Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1. APOLOGIES - Crawford , Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage

ATTENDEES  -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM (Chair)
   Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop
   Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
   Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
   Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager, Bodyshop & Commissioning
   Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
   Askwith, Heather (HA) – Departmental HR Partner
   Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)

SG welcomed Heather Askwith back to the VFM Management Team, she has taken over from Nicola Barnfield as our Departmental HR Partner.


3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting in December (January’s meeting was cancelled) were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 13-02-13.
3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes   

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business
• I-proc call off orders
• Feedback from Barnsley vehicle user group
• RT19’s
• Expenditure on maintenance only vehicles
• New vehicles – tyres
• New Konica MDF’s
• Tranman codes

3.4 Department Structure
There has been a recent change from two Senior Fleet Managers to one, and an addition of a Fleet Manager post at Churchill Way. Don Crawford was successful in securing the permanent Fleet Managers post.  Adrian Saxton is now a permanent Motor Vehicle Technician at Doncaster Garage.
3.5 Finance  
NK reported that the salary budget has an £85,000 under spend year to date with a projected under spend of £104,000 due to vacancies, predominantly the Business Manager post being vacant and a Driver post and maternity leave on a Band B post.  SG reported that T/DDC Holt will be looking at vacant posts and temporary posts and why we have got them. The following decisions were taken:
• A current temporary Band A post will be disestablished and the person currently in that post will be shown as being in the permanent Band A post (Tran 74) which is currently vacant but on a fixed term contract.
• There is currently a permanent driver post which is vacant and although some difficulty may arise if further long term sickness occurs, it was agreed to disestablish this post.

Action 1 – 13.02.13: Heather Askwith to disestablish post Tran 68 - permanent driver post.

Action 2 - 13.02.13: Sarah Gilding to write to Scott Green in terms of offering the Business Manager post as a saving for the Department.

NK reported there was a problem with transport costs.  This month we were expecting to receive income of £30,000 this month but there have been no vehicle sales and no work from Humberside.  SG reported that Humberside, now they have their new PCC, are in talks with the Council and the Fire Service for vehicle repairs and that the new garage planned for Humberside was currently on hold.  SG said she has made an approach to Rotherham Council with regard to their vehicle repairs and will actively look at other areas in an effort to bringing work in.  NK reported that the £63,000 NH provided,  was put into the recharge for fuel budget, to cover for pool vehicles which we don’t charge for.  

Action 3 - 13.02.13: Nikki Kelly to make enquiries if the £18,000 of capital receipts can be kept for the Department.

A discussion took place regarding how to best manage vehicle disposals.  DD reported that 15 cars were going to auction in March. Vehicle parts are over budget by £16,000 and vehicle livery by £1,000 with no budget against it. 

Action 4 – 13.02.13: Jo Buckley to check what Mix Telematics invoices have been coded to, in order to ensure they have been accounted for correctly.
NK reported a big shift in the fuel budget and is concerned about what has caused this.  It could just be a timing issue but there have been problems with All Star, whose reporting procedures have changed.  She has tasked the Finance Assistant with a mini project to identify what the problem is as there should be more income coming back to this budget area.  The fuel budget had been OK up to August / September.  DD reported that when he had attended the Barnsley Fleet User Group they had reported a £6,000 under spend on fuel.  NK said SCS also had an under spend on fuel. A discussion took place about adjusting the uplift on the fuel system, to compensate for not charging for pool vehicles. 

Action 5 – 13.02.13: Jo Buckley to look at changing the uplift on the fuel system to compensate for not charging for pool vehicles.

NK explained that the leasing income would be fixed at the beginning of the next financial year.  JB suggested we look at drivers fuel and tyres for out of Force work as the cost now falls to us now the drivers are within the core, where as previously the costs would have been with the District or Department.  It was agreed to relinquish 3 spare computers, the two on the desks in the old driver services space and the one from  the top desk in front of the tall cupboards in the Admin office space..

Action 6 – 13.02.13: Jo Buckley to arrange to return 3 computers and their peripherals to ISD and ensure the related charges come off.

It was noted that Vauxhall and BMW parts are more expensive than Ford parts and we have a reduced number of Ford Focus’ and increasing numbers of Vauxhall vehicles, so we need to ensure the budget is increased for next year to account for this and price rises in vehicle parts in general.

SA explained BMW are promoting a new parts ordering system, which offers a 25% discount.  DD said he had asked the BMW representative to get in touch with both storekeepers and the Fleet Managers. AS is the lead administrator for this and can add people onto the system as users.  AS is due to meet with ‘My Green Fleet’ shortly.  It was noted that EBC brakes could be a more cost effective option for discs and pads but we may need to go out to tender on this.  SG said regional procurement were aware.
3.5.1 Trading Accounts 
None produced for January.

3.6 Regional Working Update
SG reported that a merger between SYP and Humberside Vehicle Fleet Departments is much further down the list of priorities.  However, we are still looking at collaborating and standardising.

3.6.1 Tranman Upgrade
SG reported that this is progressing slowly.  Contracts are being finalised by Regional procurement and they should be placing the order within the next few weeks.

3.7 Business Planning        
Nothing to report.

3.8  Human Resources 
HA reported on sickness absence and incapacity action plans.

3.8.1 Leaders in Action Awards
Four nominations have been received so far.  HA asked if the meeting that has been scheduled to assess the nominations could be moved back. It was agreed to sort something out.

3.8.2 External Training
DD explained that he had sorted this out with NB but still needs to sort out the category ratings.  HA explained that under normal circumstance, categories 1 and 2 receive the funding required. There is a reserve budget in place for essential training that may crop up during the year.

3.8.3 Apprentices
AS asked for confirmation of where the apprentices would be based.  SG said there would definitely be one at the Bodyshop but wants to leave it open for the mechanical apprentice, with a view to allowing the successful candidate to decide which work place is more practical for them, Chapeltown or Doncaster.  Two temporary posts need to be created for the Apprentices, with a view that in 4 years time there will be others retiring, freeing up permanent posts for the Apprentices to be posted into.  A discussion took place on funding for Apprenticeships.  HA said that if they come in at the bottom of the pay scale i.e. under 18 some government funding should be available – Ann Harhoff has done a paper on this.

Action 7 - 13.02.13:  Heather Askwith to create the temporary posts for the Apprentices and to gather some information on salary levels etc for Apprentices and send this information to Andy Stockham and Steve Anderson.

AS and SA reported that 130 applications had been received for the 2 Apprentice positions and they had shortlisted 11 for the mechanical position and 7 for the Bodyshop position.  However, GTA are seeing them all this week to conduct aptitude tests with a view to interviewing 5 for the mechanical position and 4 for the Bodyshop position.  Two days have been put aside next week for interviewing.

3.9 Risk Registers and Business Continuity
Nothing to report.

3.10 Performance
SG said she will get in touch with BCD about the quality of KPIs and performance information.  This was raised at the CHC and BCD were asked to contact us as a result, but this hasn’t happened.

3.10.1 Timesheets         
 The implementation of time sheets is going OK.  However,  there are issues with some from  Churchill Way which will be addressed when the Churchill Fleet Manager returns from leave.
3.11 Equality and Diversity
HA explained that a revised sickness absence policy was due to be put in place from April onwards to bring SYP in line with Humberside police.  30 days absence or 5 occurrences over 3 years, which will bring more action plans into play.

3.12 Stock Control
JB reported that the recent stock take was improved.  The next stock take is due at year end and will take place on the Thursday before Easter - 28 March 2013. Tranman will be ready to go again by the following Tuesday (after the Easter weekend).

3.13 Sustainability
Cath Kidner is due to come and see us about the Regional Waste tender.  SA reported that he had made contact with a company called ‘Solvents with Safety’ who will take vehicle bumpers away for £1.25.  SG said she needed to make progress with an action that she had taken away from the CHC, which was to put together a Sustainability plan for VFM.

3.13.1 Waste Champion Reports
 Stuart Webster and Steve Anderson had been nominated as Waste Champions.
4.1 I-proc call off orders

A discussion took place about whether we need to have separate orders for each garage.  Call off orders will have to be dealt with on a monthly basis with regard to accruals.  Workshops will be informed what the order number is for each call off.  These will be set up in March ready for April.

Action 8 – 13.02.13: Mandy Stiles to let Steve Anderson and Andy Stockham have a basis guide to raising and receipting i-Proc orders.

4.2 Feedback from Barnsley vehicle user group
4.2.1 RT19’s
DD reported that Barnsley said they aren’t receiving RT19’s from Doncaster Workshop and Rotherham Bodyshop and are having to pay the re-charge for repairs without the RT19s.  Both SA and AS said this was because the RT19’s hadn’t been completed by the officers/staff  involved in the accident.  AS and SA said they would contact Mary Verity to explain the process that must be followed.  HA said she would raise this issue at the next Barnsley Command Team meeting and was referred to the VFM website.  This is part of Force Policy D51178 – Notification of Damaged Vehicles.

4.2.1 Expenditure on maintenance only vehicles
AS said that he always contacted Mary Verity at Barnsley or Michelle Walker at Rotherham with costs, before starting work on these vehicles.  It was agreed that Churchill Way should do the same.

Action 9 – 13.02.13: Don Crawford to ensure that he always contacts the District or Department before doing any work on maintenance only vehicles.

4.3 New vehicles – tyres
It has been agreed that the tyres that come on new vehicles, will no longer be swapped for Goodyear tyres on arrival,.  This will effect  a saving for the department.  It was agreed to keep the axle to the same brand of tyre and revert to Goodyear asap within the cycle of tyre replacements at the discretion of the Fleet Manager.

4.4 New Konica MFD’s
JB reported that despite involving ISD and Konica, It has not been possible to over print on to the TD2 job card (A3 size).  It was agreed that in view of the impending Tranman upgrade, we should continue to use the current printer on the reception desk for this purpose and use the MFD for everything else.

4.5 Tranman and codes
AS raised the issue that the codes used in Tranman don’t always give the full picture of the work that has been done.  It was agreed the technicians should stop writing unnecessary comments and only write if it is something that adds information not supplied by the code e.g. if they have done some fault finding which need noting.  These comments will be input in the notes box, not added to the coded line. This can be done by the technicians or the Fleet Managers should they wish to do so, this will also prepare for the revised processes which will be implemented when the Tranman system is upgraded.

Date and time of next meeting
9.30am on Friday 15 March 2013, VFM Conference Room, Unit 17, Churchill Way.   


Wednesday, 13 February, 2013 - 13:30