VFM - Management Team Meeting



1. APOLOGIES:  Oldfield, James (JO) – Operational Management Accountant
   Shelton, Richard (RS) – Driver Services Coordinator
   Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Manager

      ATTENDEES: Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
   Buckley, Jo (JB) – Senior Fleet Manager
   Dickson, Jamie (JD) – Fleet Manager Churchill Garage
   Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager Rotherham Garage
   Roper, Julian (JR) - BCD
   Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)                                                         

 The minutes of the previous meeting on 22 June 2016 were approved as a true record. The action schedule was reviewed   and updated, see action schedule dated 20 July 2016.


 • Workshop Equipment
 • Tyre Inflators at Districts
 • SharePoint
 • Civica

 SG welcomed JR to the meeting and he gave a PowerPoint presentation about the Contact Management System. The    PowerPoint will be sent out to the Management Team for their future reference.

 6.1 PDR’s

 SG reported that the latest PDR figures she had received from HR showed that 79% of PDRs  for VFM had been completed   and returned to HR.

 6.2 Sickness
 AS reported that one of the technicians is due to have an operation at the beginning of November which will require a  6 week recovery process.

 6.3 Recruitment / Vacancies
 The Auto-Electrician vacancy closes tomorrow.  Details of applicants should be available by the end of this week. The  vacancy was advertised on Indeed (Website) so it is hoped this will have generated some interest.

 6.4 Training (inc NCALT)
 NCALT : SG reported that the position had improved recently and the majority of those remaining, are where the skill   has expired.

 Management Level 3 Training: AS asked if he could ask if anyone was interested in being put forward for this training  for future resilience.  It was agreed that staff could be canvassed and applications put forward for consideration.    This should form part of the PDR process also.

 ICFM Training: This is required for JD now he is Fleet Manager at Churchill Way.

 Action 1 -  20.07.16: Joanne Buckley to complete a TN3 for Jamie Dickson to attend ICFM Training, which is required   for his new role.

 Excel training: for the Admin team has been put on hold  by the Training Dept., due to other training priorities.

 Peugeot Training:  This needs to be discussed with Darren from Peugeot, when he comes to discuss ‘central billing’ on  27/7/16.

 Motorbike Training at BMW: It was noted that Peter Emson from BMW had not come back with any information about this.

 Action 2 - 20.07.16:  Jamie Dickson to contact Peter Emson at BMW to agree requirements and dates for the delivery of  Motor bike training.

 Absence Management Training: 

 Action 3 - 20.07.16:  Sarah Gilding to ask Viv Davidson to contact Jamie Dickson about Absence Managment Training.

 7.1 Revenue and Capital Update

 JO had provided reports indicating what we were spending month on month and year to date which showed a £9,920    projected underspend to date but it was noted that this could change rapidly.  SG asked everyone to take these    reports away and have agood look through them in preparation for a meeting with Mr Hiller at which all budget lines   will be reviewed. The budget line for vehicle / plant sales needs looking at as we haven’t had vehicles going to   auction every month and we need to get to the position whereby we progress to getting vehicles in the sales every   month rather than having to store end of life vehicles in the yard.  It was noted that the vehicle parts and the   tyres budget lines are both underspent.  JB said that ‘all season’ tyres are lasting longer which would account for   some of this.  The overtime budget line needs scrutiny - see Action 2 – 22.06.2016.  Also, as there is no budget line  for paint, this is showing as an overspend.  It was agreed to take some budget from the ’parts’ budget line for this   purpose.

 Action 4 - 20.07.16: Sarah Gilding to agree with James Oldfield an amount to take from the vehicle parts budget line   to allocate to a new ‘paint’ budget line and implement this in the budget.

 Capital updates
 • Vehicle Replacement programme - Currently projecting a year-end balance of £30,145. However, as it is still   early in the financial year, it is anticipated that this could be eroded to nil, particularly considering the number   of Vauxhall Astra’s, which are not reaching their projected life.
 • Tranman Upgrade -  In view of what was reported last month, it is proposed that consultation take place with   Humberside and North Yorkshire Police as to their intentions and then a revised scheme brief be submitted.
 • Telematics - The telematics tender has been advertised.  The PQQ’s have been evaluated and the ITT will soon   be issued.  The tender is due to close in August.
 • Dashcams - SG reported that the specification for dashcams had been completed.  It was noted that the cost of  fitting the dashcams is not part of the grant funding and so will be drawn from the Forces budget. It was reiterated   that the grant available is for this financial year only.  So all charges must be in by the end of March 2017.    Because of the increase of work in this area, the requirement of a second Auto Electrician on a fixed term contract   was discussed.

 Action 5 - 20.07.16: Sarah Gilding to get authority for an additional fixed term Auto-Electrician (recruited    externally) due to the many projects requiring this skill.

 7.2 Trading Accounts
 No report.

 8.1 Fire Service

 SG attended an Emergency Services Collaboration meeting last Friday at which she was informed that the report had   gone to the Fire Authority on 27 June 2016.  The Fire Authority have agreed for a full business case to be put    forward for consideration. So work will continue.  SG is meeting with Martin Wright and Beverley Sandy from the Fire   Service tomorrow to update on this.  Jackie Bland has been asked to assist in producing options for‘employment   models’ to feed into the project. Assistance from a Financial perspective is also required.  Currently the only   timescale is to report back to  the next Emergency Services meeting which should take place in September.  SG   explained there could also be some transformation funding to bid for later this year. SG made it clear that because   we have minimal staff numbers at the moment, there would not be any great savings to be made from this work.

 8.2 Emergency Services Museum
 SG reported that a project had been started with the Emergency Services Museum and we are currently looking into   whether we can assist them with the restoration of old vehicles as these are in demand for events.  This will   culminate in a report to the Senior Command Team and the PCC to make a decision on whether we will take this   partnership working forward or not.

 9.1 Revised Risk Register

 Nothing to report.  There is no change on the position with the x-drive.

 9.2  BCM Plans Update
 Not discussed.
 9.3 Review Register Update
 Not discussed.

 10.1 Force Performance

 SG reported that the new Chief Constable, Steven Watson, will be in post from Monday 25 July 2016.  We have purchased  his car from Durham Force, which is a 15 plate, 525 saloon with 16,000 miles on the clock.  We need to put a service   schedule in place for this vehicle (Durham did it at 10,000 miles).  SG reported that she will meet the new Chief  next week with the other Heads of Department and Commanders.

 Action 6 - 20.07.16: Jamie Dickson to contact the manufacturer of the Chiefs vehicle in order to put a service    schedule in place.

 Action 7 - 20.07.16: Jo Buckley to obtain a mileage update on Mr Crompton’s vehicle.

 Peer Review – SG provided an update from the Organisational Business day.  They have managed to balance the budget,   so there won’t be any staff reductions required this financial year or next.  There is currently a 5 million gap for   2017/18, which is why budgets throughout the Force are being reviewed, in order to bridge this gap.

 SG wants the Department to look at income generation.  As a Force a maximum of £2.4 million can be generated.  Income  generated, does come back into our budget.

 10.2 VFM Performance
 SG reported that she had drafted a 5-year strategy for Fleet. This will be circulated firstly to the Management Team   for comment, followed by the Command Team.  Once finalised this will be added to the VFM website.

 SG reported that we had signed up with Halfords for an out of hours service for vehicle bulb and wiper blade   replacement and this will be rolled out soon.  We will be invoiced monthly for this service.

 • Mechanical – A discussion took place about the delays experienced with warranty work.  It was agreed if   delays occur, to e-mail the respective manufacturer contact, copying JB in so that she can take things further if we   are not getting the service we require, as a demonstration vehicle may be arranged if a vehicle is off the road for a  long period.  There has been an improvement and the service schedule has reduced.  JD reported that he is having   difficulty in getting hold of generators from Districts and Departments in for servicing.  Despite numerous phone   calls they cannot be located.  It is thought this is due to reorganisation from OSS to JSOU. SG asked for a list of   the ones JD is struggling to get hold of so she can raise this at a higher level.  It was agreed to change the   schedule of servicing from 6 months to a year. 

 • Bodyshop – AS reported that everything was OK at the moment and they have been able to get on with some of   the smaller jobs.  SG enquired about the problems experienced with windscreen replacement and AS reported that they   are now attending the next day to replace, so this is an improvement.

 • Churchill Way – Mechanical – There has been an improvement and the service schedule has reduced.  JD reported  that he is having difficulty in getting hold of generators from Districts and Departments in for servicing.  Despite   numerous phone calls they cannot be located.  It is thought this is due to reorganisation from OSS to JSOU. SG asked   for a list of the ones JD is struggling to get hold of so she can raise this at a higher level.  It was agreed to   change the schedule of servicing from 6 months to a year. 
 • Commissioning – JD had attended a meeting of the Emergency Services Network (ESN), where a range of potential  equipment was discussed but no decisions were made about what equipment will be located in vehicles.  JD reported   there was a shortage of radios due to the changes to vehicle equipment being imminent and a discussion took place   about prioritising.  The airwave engineer team are looking at re-commissioning old tetra sets as an interim measure. 

 Nothing to report.

 The next stock take is due to take place in mid-October.

 Nothing to report.

 Action 8 - 20.07.16: Driver Services Co-ordinators to provide an update on how the ‘dry wash’ trial is going.

 14.1 Workshop Equipment

 JD asked about the process for buying workshop equipment as each MVT has their own toolbox.  JB asked for a record to  be kept of all purchases of tools made and to put the message across that each MVT is personally responsible for   their tools.  It was agreed that VFM will purchase replacements for broken or lost tools.

 Action 9 - 20.07.16: Jamie Dickson to make a log of the current content of each MVT’s tool box.

 14.2 Tyre Inflators at Districts
 JD queried why is VFM responsible for District Tyre inflators?  This is to do with them being co-located with fuel   sites for which we are responsible. JD stated there are different tyre inflators and not all have push on fittings.   How do we get them calibrated if they are fixed? CCS can be used for this as they will come out to service them and   not take them away for service.  It would be preferable if a schedule of works was agreed to include all sites and an  order number must be in place before they attend.

 14.3 SharePoint
 Action 10 - 20.07.16: Mandy Stiles to contact Debbie Hillary in IS who is wanting to discuss SharePoint and moving   the VFM website onto this.

 14.4 Civica
 SG reported that she had been informed that Adam Davis the recent contact at Civic has left . SG said she would   arrange a meeting to discuss how we take Tranman forward.  This needs to include North Yorkshire and Humberside to   ensure that our systems are aligned.

Date of next meeting: 9.30am Wednesday 24 August 2016, in the VFM Conference Room.


Wednesday, 20 July, 2016 - 09:30