Doncaster District Commander

am genuinely proud to be the Commander for Doncaster. I am also very proud to work with a great team of officers and staff who genuinely care about their communities across South Yorkshire.

I joined South Yorkshire Police in 1987, and although I have served elsewhere including Bermuda and the North East the vast majority of my experience is working within a Local Policing Unit operational environment.

As a Chief Inspector and Superintendent I have worked in operational, partnership, HR and Criminal Justice roles across Sheffield, Barnsley and Doncaster.

I am currently chair of South Yorkshire Police Superintendent's Association and work closely with Rev. Alison Lamb as Chaplain’s champion.


Over recent years I have led on the management of Serious Acquisitive Crime, Specials expansion project, Metal Theft (regionally), county approach to management of offenders (COMPASS), and implementation of a county Mental Health strategy.

I love a challenge and care deeply about the public and our people. I also believe strongly in the principle of encouraging positive, supportive and compassionate leadership at all levels- particularly during these challenging financial times for the service. Austerity is not an excuse to abandon principles or ethics. It should – and I think it does for the most part - bring out the best in us all.



Tim's contact details are: