Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1. In attendance: Martin Whysall (MW) -  Chair
   Sarah Gilding (SG)
   David Livingstone (DL)
   Adrian Saxton (AS)
   Alan Barnett (AB)
   Dave Day (DD) – arrived at 10.30am
   Mandy Stiles (MS) – Minutes

Apologies:  Joy Wilson (JW)
   Rachael Greenfield (RG)

2. Issues to discuss with David Livingstone
MW welcomed DL to the meeting.  MW explained that from our point of view the most difficult thing was the lack of feedback we get from Facilities Management (FM).  DL accepted the Department has had difficulty in communicating and with sections working in isolation.  DL explained he was looking at addressing Corporate Health Check and communication issues and that they do have access to information which may be of help to us.  MW explained that some time ago, VFM had problems with communication issues but this has significantly improved by a member of the Management Team attending the District Vehicle User Groups and addressing issues where they are being raised.  DL said he would take this idea back with him. DL assured the group that he can ensure the issues we have with fire risk assessments, PAT testing and Control of Contractors are progressed and moved forwards.  All the issues were discussed; the response will be recorded on the respective meeting action schedules.

3. Minutes of previous meeting and actions   
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 18.03.2010.

Action 1 – 18.03.10: Sarah Gilding to write out to Districts informing them of the new process for ordering and replacing Vehicle Kit

4. Department Structure
Nothing to report.

5. Finance        
AB reported that in month we had received some extra income due to getting the situation sorted with vehicle licensing.  Year to date is showing £36,000 extra income and this looks on course for continuing to the end of the financial year.

AB reported that he had received an e-mail this morning from the OMA at ISD with regard to the budget for radio repairs - £37,000.  We must ensure from 1 April that Finance know not to recharge for airwave repairs.

Action 2 – 18.03.10: AS to speak to SA about changing the code for airwave / radio fit from rechargeable to wear and tear.

Action 3 – 18.03.10: AB to send the e-mail he has received from ISD with regard to the budget for radio repairs, to MW to enable him to confirm that the money offered is for maintenance only and not for the initial supply of kit.

Trading Accounts        
AB reported that no money has been made this month so the Trading Accounts don’t look good.  However, on year to date figures, Churchill Garage and Rotherham Bodyshop have made a profit but Doncaster Garage has slipped into a loss.

AB reported with regard to the £50 per hour charge, which relates to working at a 90% efficiency rate, more work needs to be done, linking sickness, holidays and training on a monthly basis.  This needs balancing out and then monitoring.

Action 4 – 18.03.10: Mandy Stiles to approach RG for details of monthly sickness absence for all Motor Vehicle Technicians during 2009/10.

Action 5 – 18.03.10: AS and DD to put a process in place to record all training time on a monthly basis for Motor Vehicle Technicians as from 1 April 2010.

6. Business Planning       
SG reported that in future we are moving to monthly updates.    
7. Personnel 

Action 6 – 18.03.10: Mandy Stiles to set up a line management hand over meeting for MW, JW, JH, MC and AR before MW goes on leave.

SG reported that the Driver Services Manager had sent out ‘Activity Analysis’ Packs to each driver to complete from 15 April 2010.

DD reported that the Commissioning Shop had requested an apprentice.  This was discussed and it was agreed to review this on a regular basis in line with the staff budget.

SG reported that the temporary Admin and Finance Clerk would be finishing at the end of May 2010.

AB reported that from 1 April 2010 he would be working compressed hours and taking Fridays as his non working day.

Sickness – is still above the Force average but there are still people on long term sick.

PDRs – the number outstanding has gone up.  Personnel have returned some PDRs as they did not follow the SMART model.

DD reported a problem with sick notes going missing when sent to Personnel.  It was agreed that when sick notes come in they must be passed to Mandy who will scan them in before sending the original off to Personnel.  If Personnel then don’t receive the original, the scanned version can be e-mailed straight to them.

8. Risk Registers & Business Continuity    
A meeting to take this forward will be set up for when MW returns from leave – see action 01 – 18.02.10.

9. Performance        
Job card timeliness is excellent this month and Job card receipt is within the new target. 

Vehicle availability and vehicle turn round times are well under the target again as are the Bodyshop turn round times.

10. Health & Safety       
SG provided feedback from the last VFM Health & Safety Committee and reported that Joanne Sampson from the Health & Safety Department had raised issues about  screen wash tubs, after visiting the site at Manvers.  Don Crawford will be doing some work on this with regard to:
• Cost of bunding the tubs
• Changing the product used
• How do Autosmart refill
‘Control of Contractors’ has been referred to the Force Health & Safety Committee.

11. Equality and Diversity 
AS raised an issue on behalf of an individual which was discussed.  DD to send e-mails to SG so she can finalise details with Personnel.
Nothing further to report.

12. Stock Control
AB reported there was an £820 discrepancy on the commissioning side but this could be a timing issue, involving items that hadn’t been booked out. This has not been written off on Tranman and is being investigated.  It is anticipated that it will be resolved prior to the end of March stock check. Once all the stores are controlled from one place this should not be an issue.

13. Any Other Business       
13.1 New supplier order numbers 
AS asked if there would be new supplier order numbers for the new financial year. SG said we are planning to do this.  For those linked to a framework, the plan is to raise the new order for the length of the framework; however, the new frameworks are due for renewal in July so we will wait until then.  There could be some where we need to raise an order each time e.g. Arco.  SG will advise in due course.

13.2 Thanks
AS wished to thank Lindsey and Kelsey for the work they have done downstairs, learning to cover for the Workshop Controller and the Storekeeper.

AS also wished to thank the technicians who have volunteered to work overtime in the Garage in order to clear a backlog of work.

13.3 Purchase of small tools
DD reported that he needed to purchase some small tools, for reasons of improvement and Health and Safety reasons.  Although the purchase would be under £5,000, it was agreed that he should obtain at least a couple of quotes and attach these to the orders as an audit trail.

Date and time of next meeting
Tuesday 20 April 2010, VFM Conference Room, Unit 17, Churchill Way.



Thursday, 18 March, 2010 - 09:30