Barnsley Command Team Meeting - 21 August 2012

In Attendance:  Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)
Evans Chisala, Operational Management Accountant
Mary Verity, Business Manager
PC 1151 Simon Windsor, Staff Officer
DS 3396 Andrea Gilbert, CID
Vicky Grocutt, Senior HR Officer
Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations
CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response
Heather Askwith, HR Operational Partner
DCI Sean Middleton, Crime Manager
Superintendent Nick Whitehouse in respect of item 4

Apologies:  Inspector Simon Wanless, Support

Copy to:  Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer
Caroline England-Woodcock, Senior Communications Officer


1.1 As above.


2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 7 August 2012 were agreed as an accurate record.


3.1 Restricted Posts.  Heather Askwith to discuss restricted posts with Chief Superintendent Brooke.  Work is ongoing around restricted posts.  Ongoing.

3.2 Resource Allocation Formula.  Chief Superintendent Brooke, Superintendent Watson, CI Hodgkinson and Inspector Burgess to establish an appropriate staffing level for the Response Teams.  To be discussed at the Away Day.  Discharged.

3.3 Talent Management.  Chief Superintendent Brooke and Mary Verity to review how to career develop police staff members. To be progressed. Ongoing. Chief Superintendent Brooke and Superintendent Watson to discuss the same in respect of Police Officers.  Completed.  Ongoing.

3.4 Closed.

3.5 CASPRE.  DCI Middleton and CI Hodgkinson to discuss handover packages on CASPRE in more detail and brief Chief Superintendent Brooke regarding their proposals.  Discussion took place at the last meeting around whether handover packages should be put on the system and the time involved.  DCI Middleton felt the main issue was disclosure as officers cannot record different versions of written work on Caspre.  This was, however, being reviewed at a Force level.  Action:  Chief Inspectors to canvas staff in respect of handover packages on Caspre.

Vicky Grocutt to look at the possibility of utilising a member of staff from the Redeployment list to assist with CASPRE.  HR confirmed there is no-one available on the redeployment list.  Other Ops Partners have also been contacted in respect of officers on restricted duties but no names have been offered.  Should District have an officer on restricted duties, that officer will be employed in either the VCT or CID to deal with the bureaucracy around the system.  Discharged.

DS Gilbert to consult with Super Users on each group to determine training and development needs within Barnsley and feed back the recommendations to Chief Superintendent Brooke.  To also determine if there are groups/individuals who are not using CASPRE in order that the appropriate training/development can be offered to ensure they remain up-skilled.  Ongoing.

3.6 Risk Register.  Mary Verity to liaise with Jane Wild and update the next meeting on the progress of the Custody Suite project.  Update from Jane Wild awaited.  Ongoing.



4.1 Supt. Whitehouse advised CJAD are undergoing a custody review where there is a possibility that Sheffield/Rotherham will have a major suite combined with investigative and Court capacity.  This would reduce the number of posts within CJAD and contribute to the Force savings plan. 

4.2 A review of the 4 CJUs is currently taking place with the possibility of centralisation along with file preparation and witness care being run separately.  Chief Supt. Brooke has discussed with Chief Supt. Odell the fact that should CJU be centralised, Supervisors may have to be further trained in relation to the file preparation requirements. As well as structural change, CJAD is also looking at spare capacity to support Districts by taking on shoematch and prisoner sitting.     

4.3 The Integrated Offender Management Unit (IOM) are sited at Acorn House and work with the highest crime causing offenders.  Supt. Whitehouse praised the small team and felt their work had a positive affect on performance figures. 

4.4 Restorative justice can be used for serious offenders post Court with evidence at a national level that RJ can produce the highest drop in re-offending rates of all the techniques used.  Barnsley IOM was chosen to progress Restorative Approaches to PPOs (RAPPO) and have undertaken several conferences in Doncaster Prison with some top offenders – Probation management who were hesitant with this process are now on board.  IOM has been requested to progress one RAPPO per month until the end of March 2013, following this, an evaluation will take place.  In the longer term, it was felt that this work would be transferred to Remedi. 

4.5 CI Hodgkinson questioned the funding streams around the general RJ intervention programme as this year further funding has had to be found for Remedi to continue to deliver the programmes.  Supt. Whitehouse felt that in the future, beneficial projects such as RJ would be funded from the Police and Crime Commissioner’s budget.   Figures highlight that Barnsley RJs form around 10% of detected crime, 40-50% is charge and summons, then TICs, fixed penalties, cautions etc. make up the 100%.

4.6 Due to the new Legal Aid Sentencing Bill, Magistrates will now have the right to scrutinise all police out of Court disposals on a dip sampling basis.  This process will be set up from October 2012.  Officers were requested to ensure a victim’s eligibility for RJ is appropriate in terms of the selection of disposals for detected crime. 

4.7 A Force scheme is ongoing for the GRS electronic monitoring of offenders.  This new technology allows 24 hour monitoring of an offender via Intell or the IOM Unit tracking the offender either by live time or historically.  At the moment, this is voluntary as the Courts will not impose the new technology, however from next year the scheme will be rolled out nationally.  Attrition visits can also be managed more effectively by this method.  The scheme is being piloted within Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield and Barnsley IOM have been invited to review the kit and identify offenders who are willing to participate.

4.8 Closed.



5.1 SPO & Daily Summary re. PRC Targets

Overall crime is down by -7%, which equates to 412 less offences than in the same period last year. 

Burglary dwelling is down by -1.9% (6 less offences).

Vehicle crime is down by 1.1% (6 less offences).

Criminal damage is down 10.8% (131 less offences).

Violence with injury is down 17.9% (86 less offences).

Victim based crime is down by 6% (299 less offences).

Burglary other is an area that Barnsley are currently focusing on due to a 32% rise (136 increase in offences).

5.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

 The Barnsley-v-Middlesbrough match took place recently – there were no incidents of concern.

 On 5th October 2012, there is potential for Mike Tyson to visit the Barnsley Metrodome to present and promote a boxing event.  The visit will be confirmed this week.


 An SNA Impact day will be held on Wednesday 22nd August 2012 within the Dearne area.

 A retail crime Force-wide day of action will take place on Friday 24th August 2012. 


6.1 Major Crime Investigations

Deferred to the next meeting.


7.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

Chief Supt. Brooke met recently with the new Chief Executive of Barnsley Council, Diana Terris, who confirmed she will continue to support the police and partnership involvement.   

Dedicated Decision Makers Meeting.  DCI Middleton reported that A/DI Amanda Hunter, Crime Recording Bureau, and CI Shelley Hemsley intend to produce a paper at the next Policing Board recommending that as a Force Policy there is no packaging of crime with all incidents being recorded by CRB when the victim rings in to report a crime. 

 CCTV.  Evans Chisala advised he is involved in the CCTV project review. 

7.2 OMA Financial Commentary

Overview.  As at 31st July 2012, District is projecting an over-spend of £135k.  There is an under-spend of £116k relating to a Sergeant’s post, however this will be off-set due to 2 Sergeants transferring to District in the near future.  There is also an over-spend of £190k in the PCs budget.

Efficiency Plans 2012/13.  The requirement for the District to make 3% savings has been achieved for this year. 

Modernisation Plans.  Opportunities to modernise and improve will be considered in terms of efficiencies and effectiveness. 
7.3 Risk Register

 One new risk will be added (see item 3.6).

Business Continuity.  No items.

7.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects.  All 12 projects are up-to-date.  The Place Based Budget has been discussed with PS Emsden who is aware there is community funding but this was not raised with her prior to Inspector Simpson’s retirement.  Inspector Barber will be approached in respect of the project.

7.5 Human Resource Issues


Heather Askwith and Vicky Grocutt are currently updating all officer posts and locations for  Barnsley and Rotherham which will then be downloaded onto Origins.

 Personnel & Welfare Issues.  Discussed within the meeting.

 Awards.  The Award Ceremony will be held in November 2012.  Nominations have been requested.    

7.6 Corporate Health Check Action Schedule

 Deferred to the next meeting.
7.7 Performance Visit Action Schedule

The next Performance Visit will take place on the 22nd August 2012.

7.8 Audit Reports

 A report has been completed in respect of NIP/Portable Assets which covers any portable IT device.  Action:  Mary Verity to brief Chief Supt. Brooke in respect of the outstanding actions. 

7.9 Olympic Leave Restrictions

HQ have agreed to increase leave levels up to a maximum of 12%.  Chief Supt. Brooke suggested supervisors determine the appropriate levels for their groups being mindful of the demand periods.  CI Hodgkinson advised however that the current extra staff would be involved in a number of forthcoming impact days and requested the numbers still be retained on these dates.  This was agreed.  A/PS Windsor reported there are around 40 outstanding leave requests which had previously been refused.  Inspectors will be requested to consider these requests for their own duty groups.  Action:  Dates of the impact days to be forwarded to Supt. Watson who will then advise Inspectors in respect of the leave and minimum staffing requirements.

7.10 Without Fear or Favour

Following discussion at the last meeting, a template for logging the Without Fear or Favour themes has been created.  Details of items such as business interests, use of warrant cards and declaration of relationships etc. should be forwarded to Chief Supt. Brooke or A/PS Windsor to log.  Further work will be progressed in 3 months time and briefings attended to remind officers of the themes. 

7.11 Closed.

7.12 Leaders in Action Days

Supt. Watson suggested that the Leaders in Action days should be resurrected for all supervisors in order for processes such as HR, managing sickness, maternity leave, directed patrols etc. to be discussed more fully.  Action:  A/PS Windsor to arrange three separate Leaders in Action days, ensuring all supervisors including police staff have an opportunity to attend.  Command Team members to forward to Supt. Watson areas for inclusion in the programme.  Chief Supt. Brooke and Supt. Watson to then confirm the content.


8.1 Cell Bright Equipment.  District now has the ability to download text messages etc. from mobile phones.  As such there is currently 46 phones pending download for the 3 trained detective staff.  Following a meeting, the High Tech Crime Unit were advised that District does not have the capacity to progress as some of the phones take a full day to download depending on the technical specification involved.  The HTCU will shortly present a paper recommending Districts provide a dedicated full time staff member to take on this role.  DCI Middleton has suggested to HTCU that they liaise with CPS to establish a download request protocol in order to reduce the demand.  The issue will be raised at a forthcoming Performance meeting with ACC Holt.

8.2 Evans Chisala requested that the Command Team Away Day be brought forward from the 9th November 2012 due to budgetary reasons.  He was advised that unfortunately no other date was suitable prior to this date, but if he required any advanced budgetary information prior to the Away Day, then Chief Supt. Brooke would update him.



Tuesday, 21 August, 2012 - 10:00