Vehicle Fleet Management - Management Team Meeting

 ATTENDEES: Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM , (Chair)
Buckley, Jo (JB) – Senior Fleet Manager (Chair)
Dickson, Jamie (JD) – Fleet Manager Churchill Garage 
Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager Rotherham Garage
Oldfield, James (JO) – Operational Management Accountant
Shelton, Richard (RS) – Driver Services Coordinator
Lilley, Karen (KL) – Departmental HR Manager
Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
The minutes of the previous meeting on 24 August 2016  were approved as a true record. The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 17 November 2016. 
Action 1 – 17.11.2016: Joanne Buckley to provide an update on the number AllstarOne cards in use and the monthly cost of having these cards, in order to establish what savings have been achieved.
Action 2 - 17.11.2016:  Joanne Buckley to promote the AllstarOne fuel sites where extra discount can be obtained to achieve 2 pence per litre extra savings.
•Pending Accident Claim
•Inappropriate Use of ID
•Car Parking at Churchill Way
•Accident Damage on Fleet Vehicles
•Fire Extinguishers for Fleet Vehicles
5.1 PDR’s
KL stated there is no PDR data yet.  
Action 3 – 17.11.2016: Karen Lilley to arrange for some on site PDR training for VFM Managers, possibly as part of the February Management Team Meeting.
Driver Services co-ordinators have managed to close off some of last year’s PDRs that have come up again.
5.2 Sickness.
KL reported there were no issues currently but to keep an eye on those people who are out of criteria or are on the edge of going out of criteria.  Complete the SMAs and e-mail a copy as well to HR shared services and ask them to put it on (as there is an issue with SMAs at the moment).
5.3 Recruitment / Vacancies
SG reported that:
•Carl Oakes is starting on Monday 21 November to fill the Auto-Electrician Post
•Charlie Senior is due to start on the same day as Project Officer for the Telematics Project.
It has been decided not to back fill the vacated Driver post but to manage on overtime for now but make it clear in the Budget Holders Commentary that overtime is being paid to cover the post.  This will leave the option to recruit if necessary.
5.4 Training (inc NCALT)
KL asked for all training, in particular external training be projected as far in advance as possible.  She has put in place quarterly meetings with Steve Adams from the Training Department in order to update the organisations training plan. All completed TN1’s for internal training and TN3’s for external training must be sent in the first instance to SG for approval and if approved will be sent on to KL.
Action 4 – 17.11.2016:   Mandy Stiles to complete TN3’s for Mark Hall and Carl Oakes for the IMI – Basic Electrics and Diagnostics course run by the Ambulance Service.
5.5 Equality and Diversity
Nothing to report.
5.6 Staff Survey
KL asked for managers to encourage their staff to complete the staff survey that is out on Monday as this will feed into future change for the organisation.  The Senior Fleet Manager is attending the launch event for the Staff Survey on Monday.
6.1 Revenue and Capital Update
Revenue - JO reported on the following budget headings:
Pay – a small underspend due to vehicle body repairer vacancy
Overtime – steady spend in this area
Premises – has an underspend but this budget area is due to be centralised
Vehicle parts – has an underspend, which could lead to a saving.  However, this has had an effect on the capital budget, due to early replacement of high mileage vehicles. Furthermore, service parts are cheaper on Peugeots (which we are moving onto) then Vauxhalls (which we are moving away from).
Tyres – underspend of approx. £5,000 per month
Paint – will be profiled separately from this month onwards
Fuel – has an underspend which is similar each month
Vehicle and plant sales - have been down but there has been an uplift from recent sales.  However, there won’t be any put through to auction until the February sale.
A discussion took place about which method to use to sell pedal cycles.  It was agreed to use the normal disposal route via auction.
JO reported that overall we are currently predicting an underspend of £94,000 by year end.
Capital – SG asked if JO could run current commitments on the vehicle budget, so that she can balance against her vehicle replacement programme spreadsheet.
It was agreed to order a new vehicle alignment system for Churchill Garage.  JD agreed to request a re-quote on the same system that Rotherham Garage purchased earlier this year, 3 quotes required.
6.2 Trading Accounts
Not discussed.
SG left to attend another meeting at this stage and JB took over as Chair.
7.1 Fire Service
SG reported that the position hasn’t really changed since she put the initial report in 12 months ago. Some different costings have been obtained for updating the spray booth at the Fire Service and indicative costs from Tranman of £35,000 to £50,000 to upgrade Tranman.  Requesting a precise quote from Civica will cost £4,000. There is a meeting in place at the end of November with a Finance Officer from the Fire Service, to progress financial analysis.  
8.1Revised Risk Register
Not discussed.
8.2 BCM Plans Update
A discussion took place about what is required to bring the Business Continuity plans up to date. AS and JD agreed they would finalise the garage plans at a meeting on the afternoon of 28/11/2016 at Rotherham Garage.
Action 5 – 17.11.2016:  Mandy Stiles to e-mail the latest version of the garage business continuity plans to each Fleet Manager.
8.3 Review Register Update
Details of outstanding reviews have been circulated to VFM Managers.
9.1 Force Performance
Nothing to report.
9.2 VFM Performance
• Churchill Way – Mechanical – Both workshops are keeping on top of scheduled work at the moment.  JB advised the FMs to check the dates for vehicle services are correct on the jobcard and the screen, as labour lines could have a wrong date in them.  JB encouraged the FM’s to check the Tranman records all the time and also speak to the Fuel Clerk where necessary to verify vehicle mileages and to request input of vehicle mileages to Tranman. A discussion took place about the problems obtaining vehicle mileages.
• Commissioning –  remains busy.
• Rotherham Mechanical – same as for Churchill Mechanical
• Bodyshop – Currently busy – there has been an influx of bodywork damage on PSU vehicles, the last of which is going through the spray booth now.
Nothing to report.
The half year stock take has taken place:
• Rotherham – minor discrepancy due to bulbs
• Churchill Way – some queries which need investigation
JD has requested that all consumables come under stores.
Nothing to report.
13.1 Accident Damage on Fleet Vehicles
JB reported that she was close to finishing a piece of work on accident damage and comparing last year to this year.  
It was noted there is an ongoing problem with ‘minor’ bodywork damage (found damage) not being reported. 
13.2 Telematics
SG reported that two vehicles are being fitted with telematics. SG has put a proposal to NH to clarify via SLG whether to have the immobilise option (which is what West Yorkshire have) or the buzzer option – a loud buzzer continues to sound until the driver swipes in with his ID card.  We will be able to run a report to identify which vehicle this is happening in, in order to raise this with local Managers.  Log books will remain for hire vehicles and demonstrators.
13.3 Dashcams
SG reported that the Dashcam evaluation takes place during week commencing 12 December 2016.  It’s an open tender this time.  All marked vehicles used for exemptions will have dashcams.
13.4 Fire Extinguishers for Fleet Vehicles
JD and AS provided feedback from a meeting they had attended with regard to a new type of Fire Extinguisher for use in vehicles, which they said were a big improvement on the ones currently in use, the current ones are not effective enough.  The new ones cost £35 (as opposed to £14 each) or £30 if purchasing more than 500.  It is a multi-use extinguisher, a drawback could be that it doesn’t appear to have a fill level or gauge on it. It’s not refillable and so doesn’t require servicing every year like the current ones.  
Action 6 – 17.11.16: Jamie Dickson to write to the company who manufacture the new type of fire extinguisher for vehicles to register our interest. 
Date of next meeting: 9.30am Thursday 15 December 2016, in the VFM Conference Room.


Thursday, 17 November, 2016 - 09:30