Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1.In attendance: Martin Whysall (MW)
   Sarah Gilding (SG) - Chair
   Joy Wilson (JW)
   Adrian Saxton (AS)
   Alan Barnett (AB)
   Dave Day (DD)
   Mandy Stiles (MS) – Minutes

Apologies:  Rachael Greenfield (RG)

2.Minutes of previous meeting and actions
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 15.06.2010.

3.Matters arising
AB commented on a charge that had been made for £775 which was for hard wiring for Blackberries in 3 vehicles.  AS said that the initial fit should be covered but any subsequent work should be charged.  AB will speak to Fleet Manager for Commissioning about this.

JW reported that Operation Diamond has asked for members of staff in Performance roles to be aware of the possibility of changes.  The VFM Performance role is more specialised and unique, however, a small proportion of work may be done centrally.

AB reported that the accounts for May are not so good.  In month there is £28,000 reduced income but he thinks the fuel is not right.  Leasing is £1,386 to the good as core drivers have been recharged for their vehicles.

Corporate Finance have queried why insurance claims have been left at £24,000 when in the two previous years the income from this was more than £24,000 each year. However,  income from insurance cannot be predicted and MW explained we loose 10% to claims handlers for their fee. 

AS has spoken to the Driver Services Manager about their vehicles being charged when they are loaned out to districts, which will also add to income.

At the moment the budgets is looking fairly tight for the year. 
Trading Accounts
AB reported that the trading accounts looked reasonable this month as more income had come in and the year to date shows a positive result now.  It now remains for him to look at consumables for which there are a number of queries:
• 2% does not cover tyres (valve, fit and balance, disposal charge etc)
• Do we add a proportion for fitting and balancing tyres
• We need to monitor what commercial businesses are doing and mirror this as best we can

Action 1 – 15-06-10: MS to set up a meeting with regard to vehicle consumables and what should be included in the admin charge.

Fleet Re-charge Queries 
AB observed that we were not being consistent as there are differences between now and the start of the year. AB had provided the meeting with a report on queries and this was discussed and some issues identified.  SG asked if we could prevent vehicles leaving VFM if there is no charge in the recharge field on Tranman.  AS advised AB to discuss the list with the Fleet Manager for Commissioning.

Action 2 – 15-06-10: MW to speak to Steve White to approach Tranman to find out if we were to change the category code, will it be zeroed off so that the vehicle can be issued with a monthly charge . 
Police Grant Cut

MW reported that NH had sent out a note to say that a further 3 million pounds worth of cuts were on their way for SYP.  MW asked for thoughts on how to save our proportion which would be approximately £30,000, he felt this would have to be made on top of cuts already made.

AS reported that he and the two Fleet Managers had discussed how to deal with the workload of a member of staff who had died recently.  They had agreed that at the moment  this could be covered and if there was too much work to send it over to the Churchill Workshop. So at the moment this vacancy could be left unfilled.

DD reported that the apprentice at the Body shop had been talking about relocating (nothing definite yet).  If his relocation were to go ahead and he was not replaced, this could be a saving for VFM but DD wanted it to be noted that there would be a dip in service and the KPIs would suffer.  It was also noted that with ‘establishment control’ in place, it may be difficult getting agreement to replace him.  It was agreed that if we were able to appoint to the post (should it become vacant) then another apprentice (rather than a fully qualified person) would be the best option.

AS reported that at the end of this month one of the MVT’s at Churchill Way will be off due to an operation, which will necessitate a long recovery period.  Due to this absence, AS forewarned that overtime may be necessary.

Action 3 – 15-06-10: Alan Barnett to report back with details of the cost of an electricians post over a full year.
5.Business Planning        
SG reported that she had updated the business plans with the feed back from the Corporate Health Check.
It is with regret that we note the death of Jeffrey Sherratt, who sadly passed away on 5 June 2010.  He will be missed by his colleagues at VFM.  A number of staff attended the funeral which was a celebration of his life but also a sad occasion.

Janine Whitaker’s last day was on 25 May 2010 and Roger Green retires on 6 July 2010.

Vicky Hallbrook is expecting her second baby which is due early in December 2010.

SG reported that the Driver Services Manager would shortly write out to Business Managers about piloting 1 post run per day – she will ask for their feedback on this. 

Currently we still have a number of people on long term sickness.

A discussion took place about PDRs and once received by Personnel the delays that often occur before they are input onto the system.  It was agreed to send PDRs to Personnel via e-mail (original scanned to e-mail) the hard copy to go back to the individual, to keep in their PDR folder.

AA1 Certificates of Diversity
It was agreed to add another column to the PDR monitoring spreadsheet to record whether or not this was submitted to Personnel.

Action 4 – 15-06-10: Mandy Stiles to add an additional column to the Appraisal monitoring spreadsheet to record  AA1 Certificates of Diversity. 
7.Risk Registers and Business Continuity

Nothing to report

Performance is good this month.  At the Corporate Health Check, one of the recommendations was to raise the target on vehicle availability from 96% to 97%.

Action 5 – 15-06-10: Joy Wilson  to let the Performance Assistant know to raise the target for Vehicle Availability from 96% to 97%.

9.Health & Safety       
Environmental Audit of VFM     
This is due to take place on 7 July at Churchill Way and 13 July at Rotherham Bodyshop.

MW has spoken to the Sustainability Manager at SCM about a licence for the waste we produce because as far as we know this hasn’t been renewed.

SG met with Joanne Sampson from H & S to look at simplifying the Agenda for future VFM Health & Safety committee meetings.

JW reported that she had now arranged a suitable meeting point to be used for incidents of bomb evacuation.  The assembly point is the Playground on the Thorncliffe Estate.  Documents will be circulated.

Action 6 – 15.06.10: Joy Wilson to circulate the new bomb evacuation procedure.

10.Equality and Diversity      
AS reported that we have a student from Freeman college for adults with learning disabilities who is with us on a work placement for 1 morning per week until the end of this college term.

MW reported that a cadet from the Fire Service had been to see him about having a couple of days work experience working within Commissioning on livery.  MW referred him to Personnel in order for the appropriate checks to be made.

SG has arranged to meet with Chief Inspector Simon Mellors with regard to themes of fairness at work issues and will feedback to the next meeting.

11.Stock Control       
Recent stock takes have balanced back to zero.

12. Any Other Business       
Corporate Health Check feedback document
The Health check went well. Actions have been added to the Business Plan.

AS reported that he had recently sent out an e-mail further confirming the arrangements for order and delivery of items.  There is currently a backlog of orders awaiting collection by Driver Services.

Vehicle Framework
MW reported that the new framework was now likely to be delayed until the end of the year.

Churchill Way Stores
The building work for the new stores is due to start next Monday 21 June 2010 and will take approximately 1 month.

Mazda 6
A discussion took place on how best to dispose of this category B vehicle (must not go back on road).  DD had looked at e-bay but after advice from Corporate Finance it may not be a practical method of disposal.  SG agreed to look again at the e-mail from the Head of Corporate Finance.  As we still have 6 of these vehicles on the fleet we could keep it for spares and repairs.

Action 7 – 15.06.10: Sarah Gilding to review Geoff Berrett’s advice with regard to considering the sale of a Mazda 6 on E-Bay.

It was agreed this vehicle can go for disposal but the correct paperwork must be completed first.

Replacement Cordless Phone
DD asked how he should go about obtaining a replacement cordless phone.  SG advised him to send an e-mail to  ‘Help Me’.

Decontamination of Vehicles
DD asked who can we use for valeting as the new contract with REACT is for decontamination of vehicles.  SG explained that the first option for valeting of vehicles is that it should be done by our drivers where possible.  However, we can ask REACT to give us a price for valeting a vehicle but this shouldn’t be done as a matter of course and must be agreed by their District Finance as all valeting will be recharged.
AS reported that they had just used REACT for the first time but REACT didn’t let them know it was done and have not given a price for the job done.

Sting Car
DD asked if anyone knew where the sting car was.  AS advised DD to check with Doncaster Garage as he thought it was there.

MVT weekly downtime record
AS reported that this was in use now but amendments to the form may need to take place once it has been trialled.

Date and time of next meeting
1.30pm on Tuesday 20 July  2010, PSD Conference Room 2, Unit 20, Churchill Way.



Tuesday, 15 June, 2010 - 13:30