Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1. APOLOGIES - Barnfield Nicola (NB) - Departmental Personnel Manager
Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager, Bodyshop & Commissioning


ATTENDEES -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM (Chair)
  Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop
  Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
  Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
  Crawford, Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
  Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)



3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 21.8.12.
3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes   

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business
• Quad Bikes
• 20,000 Mile Service Trial at Doncaster Garage
• Bike Testing
3.4 Vauxhall         
Some of the vehicles that were due to be delivered mid September have arrived today ahead of schedule.

Action 1 – 21.08.12: Sarah Gilding to check with regard to the late delivery charges in relation to the training vehicle.

3.5 Finance          
NK reported we are currently projecting a £25,000 overspend, which is due to a reduced income from fleet charges. The salary budget is currently showing an under spend by £40,000.  Premises costs are on budget. Transport is currently projecting a £70,000 overspend, which relates to fleet re-charges to Districts and Departments.  The vehicle parts budget is projecting a £19,000 overspend and the Tyres budget a £11,000 overspend.  There is a slight under spend on garage equipment maintenance. Income from Humberside jobs is also slightly down. The Finance Assistant has been doing some more work on recharges, which has put £12,000 back into the budget.  There are still some more recharges to do. Overall, at the end of July we are £13,000 over spent.

SG stated that OSS do not want to replace the majority of the vehicles that are currently due for replacement as they want to wait for a new BMW X Drive, which doesn’t come out until next year.  As they have chosen to delay replacement, we may need to look at charging for these vehicles on a maintenance only basis.  NK reported that she had a list of OSS vehicles that were not being charged for.

Action 2 – 21.08.12: Sarah Gilding to look at the list NK has in relation to the OSS vehicles and to review costs on old Volvos and consider any action.

Action 3 – 21.08.12: Nikky Kelly and Jo Buckley to look at those vehicles we are spending more on than is being covered by the annual charges.

3.5.1 Labour rate
NK has done some work on the labour rate per workshop.  It was agreed that the labour rate for all workshops be changed to £35 per hour and £28 for work done at the Bodyshop for Humberside.

3.5.2 Trading Accounts 
NK reported that the trading accounts were showing a loss overall.  We need to ensure that the cost centres used are correct as one of the Bodyshop’s cost centres is showing in Admin.

3.6 Business Planning        
3.6.1 Risk Register
Nothing to report.

3.6.2 Business Continuity
DD has met with Eric Mirfin recently to firm up the BC plan for the Bodyshop.

3.7 Human Resources
 No update received from Nicola Barnfield.

3.7.1 PDRs
The aim is to achieve 95% completion, which we are working towards at the moment.

3.7.2 Sickness Absence
 We currently have a number of staff who are off sick long term.

3.7.3 Staffing Position in Admin
The staffing position has now improved.  A full time temporary Fuel Clerk started 13.08.12 who is now in training to cover for the current Fuel Clerks maternity leave, which starts at the end of September.  In addition, a temporary Business Support Clerk has started with us working 2 days per week.

3.7.4 Apprentices
SG asked everyone to consider if it was the right time to take on one or more apprentices, bearing in mind the apprenticeship takes approx 4 years and we currently have staff that have requested and are working reduced hours on Flexible Early Retirement.  AS said that in view of previous experience with the last apprentice, that we ensure we can have them for a trial period first in order to assess if they are suitable. It was agreed to progress this.

Action 4 – 21.08.12: Nicky Kelly to check with HR what the process and pay scale is for an Apprentice and if we can use a period of work experience first to ensure their suitability to be an Apprentice.

Action 5 – 21.08.12: Nicola Barnfield to document who is on Flexible Early Retirement at the moment and to complete age profiling of current Motor Vehicle Technicians to establish the position in future.

3.7.5 Supervisory Courses
AS reminded everyone that the Supervisory Courses were due to start shortly.

3.8 Performance 
Vehicle Availability – is good.
Vehicle turn round times – OK apart from a blip in May.
SG asked if vehicle availability and turn round times were required weekly.  It was agreed these should be monthly reports.

Action 6 – 21.08.12: Sarah Gilding to write to BCD, stating that vehicle availability and vehicle turn round reports now only need to be run on a monthly basis (not weekly).

KPI report - Jobcard timeliness has suffered but this is down to the staffing difficulties we have had.
We are currently waiting for BCD to do some work on PDR timeliness.

SG asked if drivers were managing with bringing vehicles in for servicing and repair.  Doncaster was discussed and the fact that only two drivers are qualified to drive the in house recovery vehicle.  JB said she was trying to get other drivers trained up for this role to give more resilience.

Productivity / standard times – DC is planning to look at the system that is used at Doncaster and is looking at improvement in road testing at Churchill Way, including a reduction of time taken.
3.9 Stock Control         
NK reported that Corporate Finance has planned a mini year-end for the end of September.  This fits in with the 100% stock take that has been planned.
3.10 Regionalisation / Collaboration Update      
As reported last month, collaboration between North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Humberside Forces continues, in an effort to standardise and make savings. The report by Mr Phil Goatley continues but it looks like Facilities Management could be merged first with a possible merger of Fleet to come in approximately two years but a definite decision has not been made yet. 

3.10.1 Merging Motorcycles
SG reported that a Regional meeting would take place in September with regard to the possible merger of Motorcycles.  However if a merger is a problem logistically, it will not happen.

3.10.2 Tranman
SG reported that North Yorkshire may be able to host Tranman for less cost, so this is going through their process for approval.  Once agreed we will be in a position to place an order. 
JB raised concerns about whether North Yorkshire has enough expertise with Tranman for when things go wrong. It was agreed we should look at the service level agreement.  It will be the New Year before we will be in a position to go ahead with project planning and testing.

4.1 Quad Bikes

An incident has arisen where users have taken two quad bikes to outside dealers, saying we are too expensive.  The quad bikes are still on our records to be serviced but there are implications with regard to MOT and tax exemptions that need to be addressed.

Action 7 – 21.08.12: Sarah Gilding to look into the implications of two quad bikes having been taken to an outside dealer for repair, as they say we are too expensive.

4.2 20,000 Mile Service Trial at Doncaster
AS reported that this trial is progressing well so far.

Action 8 – 21.08.12: Management Team to review the trial of servicing at 20,000 miles at the end of October / beginning of November to decide if we are to continue with it.

4.3 Bike Testing
SG reported that at the Corporate Health Check, Mr Dyson queried if technicians were using helmets when bike testing.

Action 9 - 21.08.12: Don Crawford to speak to the motorcycle technician with regard to ensuring he wears leathers and a helmet when bike testing.

 Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 18 September 2012, PSD Conference Room 3, Unit 20, Churchill Way.   


Tuesday, 21 August, 2012 - 13:30