Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1. APOLOGIES - Stockham, Andy – Fleet Manager, Doncaster
Saxton, Adrian (AS) – Senior Fleet Manager, Churchill & Doncaster

ATTENDEES  -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) – Business Manager for VFM and PSD
Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager, Support Service
Russell, Barbara (BR) – Operational HR Partner
Jo Buckley (JB) – Driver Services Manager Kelly,
Nicky Kelly (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop



3.1  Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
There were no minutes or action schedule from the previous meeting.

3.2  Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes  

3.3  Declarations of Any Other Business
• Vehicle Replacement Programme – Update      
• Goodyear
• Scrap vehicles
• Roller shutter door at Bodyshop 

3.4  Vauxhall
3.4.1 Issues - Still having ongoing issues with delivery times and so are North Yorkshire and Humberside.  West Yorkshire and Durham aren’t.  A meeting has been called at short notice, tomorrow with Dick Ellam and his boss which SG or DD will attend.  Richard Flint, Steve Thompson and also someone from procurement will be there, as we believe Vauxhall are in breech of contract with delivery times.

SA reported that parts supply for livery is not good - over a week – however, Perry’s are now stocking a kit as impress stock, costing £ 620, which is almost double the price of what it was for a Focus at £325 and there is not as much livery on the Astra.  A discussion took place about 3M and Reflexite livery.  SG reported that we can now order our vehicles with Reflexite rather that 3M. We must ensure this is stated on the order.

SA reported that Vauxhall parts are very expensive. 

Action 1 – 17.04.12: Sarah Gilding to write out to Commanders and Heads of Department to clarify the position on BMW’s.

3.5  Finance 
NK reported that the year-end had been completed, coming in line with the forecast of being £209,794 overspent. The bulk of this is due to reduced fleet charges from Districts and Departments and fuel.  NK reported that last year, the income budget for fuel was set significantly higher than the cost of fuel, so this has been addressed going forward.  NH has underwritten the gap we had in 12/13’s budget.  Leasing charges have been reduced for the New Year to take into account what we got last year. NK has contacted  the other OMA’s to ask if they have any plans to reduce their fleet.  No feedback was received.  This means that their expenditure should match our income.  NK will check within the next 2 months what they have budgeted.  The budget has been set based on January, February and March. 

NK has started some work on the labour rate.  BCD work on 1056 hours per annum and using this the labour rate comes out at £41.  A discussion took place about the elements of the labour rate and the differences within the region. SG had concerns about the labour rate being different for work we do for other forces within the region.  It was agreed that work needs to be completed on the labour rate and times.

Action 2 – 17.04.12: Nikki Kelly to complete the work on the labour rate and times.

Discussions took place about the £75 charge as this had been raised in an audit report.  It was agreed that this will be looked at later.
3.5.1 Trading Accounts        
  Capital element and revenue element will be shown separately.

3.6  Business Planning        
3.6.1 Risk Register
JB reported that she had completed recent updates on the risk register.  DD said he had received an e-mail about a project update but needed some guidance on how to do this.

Action 2 – 17.04.12: Sarah Gilding to ask Debbie Stones to provide guidance to DD on how to update a project on the risk register.

3.6.2 Business Continuity
JB had attended some training on Business Continuity.  A discussion took place about where the Emergency Procedures folder should be located at Churchill Way.  It was agreed that it would stay in the foyer.        

3.7  Human Resources          
Absence – BR reported that Performance is better than last year but VFM is still above the force average at  11.12% (Force average is 8.36 %) so there are improvements to be made.  Currently there are still 4 people outside the criteria.

PDRs – Still 10 outstanding but there are a couple in progress.  The new PDR system went live from 1 April.  BR explained that the new system focuses on making sure people are doing their jobs appropriately, that we take action against anyone who is not performing to the required standard and also look at what can be done for those who are exceeding expected standards in terms of career progression. It is important to ensure that good objectives are set.

Weekly Leaves – There was a reduction in March in accumulated time off but potentially this may go back up again over the Easter period.

NCALT – still not got any up to date reports on completion.

External Training - £7,200 identified with 1 course committed.

3.7.1 Vacancies Update
There are currently 59 posts (58.09 FTE’s) and 3 vacancies – P/T Fuel Clerk, (being filled with 1st place candidate and then the second place candidate when current post holder goes on maternity leave) Admin & Finance Clerk post renamed to Fleet Admin Clerk (to be filled with a temporary member of staff via HR) and a driver post (still to be filled).

BR will be handing over Vehicle Fleet to Nicola Barnfield shortly.

3.8  Performance 
SG reported there are still problems with the KPI report. JB is trying to get this sorted with BCD, but each time there is a problem with the running of the report they expect us to fix the problem. However, Richard Flint has taken a look at the KPI report and is trying to solve the problem but has said that it is a complex report.

Vehicle availability – The report showed a dip for Doncaster Workshop but this is within reasonable parameters.  
3.8.1 ICME Times
A discussion took place about ICME times.  SA said these have been used before but it took up a lot of admin time but he thought that what the Tranman upgrade had to offer would be a better option than ICME.  The Bodyshop have always worked to estimated times  (currently Audatex) so they have something to aim at. 

3.8.2 Stock Control Year End Position
Churchill Way, imprest stock – down £51.43.  Non – imprest – up £11.76.
Commissioning, imprest stock – down £65 overall but £220 altogether was written off which is down to not estimating correctly on reels of livery.
Rotherham, - Non imprest - wrote off £171.64
Doncaster, imprest stock is £7.60 down and Non – imprest £3.94 down.
SG reported that all this information has gone into the stock certificate for year end but Corporate Finance are asking for a reconciliation in the stock movement as stock was not all checked  on the same date at year end.  Next year Corporate Finance are saying the stock check must be done for all Workshops on the last day of March 2013 or a full reconciliation completed.

3.8.3 Purchasing Cards
SG explained that the people who originally had purchasing cards had gone to the Corporate Finance centre.  In preparation for this Mandy has been issued with one and the two store keepers have been asked to complete paperwork so they have one available for one off purchases. They will need some training to go through the guidance for use and to ensure they know how to complete the records and the log that must be kept.

Action 3 – 17.04.12: Mandy Stiles to meet with the storekeepers to go through the guidance for using a purchasing card and to ensure they know how to complete the records that must be kept.
3.9  Regionalisation / Collaboration Update
SG reported that it was agreed that the 4 Forces wouldn’t merge but would actively collaborate and move towards all having the same fleet systems and processes in place.  However, NH’s equivalent in Humberside, Phil Goatley is looking at the possibility of a joint Facilities Management and Vehicle Fleet Department between South Yorkshire and Humberside.  An initial report is being prepared to take to the Chief and SCT and if they want to progress this, it will then go to the Police Authority.

3.10.1 Collision Repairs
SG said we needed to look at the possibility of South Yorkshire taking on the collision repairs for the region.  This was discussed and it was agreed that a project needs to be undertaken to establish exactly what this will entail for us and what is viable.

Action 4 – 17.04.12: Steve Anderson and Dave Day to undertake a project to establish if it will be viable to take on the collision repairs for the Region and what this will entail.  Nikki Kelly to be involved from a financial costing point of view.
3.10.2 Commissioning – New Vehicle preparation

SG said we have our staff in house and we will use them to do as much as they can deal with. However, if there is too much for them to deal with, it will first be offered to West Yorkshire to see if they can do it and if not, the work will go through the normal procurement process depending on what it is.

3.10.3 Tranman Upgrade
 SG reported that we have had the go ahead for the Tranman upgrade but we are currently firming  up the specification for this.


4.1 Vehicle Replacement Programme – Update      
SG has done a lot of work on the replacement programme, however there have been some delays. Looking at the current position based on SYPs  criteria, we would need more money in the capital budget.  Two scenarios will be put forward, the first will reflect our current replacement criteria and the second will cover what the regions criteria is (which makes about 1 million difference).  This will be discussed with Nigel Hiller.

4.2 Goodyear 
SG explained there are still ongoing issues with Goodyear but the current contract ends in May.  However, a letter was received yesterday saying that the Home Office haven’t sorted out the new contract in time for the end of the current contract.  There will be a gap of approximately 4 - 6 months before a new contract is in place.  Regional procurement will need to give a steer on how they want to cover it as the contract cannot be extended.  However, it would appear that the only realistic option would be to continue with Goodyear but they are introducing a price rise on 1 June 2012.

4.3 Scrap Vehicles
SA reported that he had approached Supply Chain about which company to use for the disposal of scrap vehicles and we should use Doncaster Motor Spares who will give a minimum of £50 for any scrap vehicle but it could be more depending on what is left on the vehicle.

N.B. Please note that since this was discussed a new contract with FAB has been introduced.

4.4 Roller Shutter Door at the Bodyshop
SA said the roller shutter door has been repaired but they weren’t given any advance notice of their arrival so it wasn’t possible to prepare in advance and plan the movement of vehicles etc.  SG agreed she would feed this back to Facilities Management.


Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 22 May 2012 at 1.30pm in PSD Conference Room 3, Unit  20, Churchill Way.   





Tuesday, 17 April, 2012 - 09:30