and added to the system.  These can be added to and amended during the year.

 5.2 Sickness
 A member of staff has had a motorbike accident recently on the way home from work and is  currently signed unfit for work.  However, he is hoping to be back next week.  No other  issues to report.

 5.3 Recruitment / Vacancies
 The Auto Electrician vacancy was added to the jobs board on the Force intranet yesterday.   SG enquired about where else the post would be advertised.  KL said she would find out from  a colleague where the post would be advertised externally.  JD stated that the minimum  point on the Band D salary scale was not enough money to attract a good candidate.  There  is no room for manoeuvre on this and KL said we would have to wait and see what response we  receive.  The Auto Electrician post becomes vacant on 23 July.

 5.4 Flexible Working Review – Timeline
 All flexible working patterns have been agreed and signed off.  SG reported S Webster is  coming to work at Churchill Way initially on a 6 month trial period, which means the  flexible working pattern on GRS will need updating.  Expressions of interest will be sought  for an acting manager at Rotherham and possibly another Technician to work from Rotherham.

 Action 1 – 22.06.16 : Joanne Buckley to submit information to HR via KL to update then on  the current internal staff moves.

 5.5 HR Reports
 JO asked KL about a suite of HR reports that used to be available.  KL said she is  currently only getting a maternity report through and other than the PDR and absence  reports there isn’t anything else available. KL reported that ‘Family Tree’ pivots have not  been available since October 2015.

 6.1 Revenue and Capital Update

 JO reported that staff pay and overtime are steady going forward.  JO explained that there  is no longer a pay rec for VFM staff as it has been centralised for the whole Force.  SG  noted that ‘vacancy factor’ is having an impact on overspend.  SG queried the overspend on  overtime.  JB said this could be a coding problem with regard to work done by Driver  Services for OSS or ANPR work which is recharged to Humberside.

 Action 2 – 22.06.16 : James Oldfield to check the overtime budget to ensure it is coded  correctly, especially in relation to over time done by Driver Services for OSS now JSOU.  

 A discussion took place about what the budget was showing and it was noted that further  analysis is required in certain areas.  Fees for Allstar cards are now showing and this  looks higher than expected. In September, a new Allstar card will be issued that covers  both fuel and carwash, which will reduce the number of cards we currently have.

 Action 3 - 22.06.16: Sarah Gilding to review the number of Allstar cards and analyse what  we need going forward in order to reduce the number of fuel cards.

 SG reported that once we get telematics and we get accurate mileage data from this, it will  be possible to move to a different fuel card provider that doesn’t charge per card. The  tender for telematics will be out next week and is due for completion mid-August.  From  then on there will be a plan to award and start.

 Action 4 – 22.06.16: Sarah Gilding to investigate using the Fire Service fuel sites across  South Yorkshire and the implications of this.

 6.2 Trading Accounts
 No report.

 6.3 Grant funding for Dashcams 
 JO has the prepared the paperwork for SG to sign along with the IIP form; for 230 dashcams  for SYP and 190 for Humberside.   As this is available via an innovation bid the tender  documents have been started with Regional Procurement as the money must be spent by the end  of March 2017.

 6.4 Tranman Upgrade
 SG updated JO on where we are with this – an order was raised for £1500 for Tranman to  consult on the interface.  SG met with Adam from Tranman yesterday but he advised we don’t  do the interface work yet yet, because we are on Tranman release 8 and sometime in the  future they won’t be supporting release 8 as release 9 is now available.  North Yorkshire  already have a test system of release 9. Humberside is interested in doing this and at the  NAPFM Conference, Tranman said if a number of forces are interested, they will do a  discount on Release 9.  If we did the specification on the interface now we would have to  do this work again as release 9 is on a different platform.  So, we need to look at  upgrading to release 9 at a cost of approximately £20,000.  SG will also ask them to quote  for if we join with the Fire Service and for the touch screen to be upgraded £5,000 plus  £1,200 for installation and a further £1,000 for maintenance. We could however go ahead  with the touchscreen update.  SG will be writing to a number of people to explore how we  take this forward.

 7.1 Fire Service

 No change to report.  SG has however visited Staffordshire (joint fleet management for  Police and Fire) to see their set up and was impressed.  The difference for them was that  the Police had an outsourced contract so they didn’t have their own workshops but the Fire  Service did. The respective staff are still employed by Police and Fire but work together.   SG was given an outline of how they had got to the point they are at now and they  emphasised how much analysis they had done to support this change.  In the future, they are  not looking to create a separate company  but they are looking to enter into a ‘Tecal’  agreement to make their terms and conditions the same but they are still employed by either  Fire or Police. They are currently on two separate Fleet systems and they recommend this is  sorted out first onto one system. SG reported that in a reciprocal visit Staffordshire are  coming to look at our Tranman system. Staffordshire have a combined fleet of 760 vehicles.   They have 16 Motor Vehicle Technicians (MVTs) and are planning to have another 8 but they  don’t have separate ladder technicians.  Overall they have 2,000 pieces of kit to maintain.  Staffordshire were interested in the fact that we have a spray booth as currently they  send all their work to Bradford and also if we do make the move to join with the Fire  Service we will have a spray booth big enough for fire appliances.  We will need to do some  analysis to discover what the potential is for this.  SG reported that she is meeting with  a fire officer shortly to discuss standby allowances.  Staffordshire quoted they could save  1.2 million by not outsourcing and bringing work in–house (and this is only for servicing,  they had to pay extra for repairs).

 8.1 Revised Risk Register

 Nothing to report.

 8.2 BMW – 330 X Drive
 There has been no further progress with the X Drive because of problems with the track.

 8.3 Tyres for BMW X5’s
 This issue has now been resolved and so can be removed from the Agenda for future meetings.

 8.4  BCM Plans Update
 DC reported that the plan itself was nearly complete and he is just going to re-look at it  in terms of staff changes.  DC to work with MS to finish this off.

 9.1 Force Performance

 The Peer Support review is ongoing and HMIC are in Force this week.

 9.2 VFM Performance
 It was noted that overdue servicing is reducing.

 Nothing to report.

 The next stock take is due to take place in mid-October.

 SG reported that we are currently trialling a dry wash system for washing cars at Churchill  Way.  Using this product saves on water and has no environmental issues but there may be an  issue with the time it takes.  There may be potential savings on carwash installations in  force.  DC mentioned there are new regulations coming in with regard to car washes and  interceptors will be required.  Only the car wash at Churchill Way has an interceptor  currently.

 12.1 Electric vehicles
 SG reported that she needed to do more work on the electric vehicles for FM and get more  quotes for charging points.

 13.1 Retirement
 The Management Team said goodbye to DC and thanked him for all the work he has done over  the years and wished him all the best for the future.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Thursday 20 July 2016, in the VFM Conference Room.


Wednesday, 22 June, 2016 - 09:30