Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1. APOLOGIES - Wilson, Joy – Business Support Officer, VFM & PSD
  Greenfield, Rachael – Departmental Personnel Manager
  Barnett, Alan – Operational Management Accountant


ATTENDEES -  Whysall, Martin – Head of Vehicle Fleet Management - Chair
  Day, Dave – Senior Fleet Manager, Bodyshop & Commissioning
  Saxton, Adrian – Senior Fleet Manager, Churchill & Doncaster
  Gilding, Sarah – Business Manager for VFM and PSD
  Stiles, Mandy – Administration Assistant - Minutes



3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 13.05.11.
3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business 
• Conference Attendance
• Drivers

3.4 Department Structure        
3.4.1 Commissioning Shop Alterations      
DD reported that Mark Hall had worked well on this.  An office area has been created out on the shop floor.  The Commissioning shop will do their own job cards and Adrian Saxton and Pauline Major will allocate the work.  Once the paperwork comes through it will be processed by the Admin team on the 1st floor. There are still some things to progress to ensure smooth running. 

MW reported that the Driver Core are much better placed in the office downstairs and it is working well for them and the Driver Manager is better placed upstairs too.

3.5 Finance         
3.5.1 Trading Accounts   
There was a problem with accruals at year-end as £78,000 was accrued for when it should not have been.  So the accounts are showing £90,000 up (still including the £78,000).
The Commissioning Department lost £707 in April.

3.5.2 OMA Issues – Financial Commentary – no issues as OMA not in attendance     

3.6 Business Planning        
Nothing to report.

3.7 Personnel           
PDRs – These need to be brought up to date.  One of the drivers that has come into the core from OSS, has a PDR outstanding.  The line manager will have to contact OSS to complete the first part of the PDR with the current line manager agreeing the objectives.

3.8 Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
Nothing to report.

3.9 Performance  
The target for vehicle availability has been raised from 97% to 98% and this has been achieved in the first month.  It was noted that vehicle availability at Doncaster Garage had fluctuated in month.

It was agreed to recharge the Performance Unit for 20% of the Performance Assistants salary but to wait until the end of May and recharge for two months at a time.

The target for ‘job card input after receipt’ was not met for April but this was due to the number of bank holidays (4) and one of the Admin and Finance Clerks was on annual leave during the last 2 weeks in April.

The target for ‘external vehicle turn round times’ has not been met which is due to a delay in receiving a part for an EVO coming from Japan (problems due to tsunami) and delays at Dealerships due to banks holidays.

SG said she would check the PDR figures with the Performance Assistant as the ones presented didn’t look right.
3.10 Equality and Diversity        
Nothing to report.

3.11 Stock Control 
Nothing to report.
3.12 Sustainability         
MW attended the Sustainability Forum on 09-05-11.

The Churchill Health & Safety representative is due to attend a waste awareness course shortly.

4.1 Conference Attendance    
MW reported that the budget for conference attendance has been devolved, so a decision needs to be made within the Management Team who should attend conferences. 

Two places have been booked for the NAPFM Conference in September.  It was agreed that MW and SG should attend for the whole conference with DD, AS and ASt to attend on Wednesday only.

4.2 Drivers
AS reported there had been some teething problems with Driver Services, which resulted in the workshop running out of work yesterday.  He explained that the Workshop controller sends an e-mail to the Driver Service co-ordinator in the afternoon giving details of the vehicles that need to be brought into the workshop for service or repair the following day.  The drivers have pre booked work to complete first thing in the morning but then are available to bring vehicles into the workshops.  In order for the driver coordinators to fit bringing in vehicles around the other jobs the drivers are committed to they need to know earlier which vehicles need collecting.

SG reported that on investigating the matter, she had found that there were no vehicles outstanding, waiting to be delivered by driver services and that all vehicles faulted had been brought in to the workshops.  There must therefore be some mis-communication here and AS will need to investigate further as to the reasons they were short of work.

MW said that at the recent OSS fleet meeting he had attended, the changes within driver services had been received positively.

SG reported that she had met with the Driver Services Manager and the Fleet Manager at Doncaster. This has cleared up a number of points including cover for leave etc.


Friday, 13 May, 2011 - 13:30