Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1. APOLOGIES - Barnfield Nicola (NB) - Departmental Personnel Manager

 ATTENDEES -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM (Chair)
  Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop
  Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
  Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
  Crawford, Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
  Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager, Bodyshop & Commissioning
  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage
  Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administrator (Minutes)



3.1Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting in October (November’s meeting was cancelled) were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 18-12-12.
3.2Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes   

3.3Declarations of Any Other Business
•Work done on Regional vehicles
•Feedback from Technical meetings
•Transporter training

3.4 Finance  
NK  presented her analysis of the pay budget and reported there was an under spend Mainly due to the vacant Business Manager post and further under spends on BSU, Driver services has a vacant driver post, some hours are available due to flexible early retirements,  which will be used to fund the 2 x apprentices we are currently recruiting for.  There is just under £90,000 overspend, £30,000 of which is due to reduced income from outside agencies. We are massively over spent on transport costs, which is to do with recharges.  NK discussed what she had profiled for next year and what has been recovered this year.  There is a big overspend on transport costs. NK said this may be due to an uplift missing on Merridale to cover pool vehicles.  A loss in maintenance was recovered between July to October 2012.  These have been set lower for next year.  JB reported that details of  the armoured vehicle is not being pulled into the recharge report and it is possible that other vehicles on maintenance only, 21 vehicles in all are the same.  Where do we go for expert help with this?  There is no support currently available at ISD.  W99 reason code needs to be RO5, user abuse.  JB will look at the report for maintenance only to see if these are being recharged. 

SG reported that at the Corporate Health Check, Mr Torr asked what we are going to do to claw back the £100,000 overspent. JB said  that we have picked up on the fact that we haven’t been recharging for Insurance work  and replacement tyres etc on Hertz hire vehicles, in future this will be re-charged and.  NK explained that we are getting better value for vehicles at auction now that we have changed to Brightwells. NK explained that the Force as a whole is heading for an under spend this year, so as long as we are doing everything we can to claw back, overall it shouldn’t be a problem.  NK is looking closely at  budget profiling in order to get the money into the parts of the budget where it is needed. NK reported that the budget for next year 2013/14 has been completed and uploaded.
3.4.1 Trading Accounts 
None produced for November..

3.5  Business Planning        
Nothing to report.

3.6  Human Resources – update from Nicola Barnfield 
NB submitted a written HR update for the meeting, which was discussed.  NB had also asked the team for feedback on the HR workshop she had delivered the previous week: 
• It was noted that the workshop had over run, however, all questions that were asked had been answered. 
• One of the managers commented that it had been useful to meet NB at the workshop and get advice on these HR matters. 
• There was a lot of emphasis on incapacity and providing ‘support’ at the first stage of the process but some members of staff did not feel entirely comfortable with the procedure.  The main issue is that Managers feel that the procedure removes the element of Managers discretion.
• It was felt that current procedures don’t appear to be fair as initially everyone is treated the same no matter what the circumstances of the incapacity is.  It’s not until the second stage that each case is looked at on its own merits, on a personal level. 
• SG reported that incapacity criteria would become more strict in the future. 

SG said that NB would be attending the Management Team Meeting in January so managers would have an opportunity to ask any further advice at that time.  SG also reported that HR issues were discussed in the Corporate Health Check and that it was evident that VFM required a lot of support in this area currently.

PDR’s -  SG thanked everyone for their efforts on getting PDR’s up to date and assisting in achieving our target on the number of PDR’s outstanding.  This is a huge achievement from previous positions.

Weekly Leave – There is an increase to 63 days from the last report but it doesn’t take account of 10 days that have  already been allocated to this years leave from  working 10 KIT days during maternity leave.  The remainder is mainly due to drivers and JB said she would speak with them to encourage them to take time off in an effort to get the number of WL days outstanding reduced.

3.6.1 Vacancies advertised
•The two apprentice vacancies have been advertised and the closing date has been extended as the  Bodyshop vacancy had not had any applicants at all. However, SA said that he had received some phone calls about this. 
•Richard Shelton has been posted into the Driver Services Coordinators post. 
•A Driver vacancy has been advertised. 


3.6.2 Training courses – re-rostering of NWD      
It was agreed that the practice of paying overtime for people attending training courses must stop and that instead re-rostering of NWD must take place.

3.7.  Performance 
3.7.1  CHC Feedback
On the whole the CHC went well.  SG explained that we had been making a lot of changes. The replacement programme, performance and PDRs etc.  Sickness was discussed as being above average but an overview of problems and staffing was given and this was accepted.  It was stressed that we do need a lot of HR support currently.  Issues with performance / Tranman reports were attributed to BCD not understanding the process fully, but  the loss of control we have with Performance Unit doing the report work for us is difficult.  SG also updated on dog vehicles and seized vehicles.  A review of flexible working and creation of a sustainability plan/policy were set as actions by T/ACC Torr.  We are now waiting for the official feedback from the CHC, which will be distributed when received.
3.7.2  ICME times and timesheets – Performance Management  
Timesheets are to be reintroduced in the New Year.  They will be used to monitor productivity, as we need to know how many productive hours we have.  SA said it was important that the MVT’s receive some feedback from this.  AS said he has been monitoring productivity over the last year as a matter of course but that it should be better with the new Tranman upgrade.

A record of job number, brief description, down time, time taken, summed up at the end of each week so that MVTs can see what they have done, with the feedback being given by the Fleet Manager.  AS commented that we need to link into ICME times to get anything out of this.  It’s about getting vehicles back on the road and it’s down to managers to keep on top of this.  It was agreed to start this back up again, view the statistics weekly; take the information to the Management Team meetings to analyse to see what information we can get out of the data.

Action 1 - 18-12-12: Andy Stockham to approach North Yorkshire at the next Regional Meeting about arranging visits for VFM staff to look at their Tranman system.
3.7.3 Creating of jobcards for non technical reasons
JB said that jobcards had been filled out to record supervision duties.  This isn’t necessary. AS explained that they were doing this to show where the time had gone while MVT’s were supervising.  JB suggested this is recorded on GRS as acting up.  Just put supervision on the timesheet on GRS.  
3.7.4 Recording of jobs for non SYP vehicles that should be charged for  
Stamp up the jobcards so they can be checked against the reports.  JB agreed to look at the maintenance only report, to see if there is something that needs changing.

3.8. Stock Control         
The next stock check is due on the last Friday in January (25th).  It was noted that the number of discrepancies with stock is much greater at Churchill Way.  It was agreed that we must get rid of redundant locations.

3.9  Regionalisation / Collaboration Update      
SG reported that representatives from each Region continue to meet and collaboration with Humberside continues. SG is preparing a presentation to show the current and future situation of the workshops.  Progress with the revised Tranman upgrade (joint project with Humberside) continues with North Yorkshire Police hosting it.  The next technical meeting is due to take place in mid January 2013.

4.1 Work done on Regional vehicles        
It was agreed that we need to check that all work done on Regional vehicles has been recharged.  In order to ensure these jobs are recharged in future it was agreed that all jobs for recharging must be stamped up at the workshop with the ‘Recharge‘ stamp.  This also applies to jobs done for Special Branch and the Crime Squad.

Action 2 - 18-12-12: Nikki Kelly to check with the Finance Officer to ensure that work done on Regional, Special Branch and Crime Squad vehicles are being re-charged.

4.2 Feed back on Dog Vehicles
SYP will be going out to tender to identify a suitable dog vehicle.

4.3 Transporter Training
The person who has been dealing with this has been off sick.

Action 3 - 18.12.12: Andy Stockham to approach GTA to find out if they have any transporter training available.

We are considering the possibility of purchasing a second transporter.

Date and time of next meeting
1.30pm on Wednesday 23 January 2012, VFM Conference Room, Unit 17, Churchill Way.   



Tuesday, 18 December, 2012 - 13:30