Stopped. Searched. Shamed.

Did you know, police officers can search anyone they believe is carrying a knife?

And did you know, just for possession of a knife, you’re looking at up to four-years behind bars?

Whether you agree with the laws in the UK or not, the fact remains if you carry a knife, there is always the intention you will use it, and by using it, you’re risking losing your life, in more ways than one.

Our knife crime campaign #DropTheKnife is aimed at raising awareness and educating those who choose to carry a knife, of the serious consequences they face whether this be prison, injury or even death, and to reinforce the message that it will not be tolerated in South Yorkshire.

Over 50 knives and bladed weapons have been recovered during the knife surrender that ended last week (Monday 31 July), with samurai swords, zombie knives, bayonets, swords and kitchen knives now in police possession. In total, that’s 54 weapons that cannot be used to intimidate, threaten and in the worst case scenario, fatally injure someone’s husband, brother, father or any loved one. 

As part of the campaign, we have launched this video, to highlight what you think is an innocent night out can result in you being on the ‘sharp side’ of the law for the rest of your life, from taking a knife out with you, even it’s just ‘for protection’.

When you’re convicted for possession of an offensive weapon, you will have a criminal record. If you use the weapon and kill someone, you’ll be looking at a life sentence behind bars. 

Carry a knife. Lose your life.

For more information about knife crime and the consequences of carrying a knife, click here.