Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1.APOLOGIES - Dave Day
ATTENDEES - Martin Whysall (MW)
  Sarah Gilding (SG) - Chair
  Joy Wilson (JW)
  Adrian Saxton (AS)
  Alan Barnett (AB)
  Rachael Greenfield (RG)
  Deborah Stones (DS)
  Mandy Stiles (MS) – Minutes


2.1.Risk Register Software – Deborah Stones     
DS began her presentation by explaining that audit recommendations had led them to look at an alternative method of holding the Risk Register for SYP and that the system to be used also offered a Regional opportunity.  DS demonstrated the system, which requires an update to be made to each risk at least once a quarter.  The system will be populated with the current information held on Risk Registers.  On 1 October 2010 the system will go live and begin sending out e-mails to risk managers.  The e-mail will contain a hyperlink to the risk and it will take you to the update page for the risk you are responsible for.  If the risk is not updated within 14 days a chaser e-mail will be sent out and at 21 days an escalation e-mail will go out to the Head of Department, DS handed out information sheets for those people who will be updating the Risk Register.


3.1 Minutes of previous meeting and actions      
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 14.09.2010.

3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes  
A new action was raised.

Action 1 – 14.09.10 – Sarah Gilding to find out what it would cost to move the smart board from the old Conference room to Steve Andersons new office as this could double up as a meeting / training room.

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business     
Joy Wilson - Emergency Exit Gate.

3.4 Department Structure       
MW reported that he would be attending a meeting on Friday 17 September, which will look at the regional structure of Vehicle Fleet.  Richard Flint Head of Vehicle Fleet at North Yorks Police is heading up this project to put forward a proposal for regionalising Vehicle Fleet for the four forces.


Action 2 – 14.09.2010 – Martin Whysall to send out an e-mail to all VFM staff to let them know about the project, which is taking place to regionalise Vehicle Fleet.
3.5 Finance
AB reported that in month there was £39,000 extra income.  Vehicle Plant and sales is showing a debit, which was income taken earlier in the year which was then capitalised.  Vehicle parts had achieved a good saving in month.  The projection of £67,500 will be reduced by £44,000 if further cuts are agreed, still waiting for the outcome of this.
3.5.1 Trading Accounts
AB reported that in month all Departments made a small profit.  However he needs to bottom labour side and there is still work to do on the parts side. The YTD is showing losses at Doncaster, Churchill and Commissioning.

The Budget Actual Report shows £721,000 income but we’ve actually got £773,000.  There is a gain of £52,000 mainly due to being £62,000 better off because of insurance claims.  AB explained that he needed to do some work on insurance before profiling the budget next year.  Fuel has a budget of £17,000 but the actual costs show £21,000 but this now has 50% of the Fuel Clerk costs within it.  We have Increased income by 3% for fuel used. YTD we have made £23,000; however, pool vehicles have cost £26,000 in fuel.
3.5.2 OMA Issues – Financial Commentary
AB explained that all OMAs have been asked to produce a financial commentary each month to be presented at their District / Department Management Team meetings and will follow a set procedure each month:
• Emerging Issues
• Proposed actions to be taken (from the emerging issues
• Progress on agreed actions
• Other financial Issues (e.g. to cascade from Corporate Finance)

Emerging Issues
• AB has done more work on fuel and will be working on leasing in order to get the projected out turn more accurate.
• AB is concerned about lack of communication in the Department, which is creating inconsistency, for example, 10 vehicles have transferred between Districts and Departments but only one has transferred correctly.  Better links are required between the Performance Assistant and the Fuel Clerk, to ensure both Tranman and Merridale are updated with changes.  Still getting problems of the values being incorrect and being recharged. 

Action 3 – 14.09.10 – Mandy Stiles to arrange a meeting between AB, SW, SA, JW, VH, JW, SG and MW with regard to the process of communicating vehicle transfers.

For consideration at the meeting:
• MW said that in Tranman you can do a report, which shows what has changed in the last month.  Is it possible to get the same from Merridale? 
• AB spoke about adding value, e.g. when OSS asks for specific vehicles to be recharged to particular sections. 
• MW said we should approach Civica to find out if Tranman can work smarter and e-mail people at the point there is a change.
• AB asked if people could be made ‘read only’ and all changes are done via the Performance Assistant.
• AB asked if the hire of coaches was slowing down.  He reported that OSS were hiring coaches to take students to Manvers for training but the cost of the hiring of the coaches was falling on VFM.  We need to know if OSS are charging for the training.  If so the cost of the coach hire needs factoring in and paid for by OSS not VFM or VFM are repaid the cost.
• AB has heard that West Bar had been sold and must be vacated by 31 March 2011.  At that point, our diesel fuel capacity will reduce by 44,000 litres.  The Fuel Clerk is aware of this.  MW stated the remaining fuel would have to be uplifted before 31 March 2011.

Action 4 – 14.09.10: Joy Wilson to progress all issues raised at the ‘process of communicating vehicle transfers’ meeting, as appropriate.

3.6 Business Planning        
Nothing to report.

3.7 Personnel         
Outstanding PDRs and sickness has gone up slightly again.

RG reported that GRS (new leave recording system – replacement for PROMIS) will not be rolled out to VFM yet.  Personnel will be next in the rollout programme. It is likely the VFM will start from April 2011.  Individuals will apply for leave via the GRS system, which generates a request to their line manager to approve or decline.

3.8 Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
See paragraph 2.1

3.9 Performance         
Performance is OK in general; however, there have been a couple of long-term problems with external repairs

One of the mechanics has spoken to MW with regard to vehicle availability as it is actually better that our figures show as all vehicles in for mechanical reasons are replaced with a pool car.

3.10 Equality and Diversity       
NCALT completions are progressing.  JW reported that MS had done some NCALT training with one of the drivers.

3.11 Stock Control        
A recent stock take had shown a positive discrepancy on commissioning stock.  AB is concerned about this and will speak to the Performance Assistant about this in order to find out why this has happened.

Action 5 – 14.09.10 – Alan Barnet to speak to the Performance Assistant about the positive discrepancy on commissioning stock in the recent stock take, in order to find out why this has happened.

Action 6 – 14.09.10 – Joy Wilson to ask the Performance Assistant to conduct a full stock take at the half-year point (does not have to be on the same day at all three garages)

A discussion took place about the best time to conduct the end of year stock take and it was agreed that this would take place on 26 / 27 March 2011.  AB will speak to Corporate Finance to let them know we will not be producing transactional information for the following days to 31 March 2011.  However a stock value for 31/03/11 will be supplied.

Action 7 – 14.09.10 – Alan Barnet to speak to Corporate Finance to let them know we will not be producing transactional information for the days in between the stock take taking place and 31 March 2011.

3.12 Sustainability         
MW reported that the HMIC report to the Police Authority mention the recycling of vehicle parts project taking place at the Bodyshop.

MW is due to attend the next Sustainability Forum on 15 September 2010 and has arranged for a demonstration of an electric scooter to take place.

4.1. Emergency Exit Gate

JW reported that the preliminary work had started.  FM has agreed to put a gate in from the PSD/SCS side, which will have an emergency ‘push button’ on PSD/SCS side only.  There had been discussion about putting a push bar on the VFM side but PSD/SCS do not want this as they need to keep the compound secures and do not want the gate to be used as a thoroughfare and be misused.  It was agreed that the VFM fire evacuation instruction must be updated, to include that in the event of a fire VFM should ring PSD reception to ask for the gate to be opened.  This might require two contact numbers, one for when the reception is covered and one for out of hours.

Action 8 – 14.09.2010 – Mandy Stiles to revise the Fire Evacuation Procedures to include that in the event of a fire VFM should ring PSD reception to ask for the emergency gate to be opened.

Date and time of next meeting
1.30pm Tuesday 19 October 2010 in PSD Conference Room 2, Unit 20, Churchill Way.


Tuesday, 14 September, 2010 - 09:30