Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting

1.In attendance: 
Martin Whysall (MW) -  Chair
   Sarah Gilding (SG)
   Adrian Saxton (AS)
   Dave Day (DD)
   Alan Barnett (AB)
   Rachael Greenfield (RG)
   Mandy Stiles (MS) – Minutes

Apologies:  Joy Wilson (JW)

2. Minutes of previous meeting and actions   
Minutes of the last meeting were not produced, as the minutes secretary was absent.  The actions schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 19.01.2010.

3. Department Structure      
Nothing to report.

4. Finance
AB reported the in month figures showed a reduced income of just £8,500. Year to date is £65,000, projecting increased income of £48,000.  He also reported that he was looking into the larger elements on the accounts:
• recharge for vehicle leasing – this was balanced but there were some slight  issues to address.
• Fuel – established a link between recharged fuel and the cost of fuel, bringing it back into line.
• Licences – This needs further investigation once the above is sorted
• Linked to stock situation – fuel stock – are reported into Corporate Finance – work out balance – problems occur if all the invoices are not in.
AB reported that we are now required to work to IFRS standards and balance sheets will be required.
A discussion took place about fuel stock levels and AB reported that we need to review the situation of what stock levels we need to maintain.

Trading Accounts
These balance back to the accounts. AB reported a poor month – everyone has made a loss (currently holidays are included; a decision needs to be made about whether to include or exclude holidays).  Year to date the Bodyshop and Churchill Workshop are still making profits but Doncaster is making a small loss.  Some costs still aren’t being recorded correctly i.e. utilities, which need splitting across the accounts.

Fuel Pump Replacements 
SG reported that Steve Monahan from Pump and Tank has sent in a report on the state of the pumps, pointing out that replacement parts are now obsolete.  The cost to replace a diesel pump is £2823 and a petrol and diesel  pump is £3550. MW stated that in the past replacements had come out of the revenue budget.  In view of the overall cost of replacement we may need to go out to tender.

Action 01 – 19.01.2010:  Sarah Gilding to contact Supply Chain Management in order to start a tender process for the supply of replacement fuel pumps and continued maintenance of them.
Re-charges to Districts      
AS stated that he wanted clarification on exactly what VFM should be recharging Districts with regard to vehicle consumables.

Action 2 – 19.01.2010:  Martin Whysall to ask the Performance Assistant to run a report on bulbs in order to establish how many are being issued to Districts

MW suggested giving Districts a base budget and anything over and above that will be recharged.

Labour Rates
AB passed a handout round and reported that he had spoken to the Wages Department and the Oracle Team and wages can be split.

Action 3 – 19.01.2010: All Management Team to let Alan Barnett know if there are any problems with the information on the handout he issued at the meeting.  In particular, do any of the percentages need changing, as this will affect the labour rate.

5.Business Planning       
It was noted that year-end timescales would be tight.
MW reported that two members of staff had completed 30 years service and the Management Team would like to congratulate Glyn Morris and Dean Patterson and thank them for their contribution over the years.
MW has nominated Barry Marshall for a lifetime achievement award as he has completed 45 years service.

MW reminded Managers that new starters should be given the opportunity to visit the other Workshops for familiarisation.

Driving licences
All drivers of police vehicles must bring in their driving licences for checking, this includes essential and casual users.

Action 4 – 19.01.2010: All Managers to inform staff that All drivers of police vehicles must bring in their driving licences for checking, this includes essential and casual users.

Flexible retirement
Marten Acton and Barry Marshall have already started their reduced hours and Barry Adams is due to start his in April.  RG stated that if an application for flexible retirement is refused, this is firm a final decision and cannot be changed.
Training Budget       
AS reported that the Training Budget allocated will not accommodate the mandatory training which is now required due to new legislation that has been put in place.

Action 5 – 19.01.10: Adrian Saxton to e-mail RG requesting additional funds be made available to pay for mandatory training requirements.

RG reported that next year Departments will not be allocated a training budget.  Training must be requested via the Training plan as usual but the Training Department will assess the situation and prioritise which training can go ahead.

AB queried the extent of external training requirements for next year in view of not being allocated a budget for training.  The Senior Fleet Managers stated MOT refresher training and tyre repair training will be required.

Sickness – the figures are not good this month, there are a number of drivers off on long term sick.

PDRs  - the number outstanding continues to improve.

7. Risk Registers & Business Continuity    
Nothing to report.
8. Performance       
Vehicle availability is still over 98%, which is very good.  Vehicle turnaround on external jobs had increased but the Senior Fleet Manager does progress chase these on a regular basis.  DD to obtain more detail about the Bodyshop jobs from the Performance Assistant in order to work out how to make improvements.  A discussion took place about Bodyshop jobs, which need mechanical work, in relation to Job card timeliness. Job card returns have increased for Churchill Way.

9. Health & Safety       
As a result of discussions at the last Departmental Health & Safety Committee, David Livingstone, Head of FM will be invited to the next VFM Management Team Meeting.

10. Equality and Diversity      
Nothing to report.

11. Stock Control       
It was agreed that 10% stock takes need to take place al all locations, not just Churchill Way.  DD asked that the Performance Assistant do this as this gives a separation of duties.  Where possible, a 100% stock take needs to take place at the end of January but definitely at the end of February 2010, in preparation for the year end.

12. Departmental Health Check Input Opportunity  
VFM don’t have any issues with the Departments listed on the e-mail which came out about this.  SG will send in a nil return.

13. Management Team Away Day – 21 January 2010 
SG handed out a draft Agenda for agreement.  A few changes were made.

14. Home Working       
Nigel Hiller has called a meeting on 2 February about this.  RG stated there has to be a force wide policy for this and that it cannot be developed just for some.  A discussion took place about home working and it was agreed that it would not be practical for most of us to do this on a regular basis but there are instances where it would be useful.

15. Any Other Business
Vehicle Kit for Districts      

AS reported that Districts want to have their own budget allocation for vehicle kit.  If this were to happen, in order to ensure a corporate approach, they would have to order via VFM or SCM.

Action 06 – 17.01.2010: Adrian Saxton to ask the Store Keeper to compile a list of what we order, who from and the cost (including part numbers).

Action 07 – 17.01.2010: Sarah Gilding to send an e-mail out to Business Managers,
explaining that they must not divert from the force standard when purchasing vehicle kit.

Action 8 – 19.01.2010: Sarah Gilding to check with Tranman, how many licences we can get for £3,064, the money remaining from the Tranman. Upgrade

Date and time of next meeting
Thursday 18 February 2010, PSD Conference Room 2, Unit 20, Churchill Way.



Tuesday, 19 January, 2010 - 10:30