Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1.APOLOGIES - Anderson, Steve (SA) – Fleet Manager, Bodyshop
  Kelly, Nicky (NK) – Operational Management Accountant
  Barnfield Nicola (NB) - Departmental Personnel Manager


ATTENDEES -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) - Head of VFM (Chair)
  Buckley, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
  Day, Dave (DD) – Senior Fleet Manager, Bodyshop & Commissioning
  Crawford, Don (DC) – Fleet Manager, Churchill Garage
  Stockham, Andy (AS) – Fleet Manager, Doncaster Garage




3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 20.07.12.

3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes   

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business        
•Winter Tyres
•Chief Constables Vision
•Scrap Tyres
•Top Up Oil Bottles
•Spare wheels on vehicles for disposal
•Compressor Missing at Hammerton Road
•Hose Reel at Ecclesfield
3.4 Technical Issues – Servicing / Cost Reductions     
•It was agreed to trial moving up to 20,000 miles services on low performance vehicles.  The trial will take place at Doncaster.  It was noted that Durham have been doing this for 12 months now.
•DC raised a concern about Mercedes vans running on new oil.
•AS has asked Vauxhall if we can purchase a kit of discs and pads that would be a more cost effective solution.
•With regard to Tranman, it was agreed to loose the I-Proc order number from the alpha numeric string where the parts are booked in on Tranman, as it doesn’t fit in the box.  JB agreed to trial allowing Tranman to generate its own order number.

3.5 Finance 
We are currently projecting an under spend of £35,000 by year end.  We need to achieve a balance of breaking even and covering all costs. JB agreed to keep a close eye on PSU and other older vehicles, as a lot of money is being spent in this area.  SG has written out again to Districts and is waiting for the information she needs to come back in but is hoping to replace 10 PSU’s in 12/13, which should eradicate the fleet of LDV’s.
3.5.1 Trading Accounts 
None available this month.

3.6 Business Planning        
A separate meeting will be held.        

3.7 Human Resources – update from Nicola Barnfield
3.7.1 Structure

A new structure has been agreed but we are currently trialling a temporary structure with only one Senior Fleet Manager.  The Commissioning Department are reporting to Don Crawford on a day to day basis for supervision and tasking and the Fleet Manager’s all now report to Dave Day.

3.7.2 Recruitment
We are still having difficulties obtaining more admin staff and the lengthy recruitment and vetting process is not helping the situation.  We are still trying to get two extra band B ‘s.  One of the Band A’s is finishing next Friday and the other is actively looking for other jobs.  HR have put 10 Band B’s through vetting but this is taking a long time.  DD has also approached other staff members within the department to help out on the admin side, as an alternative if we are unable to recruit.  If all avenues are exhausted, we will need to review  and prioritise the workloads, until we get more staff.  We have been trying to recruit staff into these roles since the beginning of 2012. 

3.7.3 PDR’s – CHC Target
14% of PDRs were outstanding at the Corporate Health Check (CHC) in June. A target of 5% outstanding by the next CHC was agreed. 
A discussion took place about current PDR’s outstanding and it was agreed that a push must be made to finalise these and then keep on top of the PDR’s.  The new PDR process is more straight forward and should make this achievable.

3.7.4 Sickness
There has been an increase in the number of people off sick in June.  There are 5 people outside the sickness criteria who then fall into the threshold for the incapacity process.  It was agreed that we need to put a plan in place to support the incapacity process with the help of Nicola Barnfield.

3.7.5 Training
VFM have been allocated a training budget of £17,000 for 2012-12. Training identified includes:
•Merridale training for those new to the Fuel Clerk role
•Full MVT course x 2
•Vauxhall Bronze Training – for 10 mechanics
•BMW training – Keith Hidle (West Yorks) is taking the lead in organising this and will let us know when it will take place and is now done at BMW’s site at Thorne and not Bracknell.  BMW Bike Training is necessary for staff maintaining the new BMW bikes.
AS said they were still trying to arrange for Silver and Gold Vauxhall training.

3.8 Performance 
Vehicle availability – On the whole, this is being achieved, with a few dips at Doncaster. AS reported that they were getting into a better position with servicing. 
JB has given Driver Co-ordinators access to Tranman, so they are better able to establish where vehicles are based.  Any vehicles that cannot be found must be escalated via DD / SG, who will write to District Commanders. 
3.8.1 CHC Targets / Action
We are going to adopt industry standards for service times.  This will provide benchmarking data and enable staff performance and capability to be managed effectively.  A discussion took place about standard times for jobs and it was agreed to look at Autodata times.  AS  explained that he keeps a record in a diary in order for everyone to achieve 9.2 hours work per day. DC to look at this system with AS with a view to implementing it at Churchill Way.

It was noted that on the new Tranman system it is possible to monitor productivity but it will be quite some time before this is in place.

Action 1 -  20.07.12: Jo Buckley to come up with a process to monitor productivity.

3.9 Stock Control         
It was noted that there hadn’t been a stock take since year end.  It was agreed to conduct a 100% stock take in September and plan for it to be a dummy run of year end.  Rotherham and Doncaster’s to be done on 27 September at the end of the day and Churchill Way’s on 28 September. 

3.9.1 Tyres
DD reported that more tyres had been delivered today and have been locked in the paint room.  Wheel trims have not been sent.  It was agreed that a new stock location be set up with nil cost, so the tyre movements can be recorded this way.  DC to check on UDS issues and ratings on tyres before fitting.  DC and Workshop Controller have the keys to the paint store.

3.10 Commissioning Stores
There are a lot of items in the store, all of which are used but it is difficult to put on stock .  It was agreed to give the store a good clear out before putting the items into stock.  All these items represent a cost saving but we cannot account for it unless its written on a job card and can be put on the job.  It was agreed that some items which won’t get used, need to be put on the Bumble Bee auction site or offered to other forces within the Region who can use them. All items that are re-used or an item that is an off cut etc represent a cost saving, which needs to be captured.
3.11  Regionalisation / Collaboration Update      
SG reported that as a Region we will continue to standardise the specification for vehicles purchased for certain roles and collaborate on all fleet areas, particularly those that will bring about savings.  Meetings for the Heads of Fleet will continue, as part of this process. Mr Phil Goatley from Humberside is leading on a project to merge FM and Fleet across Humberside and SYP.  This is currently at the business case preparation stage and the report would need to be agreed by the Senior Command Teams of both Forces.  The current proposal suggests that it may take approximately 2 years or more before Fleet can merge but this could possibly be sooner for FM.  Project Boards will be set up with the aim of getting the forces onto the same systems and progressing joint working.

 4.1 Winter Tyres

A discussion took place to establish how many we have remaining from last year.  DC reported at Churchill Way we have 7 new for Focus, 17 second hand for Focus and 3 for Connect vans plus whatever is on vehicles within Districts at the moment. AS reported that all the winter tyres that Doncaster had were transferred across to Rotherham, 18 Volvo tyres, 6 Focus tyre and a van load of second hand tyres ,there may be the odd vehicles left with them on.  SG will get in touch with the Rotherham Store keeper to ascertain how many winter tyres we currently have.

It was agreed that if possible we would look to use the existing stock of winter tyres for the coming winter period, rather than purchasing additional new stock.  A decision will be made on this when the full stock available has been reviewed.

4.2 Chief Constables Vision

All the management team had reviewed the Chief Constables vision presentation and a discussion took place around this.  It was agreed that we would work to support this vision and in particular it was noted that we are already actively progressing a number of projects, which link in to the points made.

 Action 2 -  20.07.12: Sarah Gilding to send the Chief Constables presentation out to all VFM staff.

4.3 Scrap Tyres
DC reported that the side walls on all scrap tyres are being cut so they can’t be reused after we dispose of them.  This procedure is also being carried out at Doncaster and Rotherham Workshops.  Goodyear and Goodwins attend our sites to dispose of the used tyres in accordance with waste regulations and contractual agreements.
4.4 Top Up Oil Bottles
 DC asked if this could be put in place.  This had been trialled before with Serious Crime and it  worked well until the Bottles got thrown away.  Agreed.

4.5 Spare Wheels on Vehicles for Disposal
Spare wheels are being taken out of disposal vehicles and reused, but the cost saving of doing this is not being captured.  A new stock location must be set up to control this stock and a system to capture the savings.

4.6 YN55 YRU
YN55 YRU has had seven sumps fitted – they keep getting knocked off on speed bumps. On the last occasion the vehicle was left in Sheffield leaking out oil  on a pedestrian area and the driver that went out to recover the vehicle had to call the Council to deal with the oil spill and wait 3 hours for them to arrive.

 Action 3 -  20.07.12: Sarah Gilding to write to the Business Manager with regard to YN55 YRU  and  the number of times the sump has been knocked off.

4.7 Compressor missing at Hammerton Road
The building engineer has reported that the compressor has gone missing from Hammerton Road and he has asked for a new one. This was discussed and it was agreed we should ask them to investigate its disappearance.

Action 4 -  20.07.12: Sarah Gilding to speak with the Sheffield Business Manager with regard to the compressor going missing at Hammerton Road and the request for a replacement.

4.8 Hose reel at Ecclesfield
The building engineer has reported that the reel is not locking back, so DC advised him to put a cable tie on it to lock it up and a notice saying out of use. DC to call out new framework supplier to repair. 

4.8 Barrier
DC received a quote for £5,000 for the barrier that can be placed on the loop system we have already, which means that the barrier can be activated by a swipe card.  SG to discuss alternatives with FM, as this is an excessive amount when the main gate should be sufficient to ensure the security of the building. 

Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 21 August 2012, PSD Conference Room 3, Unit 20, Churchill Way.   


Friday, 20 July, 2012 - 09:30