Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1. APOLOGIES - Joy Wilson

MW explained that we are adopting new Force policy and from now on, will have open and closed sections to the meeting and the minutes and action schedule.


3.1  Minutes of previous meeting and actions     
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 31.08.2010.

A new action was raised in relation to Action 03 – 20.04.10.

Action 1 – 31-08-10 – Senior Fleet Managers and Fleet Manager to let SG have written information about continuing problems with Auto Windscreens so that she can keep a log of how long jobs are taking and any other issues.

3.2 Matters arising from the Open Session of previous minutes  

3.3 Declarations of Any Other Business     
• Replacing equipment at Bodyshop
• Ramp for Churchill Way Workshop

3.4 Department Structure       
Nothing to report.

3.5 Finance 
AB reported that the revenue monitoring report was showing we had £29,000 extra income in this month.  Also the vehicle and plant sales are up by £19,000 (but there wasn’t much the previous month), which brought us back YTD with extra income of £13,000. The projected out turn is at £44,000 but since then other things have happened to put this under pressure.  OSS have given us their intention to send some vehicles back, which will reduce income for VFM.  OSS have also given up two motorbikes today.  AB reported that NH is presenting a paper next Monday to SCT, where he is suggesting 1.1 % of the budget (2.8 million), £44,000 out of our budget would have to be saved. AB has done a calculation and sent a report in, which shows we will hit the required budget saving as a result of those member of staff that have already left the service and have not been replaced.
3.5.1 Trading Accounts
AB reported that in month, the trading accounts looked healthy.  However, there is still some work to do to satisfy ourselves that everything is OK in terms of costs coming in and out.  There has been an issue with regard to the Technicians down time and they are keen to have a meeting with regard to this.

Action 2 – 31.08.10 – Mandy Stiles to arrange a meeting between Alan Barnet and the Motor Vehicle Technicians with regard to the exercise AB is conducting with regard to MVT down time.

The YTD trading accounts are healthy and in line with the monthly ones.
3.5.2 Budget Vs Actual Departmental Analysis 
AB presented a third report, which shows the actual figures for trading with a budget attached.  It shows the Department is expecting an income of £575,000 but we have got an income of £595,000. It was noted that the extra income has come from insurance claims. This income is very unpredictable and cannot be budgeted for.

AB highlighted the Drivers budget of £116,000  with a spend of £178,000 but the way of reporting has changed – and queried if we should be moving budget from other areas, into the Drivers budget.  MW explained that Driver Services needs to break even and what has happened is that 3 workshop drivers have been moved over to the Core Driver Service but the staff budget didn’t move with them.  SG confirmed this should happen.

A discussion took place about the vehicles and whether this should move in line with the driver’s moves.  It was agreed to transfer the staff budget across but leave the vehicle budget for now as this almost nets itself off – currently running at a small loss.  MW stated that other changes have been made, for example, we used to lend vehicles out at no cost but now we hire them out.

Action 3 – 31.08.10: Alan Barnett to vire staff budget for the Workshop Drivers, to the budget for the Core.

3.6 Business Planning 
Nothing to report.
3.7  Personnel
RG explained that establishment control is now in place and a number of reviews are taking place as a result of Diamond. Therefore any current posts are unlikely to be advertised externally.
Sickness targets
VFM are currently at 3.92 days (after 4 months) with regard to the sickness target of 9 days per year.  This indicates that we may exceed the target this year.  RG explained that the sickness data she has now extracted from Oracle may help supervisors to manage sickness absence.  There are also a number of people who have returned from long-term sickness.

PDR targets
Currently the outstanding PDRs have been reduced to 10% which is a big step forward.

3.8 Risk Registers & Business Continuity     
SG reported that Debbie Stones is coming to the next Management Team Meeting to update us on new risk register software which will be going live on 1 October 2010.  This will assist action managers with the process of reviewing risks.

3.9  Performance         
MW reported that overall performance is good. MW asked if there had been any problems with availability of  vehicle parts.  AS reported that they were having difficulty getting a handbrake for a Nissan 54 plate and asked for permission to source one from a breakers yard.  This was agreed, providing what is fitted is serviceable.

MW stated that in a value for money survey issued to the Audit Commission and had a wide ranging circulation, the only bit of Vehicle Fleet that gets a mention, refers to the recycling and reusing of vehicle parts.

DD reported that he was planning to get in touch with a company with regard to the recycling of plastic bumpers.

3.10 Equality and Diversity       
NCALT mandatory training is going well, with mainly just the drivers to complete and this is in progress.

AS reported that the student from Freeman College that had been on work experience had done well and the college were pleased with the jobs he had been involved in.

3.11 Stock Control        
All recent stock takes have resulted in 100% accuracy at all sites. 

AS reported that the Storekeeper had raised an issue that when doing archiving of order closing, sometimes the system is adding the stock on the invoice as if it is on our stock. When this has occurred she has been able to sort this out with the Performance Assistant, but the problem needs to be resolved.

 The Storekeeper had also suggested that if we had one open ended order for each supplier, it would save time and money writing individual orders out and processing them. SG explained that we were reviewing where we had framework agreements/contracts in place.

Action 4 – 31.08.10: Dawn Dobson to send  a list of proposed call off orders to be raised, to Vicky Hallbrook and Suzanne Chapman.  VH and SC will then look at expenditure in this area and SG will make a decision on whether it is appropriate or not.

AB asked about the trial with regard to moving bulbs to consumables.  DD said this was still running and they are still establishing if it works or not.  MW explained there was a trade off to be made between the value of the bulbs and the time wasted.


4.1.Service Improvement Practitioner Event - October 2010
MW reported that he has reserved places at this event for two people from VFM.

Action 5 – 31.08.10: Martin Whysall to nominate two members of the Quality Group to attend the Service Improvement Practitioner Event in October.

4.2.Replacing Equipment at Bodyshop
DD advised of two items of equipment at the Bodyshop, which require replacing, the dryer stopped working on the compressor and a tool has gone down which will cost over £1,000 to replace.  It was agreed for this to go ahead.

4.3.Ramp for Churchill Way Workshop
AS advised the cost of the new ramp for Churchill Way would be approximately £3,700.
This is required for Health & Safety reasons.

Date and time of next meeting
9.30am Tuesday 14 September 2010 in PSD Conference Room 2, Unit  20, Churchill Way.



Tuesday, 31 August, 2010 - 10:00