Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1.APOLOGIES - Whysall, Martin – Head of Vehicle Fleet Management - Chair
  Day, Dave – Senior Fleet Manager, Bodyshop & Commissioning


ATTENDEES -  Gilding, Sarah (SG) – Business Manager for VFM and PSD
  Barnett, Alan (AB) – Operational Management Accountant
  Saxton, Adrian (AS) – Senior Fleet Manager, Churchill & Doncaster
  Hinchliffe, Jo (JH) – Driver Services Manager
  Askwith, Heather (HA) – Departmental Personnel Manager
  Stiles, Mandy (MS) – Administration Assistant - Minutes



3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 19.07.11.

3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business 
• Feedback from Vehicle Fleet Steering Group – AS
• Winter Tyres
• UDS Reports
• Security Gate at Churchill Way – AS
• Driver Services Manager’s role in Admin - AS
• Mini Competition for Vauxhall parts – SG
• Contracts - SG
• Servicing Pedal Cycles – AB
• Fuel Reader Unit - AS

3.4 Department Structure
SG reported that JH has taken on more responsibility with Joy Wilson having left on VER.  She will be getting involved in a variety of aspects of VFM business.
3.4.1 Update on Regionalisation       
On Thursday SG and AB will attend a further meeting to update on current work streams.  AS reported that he has been invited to join the Regional Technical Committee – the first meeting is in September.  SG, AB and Kelsey Blake attended a meeting at North Yorkshire to look at their Tranman system, which is the same version as ours but has extra add-ons i.e. bar coding.  West Yorkshire would like to see how we run on Tranman.

3.5 Finance
Budget Holders Commentary – no issues.  With regard to savings this has been updated for the year not just the month as we have achieved what we are going to achieve.

Revenue Monitoring – Overspent by £26,000, plus we now have to spend £5,000 on upgrading the electronic security gate and so we will struggle to come in on target this year.  AB reported that the budget will be adversely affected if Districts and Departments give up vehicles as a result of review of the under utilised vehicles.  The report went out to Business Managers.  SG reported that BMs have been asked to report back to her and provide reasons to keep these vehicles.  SG will then report back to the Vehicle Fleet Steering Group.  This is a result of the Audit Utilisation Report. One of the actions was to review any vehicles doing less than 5,000 miles.  Also, the NPIA diagnostic report recommended that we deal with those actions.
3.5.1 Trading Accounts        
 Questions had been asked as to why the accounts made a loss last month.  AB has done some work on this and has attributed the problem to timing, between information getting onto Tranman and information getting onto Oracle.  This months trading accounts are showing a profit.  However there is now pressure on fuel - what the budget encompasses has recently been changed to no longer include costs for the maintenance of fuel pumps, element for staff administration, fuel for the pool vehicles (used by Districts and Departments but are fuelled at our expense).  The year to date has come back into profit again, which proves last months ‘loss’ was as a result of timing.

3.5.2  OMA Issues – Financial Commentary      
• Emerging Issues
• Proposed Actions to be Taken
• Progress on Agreed Actions
• Other Financial Issues

3.6 Business Planning        
Nothing to report.

3.7 Personnel 
PDRs – HA noted that MW had 2 PDRs outstanding and JH had 1 (which is done but has not yet been signed and returned by the individual).  Currently 97% of PDRs are complete.

Sickness – HA offered to meet with managers to discuss those members of staff who are outside the current sickness criteria, i.e. persistent sickness, in order to help VFM manage their business going forward.

Training Template – OK


Other Issues -
• HA reported that at the moment VER is not being offered by the force, but this could change. 
• Currently there is still no decision on MW’s VER application.
• The band C mechanic at Rotherham Bodyshop must pass the police driving assessment before being appointed to band D.
Action 1 – 19/07/11: Sarah Gilding to speak to Steve Anderson to ensure that he is aware that The Band C mechanic must pass the police driving assessment before being appointed to Band D.

JH reported that a new part-time driver will be starting on 1 August 2011 and that the Driver Co-ordinators job had gone to the Establishment Control Board.  This job will be placed on the Protected Jobs Board for a week and if there is no success with this, then it progresses to the open jobs board.        

3.8 Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
SG has done some work on the Risk Registers and separate meetings have been taking place between VFM Managers and Eric Mirfin to progress business continuity plans for each sub-section of VFM.

3.9 Performance         
Vehicle availability - OK this month.

External vehicle turn round times – Exceeded target again, there are 2 Evos ( which are due to be replaced shortly) and a Mondeo off the road.

Jobcard input  - is back in line this month.

Action 2 – 19.07.11: Dave Day to speak to Steve Anderson about Audatex as this KPI has not been met for the second month in a row.

3.10 Equality and Diversity        
Nothing to report.

3.11 Stock Control         
The results of the 10% stock takes conducted in June are as follows:
• Churchill Workshop – no discrepancies
• Commissioning - £59.00 out
• Doncaster Workshop - no discrepancies
• Rotherham Bodyshop - no discrepancies

3.12 Sustainability         
Nothing to report.


4.1 Under utilised vehicles within VFM
SG explained that VFM need to review their vehicles that appear on the under utilised vehicle report (less than 5,000 miles per year). 
The report was discussed and it was agreed that the Peugeot 307s YP02BPE  and YP52 DWJ could be disposed of. Also AS will speak to Andy Stockham about the pick up based over at Doncaster – V199 HKU, with a view to it being disposed of.

4.2 Vehicle movements – Delivery and Collection
It was reported that there had been some problems with vehicles coming in and the problem with the gate has compounded this issue, as it has not been possible to move vehicles in the early evening.  However AS has now reported that that these issues have been resolved and he did not currently have any problems in this area.  AS reported that Ch Insp Simon Verrall had reported to the VFSG that there were problems with vehicle movements but there is not enough detail given in the VFSG minutes.  JH reported that she had sought feedback from Business Managers at a recent meeting and all confirmed that they were happy with the current service provided by Driver Services and had no issues.  Any further issues must be put in writing to the Driver Services Manager.

Action 3 – 19/07/11: Jo Hinchliffe to send an e-mail to Simon Verrall in order to find out what issues he is aware of with regard to movement of vehicles.

4.3 Feedback from Vehicle Fleet Steering Group (VFSG)
4.3.1 Winter Tyres
- AS reported that the VFSG had agreed for 50% of the marked fleet to be fitted with winter tyres.  NH has agreed to fund the winter tyres estimated cost £30,000.  These have been ordered. The initial outlay is quite high, but at the end of the winter period these will be taken off and will be available to use the following winter.  Initial storage will be an issue and we are currently clearing out some secure space so they can be split up and shared out around the workshops at Doncaster Rotherham and Churchill Way.  AS to decide in conjunction with Ch Insp Stuart Walne which vehicles the winter tyres will be fitted to (13 Volvos, 60 Focus and 20 Connect vans)
4.3.2 UDS Reports – VFSG have agreed to fit UDS to all vehicles from now on and also retrospectively fit to those vehicles with 3 years life remaining ( at a cost of £70,000 for purchase and labour on the retrospective fit).  NH has agreed to find the money for this.

Action 4 – 19.07.11: Sarah Gilding to double check the contract for the supply of UDS with Mick’s Telematics before an order is placed.

4.5 Security Gate at Churchill Way
 AS has arranged for Corporate Communications to include a message on the front page of the intranet in order to let people know there will be disruption on Thursday 21 July 2011.  SG reported that she had received information from Paul Garner (FM) that the work being carried out on Thursday won’t bring this up to  the standard required by the HSE and a further upgrade is required which will cost £5,000.  SG reported that staff must be trained in the use of the ‘dead man’ lock on Thursday.

4.6 Driver Services Manager’s Role in Admin
AS has received a number of queries from staff in the workshop asking what Jo’s role was now.  AS requested that an e-mail is sent out to communicate to all staff the additional responsibilities that JH has taken on.  The changes in this role have been minuted under 3.4 of these minutes and can be cascaded by the Management Team as they see fit.

Action 5 – 19/07/11: Management Team members to cascade information from this meeting (including that detailed at 3.4), to their staff, as they see fit.

4.7 Mini Competition for Vauxhall Parts
SG explained that we need to progress a mini competition with local dealers for the supply of Vauxhall parts.  SG is meeting with Andy Crispin and his procurement team from Vauxhall next week, to start this off.  AS raised the issue of a diagnostic machine for Vauxhall vehicles and SG said she would discuss this at the meeting.

4.8 Contracts
SG was concerned that staff may be sourcing items normally purchased from Wurth elsewhere.  One of the main advantages for moving to Wurth in the first place was the fact that they had a comprehensive on line database of COSHH assessments for all of their products.   SG also stated that she would be reviewing expenditure such as this to ensure contracts were in place if required.  Subsequently staff should not make decisions to change supplies themselves.

PJ Parts was also discussed – we had stopped using them but he has now come back.  If we are going to obtain parts from him JH suggested that we need to conduct checks as he has recently sent a number of old invoices in for payment for which originally there was no proof of delivery.  However, these have now been sorted.  SG directed that no further orders should be placed with PJ Parts due to the issues with their poor invoicing procedures.

Action 6 – 19.07.11: No further orders to be placed with PJ Parts.  Adrian Saxton to ensure the workshop and stores staff are aware of this.

4.9 Servicing Pedal Cycles
AB reported that North Yorkshire Police are servicing all pedal cycles in house.  AS said they had offered this before but it wasn’t taken up as the price was too high.  AS said that they weren’t competitive with James Cycles who are the current provider of this service.

Action 7 – 19.07.11: Alan Barnett and Sarah Gilding to find out from North Yorkshire what hourly rate they charge for servicing pedal cycles.

4.10 Fuel Reader Unit
AS raised the issue of a fuel reader unit which was nearly new when is was removed from West Bar and is still in the oil stores at Churchill Way.  SG said she would contact Merridale to obtain a price if they were to purchase the Fuel Reader Unit back from us.

Action 8 – 19.07.11: Sarah Gilding to contact Merridale to obtain a price if they were to purchase a nearly new fuel meter reader back from us (taken out of West Bar).



Tuesday, 19 July, 2011 - 14:00