Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1.APOLOGIES - Barnett, Alan – Operational Management Accountant
  Wilson, Joy – Business Support Officer, VFM & PSD

ATTENDEES -  Whysall, Martin – Head of Vehicle Fleet Management - Chair
  Day, Dave – Senior Fleet Manager, Bodyshop & Commissioning
  Saxton, Adrian – Senior Fleet Manager, Churchill & Doncaster
  Greenfield, Rachael – Departmental Personnel Manager
  Gilding, Sarah – Business Manager for VFM and PSD
  Stiles, Mandy – Administration Assistant - Minutes



3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 22.02.11.

3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business 
•Annual Leave and Global Rostering System (GRS).

3.4 Department Structure        
A separate meeting will be held at the end of the Management Team meeting to discuss voluntary severance and the future structure of the Department.

3.5 Finance
SG reported that the revenue monitoring report was showing an over spend of £115,304.  However, £215,502 is attributed to redundancy payments.  However, there won’t be any carry forward on this.  Fuel is overspent by £47,000, this appears to be due to the way fuel is recharged and the fact that not as much fuel has been used this month.  This should even itself out over time.

3.5.1 Trading Accounts
All workshops are making a profit.  Year to date there are losses on drivers and fuel.  MW to speak to AB about the loss on fuel as a stock adjustment may be missing.     
3.5.2 OMA Issues – Financial Commentary
No OMA issues as the OMA is on annual leave.      

3.6 Business Planning        
SG requested a separate meeting in order to discuss and review the business plan and bring it up to date in terms of whether to end projects and formulate new ones.

Action 1 – 22.02.11: Mandy Stiles to set up a meeting in March for the Senior Managers to discuss and update the business plan and risk registers for the coming year.

3.7 Personnel           
Sickness – Sickness is already over the Force target.  However, VER will take a number of staff out of the equation that have previously been off long term sick, so we should be able to improve on this next year.

PDRs – We are doing reasonably well with these.

RG reported that 28 February is the final date for formal applications for those who have applied for quotes for VER and the panel will sit for the last time on 16 March 2011.

Corporate HR are currently being reviewed and the consultation for this ends on Monday.  The plan is to have people moving into their new posts between March – May 2011.

AS reported that the MVTs have asked why people are being kept on, all be it sometimes on reduced hours, at a time when the workforce needs to be reduced? RG explained that if any reductions in staff need to take place then everyone would be considered in a pool and deselect on specific criteria.  It is  wrong to reject people on grounds of age.  AS explained, that some of the MVTs can see their workload reducing. SG asked if anyone who has the capacity could be used to cover on reception and in the stores as the office admin staff are now partly covering the fuel clerk role.  This was agreed and MW commented that as part of the changes we are going through, people will have to adopt a multi-tasking approach to their work.

3.8 Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
SG reported that through discussions she has had with Eric Mirfin, she has agreed that each garage workshop, the admin and finance office and driver services will have their own Business Continuity plan.  Eric will make arrangements to meet with Managers individually to discuss this and how to develop a workable plan for each of these sections of VFM.

SG requested a separate meeting at which the senior managers will update the risk register – see action 1 – 22.02.11.

3.9 Performance         
MW reported that Doncaster had come very close to not achieving 97% vehicle availability and queried why the ‘variance between Audatex estimated labour time and the actual recorded time’ had not been achieved.  DD explained this had probably happened because they were trying to get the small jobs though at the expense of the bigger ones.

3.10 Equality and Diversity 
MW pointed out that we had already spoken about ageism in conjunction with personnel’s policy with regard to retention of staff .
3.11 Stock Control       
DD reported that the Performance Assistant would be going across to Rotherham to go through the obsolete stock. Applications to write off any obsolete stock should be made to SG who will take them forward. It was noted that MW can approve the write off of obsolete stock up to the value of £500.  Anything above this has to go to NH for approval to write off.

100% stock takes were completed last month and this would happen again this month as a precautionary measure to ensure that any issues can be resolved before year-end.  SG will speak to the performance assistant to ensure that plans are in place for the year end stock takes.  MW reported that AB has spoken to Corporate Finance about not doing the stock take on the very last day of the month but the weekend before. Then a Tranman report will be run on the last day of the month.

3.12 Sustainability         
Both MW and SG have attended sustainability meetings recently and good progress is being made. 

Action 2 – 22.02.11: Martin Whysall to run the Tranman report to ascertain if the CO2 emissions have come down and pass this information onto the Sustainability Manager.

AS reported that the Fleet Manager for commissioning has obtained some CO2 and whole life costs for the environmentally improved Skoda Fabia which can do 82 miles to the gallon. He will send the information on to MW.

4.1 Annual Leave and Global Rostering System (GRS)
RG reported that a member of her team had been out to show JW and MS how the GRS system works and they had agreed that those staff within VFM who don’t use computers on a regular basis i.e. MVTs and drivers can continue to use the current paper based system (GEN 24).   Once the leave is approved by their line manager, the GEN24 is passed to the Administration Assistant who will then record this on GRS.  RG will arrange for the admin assistant to have supervisors access to do this.
All staff who use computers on a daily basis, will apply for their leave using the GRS system and their line managers will approve/decline this leave using the on-line system. 



Tuesday, 22 February, 2011 - 09:30