Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting

1.In attendance:
- Sarah Gilding (SG) -  Chair
   Joy Wilson (JW)
   Rachael Greenfield (RG)
   Adrian Saxton (AS)
   Alan Barnett (AB)
   Dave Day (DD) – arrived at 10.30am
   Mandy Stiles (MS) – Minutes

Apologies:  Martin Whysall (MW)

2. Minutes of previous meeting and actions   
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 20.04.2010.

3. Department Structure
Nothing to report.

4. Finance
AB reported that there had been just over £43,000 extra income in the current financial year but we are in the process of applying to keep it.

Trading Accounts
AB had queried the  small figure for commissioning and that some labour time was probably missing.  The Performance Assistant is working on this now.  AB reported that the labour rates are based on 90% efficiency but technicians are not working to that capacity.  AB is looking at obtaining information to rectify this and inform the labour rate correctly.
DD reported that Doncaster are not happy about being shown as £22,000 in the red.  This needs to be looked at to ensure it is correct, for example, with regard to premises, which are shared by OSS dog section who are there 24 hours a day.

With regard to the re-charging of the fleet and fuel,  AB is working on this, linking leasing into fuel. For example, 17 vehicles were transferred to other Departments within the year but only two were transferred to the new Department correctly. 15 continued being charged to the original (incorrect) Department.  Also, changes in leasing rates have taken place but there doesn’t appear to be a process to this.

Costing of Vehicle Charges
SG stated that when sending out replacement details we need a process in place to make this consistent.  SG referred to the work Natalie Beal from Corporate Finance had done and asked AB to update and monitor this and ensure he is happy with the charges.

Action 01 – 20.04.10: Alan Barnet to update and monitor the work Natalie Beal had done on vehicle leasing charges.  AB to be involved in agreeing the new charges for Districts and Departments.

5. Business Planning        
SG reported that a meeting has been scheduled to revise the Business Plan and that going forward from this MS will send out for monthly updates from each project manager.

6. Personnel        
RG explained that ‘doctors notes’ had been replaced by ‘fit notes’ and that she would put an e-mail together providing advice on this.  Personnel will still follow the same process as before.

RG informed everyone that new targets for the Force will be set for sickness by the Police Authority.

Sickness – has exceeded the year-end target.  RG will be looking at this more closely, to inform line managers of action to take to manage any problems this highlights.

PDRs – Currently there are 16% outstanding.

SG had received an enquiry about apprenticeships and wanted to know what we should be saying to enquirers.
RG confirmed that there must be a post available in 4 years time. In the past GTA (training organisation) have selected six potential candidates who we then interview.  The successful candidate is employed by SYP, so there is a cost to the Department.  Currently in view of the Budget situation, we are not in a position to take an apprentice on. 

Acting Up Pay
The meeting scheduled for 27 April may have to be postponed as the Union representative is unavailable.

7. Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
Nothing to report.

8. Performance  
Performance measures are all going well. 
JW asked everyone to let her know if they are planning to task the Performance Officer with any jobs, as she is currently setting his objectives.


9. Health & Safety        
PAT Testing - this has been completed at Churchill Way.  There were 3 ‘fails’ which have  been dealt with.  No written records have been received.

Gate between Units 17 and 20
A quote has been obtained for an emergency exit gate and Dave Pore has had a meeting on site with Dave Morgan.
David Livingstone is progressing this along with other issues.

10. Equality and Diversity       
VFM staff are still working through the on-line course.

MS reported that the ‘Diversity and the Police e-learning’ could not be located on the NCALT website and staff had been advised to complete the ‘Introduction to Diversity’ course instead.  RG said she would try and find out what has happened to the ‘Diversity and the Police e- learning course.
RG said she would chase up an update from Training about who has completed mandatory courses.

11. Stock Control        
Reports – Churchill Way had a total discrepancy of £28.29 and a total negative discrepancy on non imprest stock of £21.26.  Commissioning is down £60.78 and Rotherham has a discrepancy value of £365.78.  AB has some concerns about this and DD will ask the Rotherham Storekeeper to look at this to find out if imprest /  non imprest stock is right.  Doncaster had a total negative discrepancy of £17.16.  On the whole this is a much better position than at last year end.

All stock write offs have been reported to Geoff Berrett, as per force instructions.

12. Any Other Business       
12.1 Vehicle replacement programme – change of accesses  
SG stated that there needs to be a change of process with regard to the vehicle replacement programmes at the start of the year, when putting together the new list, no account appears to be taken of the vehicle on the previous list, which weren’t actually replaced, which causes problems with the Districts and Departments, as they don’t think we are following a plan.

Action 02 – 20.04.2010: Mandy Stiles to set up a meeting about changing the process of the vehicle replacement programme, for as soon as possible after MW returns from leave.  To include MW, SG, AS, DD, AB, SA and VH.

12.2 Assets Register 
DD said this was difficult to fill in. SG advised that we need to provide as much information as possible and that if information about the current asset isn’t available a quote should be obtained for a comparable piece of replacement equipment.  In fact in most instances it would be best practice to supply the replacement costs, as this would give a more accurate picture.

12.3 Staff stranded abroad as a result of disruption to air travel
RG informed us that Personnel will be issuing information on how to deal with this.

12.4 Stock write off
AS reported that some obsolete Honda items were taken off the shelves prior to the stock take with the intention of getting them written off as we no longer have vehicles to which we would fit these parts. These amount to more than £500 so Martin cannot sign to write them off.  SG will discuss the situation with AS and then write to the Head of Corporate Finance in order to get it written off.

There is also some Automarine imprest stock, which we cannot return, as it is too old.  We are in the process of selling this on, in order to offset part of the costs.  This will not be done until formal approval has been given to write off the assets.  SG to action via Geoff Berrett in liaison with AS.

12.5 Windscreen replacement
DD asked if there was another company apart from Auto windscreens on the national framework, as DD is not happy with the service Auto windscreens are giving.  Recently the Barnsley and the Rotherham Branches have closed and Auto windscreens have admitted to him that they do not have enough staff to answer the phones.

Action 3 – 20.04.10: Sarah Gilding to pursue the issues of poor performance with Auto windscreens and to investigate the framework.

12.6 Updating SCM contracts database
SG reported that all Business Managers had been asked to populate the SCM database with the information they each had with regard to contracts.  AB reported that anything over a certain value, he would need to know about as he would need to interrogate Equifax to ensure they are a viable company.  AB will investigate the threshold for this.

13.Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 18 May 2010, VFM Conference Room, Unit 17, Churchill Way.



Tuesday, 20 April, 2010 - 13:30