Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting

1.APOLOGIES - Wilson, Joy – Business Support Officer, VFM & PSD

ATTENDEES -  Whysall, Martin – Head of Vehicle Fleet Management - Chair
  Barnett, Alan – Operational Management Accountant
  Day, Dave – Senior Fleet Manager, Bodyshop & Commissioning
  Saxton, Adrian – Senior Fleet Manager, Churchill & Doncaster
  Gilding, Sarah – Business Manager for VFM and PSD
  Greenfield, Rachael – Departmental Personnel Manager
  Stiles, Mandy – Administration Assistant - Minutes



3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions    
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 16.11.10.

3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes  

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business     
Day, Dave – Rotherham Police Station
Day, Dave – Store at Rotherham Garage
Greenfield, Rachael – Severance Scheme

3.4 Department Structure        
MW has invited Senior Managers to a meeting on 25 November to provide an update on developments with the Regionalisation project.

MW reported that Pete Hancock has requested flexible early retirement for 2 compressed hour days per week from 21 February 2010.

3.5 Finance
AB reported that in month there was £11,000 of extra income, however we are expecting to overspend by the end of the year.  AB felt that the recharge for leasing may go down as we get through the complaints.  DD raised a concern with regard to the income we get from insurance because the part-time insurance clerk has left the Department and there may not be sufficient resource to chase the third party claims.  This may cause a reduction of the income we get.

Action 1  - 16.11.10: Rachael Greenfield to find out whether the part-time post in the Insurance Department is to be filled or not.

AB reported that total income is down due to vehicle and plant sales and on the year to date figures we are expecting £48,000 more income but he has identified a potential error on fuel again which will be reviewed when the Fuel Clerk returns from leave.

It was agreed to go ahead with the following projects:
• A replacement kitchen at Rotherham bodyshop – original quote £3,750 (excluding the floor) but it was agreed for the floor to be done too.
• Vehicle ramp for Doncaster garage – 3 quotes are due in for this next week
• CCTV, quote obtained by JW
• Dust extraction unit – Junaire are coming tomorrow to progress this, request trade in value for old one.
3.5.1 Trading Accounts        
  These are good this month for all areas and year to date is satisfactory.

3.5.2  OMA Issues – Financial Commentary      
• Emerging Issues
 Communicating transfers of other vehicles can operate better with more communication.  AB is concerned that we don’t do what we say we are going to do and the plan becomes out of   date very quickly.
 SG asked if MW had received all responses with regard to the timetable? MW said that he had the majority of responses and had incorporated feedback from SCS, OSS, Barnsley,   Doncaster and Rotherham but had not received anything from Sheffield.    SG asked if we   can look at future years? and schedule in when to do this?
 AB reported that the Focuses are behind on delivery.  MW said that a request has been  made for turn key cars now which has caused the delay.  The Fleet Manager for  Commissioning is going to visit them next week in order to check the vehicles are to  specification in order to sign them off.  Then we will make payment for the vehicles.  AB  commented that the contract with Ford SVP isn’t working well.  MW said that part of the  problem is that we have changed our mind.

Action  2 - 16.11.10: Sarah Gilding to write to the Head of Finance with regard to paying for the last 15 of the turn key vehicles from Ford SVP.

  DD requested that Commissioning meetings be set up every month starting in the new year   to take forward and discuss capital and commissioning issues.

Action 3  – 16.11.10:  Mandy Stiles to set up monthly meetings starting in the new year for MW, DD  SA, SG and SC to take forward capital and commissioning issues.
• Proposed Actions to be Taken
• Progress on Agreed Actions
• Other Financial Issues

SG raised an issue about orders being placed for capital items (commissioning) after the item has been ordered verbally.  DD said there was a reason for this and that SG should speak with the Fleet  Manager for Commissioning.

3.6 Business Planning        
The Business Plan will be updated.  E-mails appear to be coming to MW and not SG for the new Risk Register system.

3.7 Personnel
MW acknowledged the retirement of Dave Softley and wanted to express his thanks for many years service and wished him all the best in retirement.  Also best wishes to Vicky Hallbrook who is going on maternity leave  and expecting her second child early in December and also congratulations to Jill Webster who got married at the weekend. 

Brett Baker now comes under the core as he has swapped duties with Stuart McLeod until 31 March 2011.

Sickness – the situation is still looking poor and is unlikely to improve. 

PDRs – Good progress has been made on PDRs

Annual Leave – There are thirteen members of staff who still have between 3 and 7 weeks annual leave remaining.  It was agreed to send out letters to all in an effort to reduce this.

Action  4 - 16.11.10: Mandy Stiles to prepare letters for those member of staff who have 3 weeks or more annual leave remaining.
MW requested that the cumulative information is worked out on the information provided by personnel before the information is circulated for the meeting.

3.7.1 Training Template 
SG reminded all managers to go through the list of current course requests to ensure all courses were still required and let SG or JW know as soon as possible. JW has only received requests from AS.  DD confirmed there was nothing from Rotherham.  RG noted that all drivers and Motor Vehicle Technicians required manual handling training.  RG said to concentrate on internal training as there was a longer lead time on external training.  AS said that he had 1 member of staff who still hasn’t been offered a PSU van training course (internal) which was requested over a year ago.  RG said she would look into this. 
3.7.2 Effective Use of Resources – Training Courses
MW discussed the e-mail he had received form the Training Centre with regard to attendance at courses by people that either don’t want to be there, the course is no longer relevant to their role or because the course is not what they need or want. And to ensure that the correct courses are requested and the staff are willing to participate in the training event.  Staff will be sent home from courses by Training if they are not participating.
3.7.3 Update on Regionalisation 
MW reported that he is due to attend a further meeting a week tomorrow.  Following that there are peer reviews and then it goes to the Region for review.  AB has done some work to support this report.  There is still a lot of work to be done, as there are inconsistencies between Forces.  He appears to be looking at ‘islands’ of expertise who will be experts for the whole Force.  AB commented that the Regional teams have SYP contracts and are classed as SYP employees. 

3.7.4 Update on Diamond Reviews 
• Performance -  staff have now been offered ’ Uncertainty and Change workshops’

• Finance – staff have now been offered ’ Uncertainty and Change workshops’.  The deadline for the roll out of phase one is September 2011.

• Admin - SG reported that the initial scoping team had met with JW and the Finance Officer and then met with SG after she had returned from leave.  SG had explained to the review team that neither VFM of PSD have dedicated general admin staff as might be found within Districts.  The review team had said that secretarial posts were classed as admin but SG had explained that the admin post within VFM is to support the Management Team and that VFM deals with specialist things.   

3.8 Risk Registers & Business Continuity
SG reported that MS and JW had attended a Business Continuity event and that as a result of information gained the plans need to be updated.  Eric Mirfin said he was prepared to come out and see us with regard to this if we ask him to.  
3.9 Performance         
Performance is good this month even external vehicle turn round times.

3.10 Equality and Diversity        
Nothing to report.

3.11 Stock Control         
Recent stock takes have shown a very small loss (which is small enough to be written off and doesn’t cause any conerns).  This is a good result.

3.12 Sustainability         
This programme is working to very tight timescales and the Sustainability Manager came to ask for more information.  Unfortunately we were unable to supply all the information she needed by the deadline date.  However, the reports are going forward to the Sustainability Board on 18 November 2010.

4.1 Savings Plan 

MW reported that he had sent out a revised plan today which he reminded managers, is confidential. 
4.2 CHC Review of Actions
A pre meeting took place last week.

4.3 Rotherham Police Station
DD reported that on 12 December (Sunday) Rotherham Police Station will be closed for a full day. As a back up DD is trying to get hold of the MPS.  Both access gates to the main building will be locked and DD has offered use of the toilet and canteen facilities at the Bodyshop.  DD has asked that Garages ensure that as many Rotherham vehicles as possible are back on the road prior to this date.  On the day Rotherham District will be operating out of Maltby Police Station.

4.4 Store at Rotherham Garage
DD reported that it had been agreed for Rotherham district to use an old office at the Bodyshop as a property store.  DD said there was a section that would need to be blanked off in order to make the room secure.  The PC currently in the office can be returned to ISD but SG said that the remainder of the lease would need to be paid, however it was noted this was a very old computer and there shouldn’t be any charges on this.

4.5 Severance Scheme
RG reported that the Police Authority have now agreed to a Severance scheme which will only be open to those people who under Diamond review have had ‘at risk’ letters.

4.6 Valeting
SG has confirmed with SCM that we can use another company apart from REACT just for valeting (not for decontamination) but as a whole the cost must come in under £5,000, so we must monitor our expenditure on this.  An order must be raised for each valet.

Action 5  - 16.11.10: Sarah Gilding to send out a communication to Business Managers about valeting of vehicles being rechargeable.
Action 6 - 16.11.10: Adrian Saxton to contact Darren Hobson to find out the cost for a full valet.

Date and time of next meeting
9.30am Thursday 16 December 2010 in PSD Conference Room 2, Unit  20, Churchill Way.




Tuesday, 16 November, 2010 - 09:30