Vehicle Fleet Management Team Meeting


1.In attendance: Martin Whysall (MW)
   Sarah Gilding (SG) -  Chair
   Joy Wilson (JW)
   Adrian Saxton (AS)
   Alan Barnett (AB)
   Dave Day (DD)
   Mandy Stiles (MS) – Minutes

Apologies:  Rachael Greenfield (RG)

2.Minutes of previous meeting and actions
The minutes of the last meeting were approved as a true record.  The action schedule was reviewed and updated, see action schedule dated 18.05.2010.

3.Matters arising    
AB raised an issue about stock control, namely Rotherham Imprest stock, as they had made a gain.  DD explained this was a booking error made whilst the Storekeeper was on annual leave.  This has now been rectified.

4.Department Structure
It was agreed to remove ‘Department Structure’ as a standing Agenda item.

AB reported that in month has been poor, being £19,000 down on income. However, AB has identified two things that were wrong:
• Fuel – accrual for fuel delivery was £18,000 but only £9,000 was delivered.
• Vehicle licences - £6,800 incorrect due to being near end of month – we will continue to monitor this.

Trading Accounts
AB reported that looking at the year to date figures, something isn’t right – but it will probably take another year to get this lined up and working properly.  Now using live and cumulative figures instead of archived figures.  AB said he had started to look at ‘parts income’, which ought to monitor ‘total transport’ but it doesn’t so he is now looking in detail at what we have had in income as parts, against the cost of parts.   Tyres are OK this month.  AB has looked at parts for Doncaster on two jobs done in March but the order was raised in April – this highlights a timing issue. AB reported that the admin charge at 2% (for consumables) does not appear to be high enough and environment charges (for disposal of tyres, oil etc) should also be part of the admin charge.

AB reported that last year £80,000 was lost on parts which equates to 10%, which highlights the fact that all errors need to be worked through and out of the system. 

We need to understand what is encompassed in the admin charge to make the trading accounts balance (sanding discs etc).  DD stated that we need to identify if all consumables are coded as ‘consumables’ and not coded as ‘parts’.  Once we have this information, the figures will balance and the admin charge will be adjusted.

AB reported that Woodseats fuel pump lost £5,500 due to a fault on the equipment this has now been rectified.

AB reported that we were able to supply all the figures requested by Deloittes, who have been brought in as consultants with regard to Regionalisation.  Other forces have not managed to do this.

MW reported that regionalising some functions (support services) might take place.

AB reported that from an accounting point of view the 3 driver/attendants at Churchill Way have been moved into the Driver Core.

6.Business Planning
SG reported that business planning was more or less up to date, with just a little more to finalise before the Corporate Health Check.

Sickness – last years figures show that against a target of 9 days, we ended up at 13.21 days.  It was noted that a number of individuals had serious illnesses and have been off on long term sickness which had contributed significantly to this.
PDRs – need some intermediate work doing on quick wins, for example the PDRs returned for reasons of SMART.

Action 1 –  18.05.10: Joy Wilson to obtain latest update for PDRS from Personnel on Monday 24 May 2010 in preparation for the Corporate Health Check.

Acting Up Pay – The meeting scheduled for Thursday will not go ahead as a number of key people cannot attend.  MW stated that RG had offered to send out another communication to individuals.

Action 2 –  18.05.10:  Mandy Stiles to cancel the meeting on Thursday re Acting Up Pay and Martin Whysall to speak to Rachael Greenfield about sending another communication out.

Next week is Janine’s last week.

8.Risk Registers & Business Continuity 
MW reported that we were having problems finding a location at which staff can meet in the event of a bomb evacuation, this was discussed but further investigations need to be made.

Churchill Workshop had a number of Jobcard returns in April (the Senior Fleet Manager was on leave for 2 weeks).  There was a dip on Bodyshop availability but availability remained above 96%.

10.Health & Safety       
SG said that we need to check on the audit score and the recommendations as this will come up at the Corporate Health Check.  The Health & Safety Department are using some examples of what we have done as good practice.

Feedback from Quality Group
Stores issues to Districts and Departments – background - some District Drivers had been complaining about having to make a special journey to the Bodyshop for  stores issues i.e. screen wash, replacement bulbs etc as these are now solely issued by the Rotherham Storekeeper.  The Rotherham representative asked if it would be possible for District Drivers to be able to collect stores issues from Churchill Way as they are often here anyway either collecting or dropping off District vehicles, in order to make this process more efficient. Solution – this issue needs to be passed to the Driver Services Manager to ensure we use drivers effectively.  Once the order has been placed and is ready to be dispatched, the Rotherham storekeeper needs to get in touch with the Driver Services Co-ordinator for the driver core to make the delivery.

Health & Safety - An issue was raised at the Quality Group about motor vehicle technician staffing levels at Churchill Way, a number of technicians are now working reduced hours and overtime was required last month in order to bring overdue services down.  In view of this they had concerns about the following:
•  One technician is rarely on the shop floor as he is occupied with Health & Safety issues and duties.
• What has happened with the proposed Health & Safety post
• Why hadn’t the IOSH Health & Safety course been offered to other technicians
MW reported that 83% of SYP costs are staff costs and that we are looking at obtaining staff reduction through natural wastage and that Operation Diamond is looking for a 10% cut.  We have to comply with Health & Safety regulation to avoid being closed down or fined.  If the Health & Safety post (which came out at a band C) were advertised it would put someone else’s job at risk.  Therefore the job will not be advertised as we cannot afford an extra person for this role. The IOSH Health & Safety course was offered to the person with experience in this area in order to build  on expertise.  Health & Safety duties will have to be carried out by existing staff.

11.Equality and Diversity
SG reported that Personnel had been approached by Freeman College for Autistic Students with regard to a work placement for James Shelton.  James will be working alongside Don Armitage for 1 morning per week up to the end of the summer term.


12.Stock Control
The stock takes for April were all good.

Action 3 –  18.05.10: Joy Wilson to speak to the Performance Assistant to ask for 100% stock checks to be done across the Department on tyres (not just at Churchill) and 10% checks to be made at all sites.

AB asked how often the stock was checked for obsolescence?  AS advised this should be done before year end, the best time being in January.

Action 4 –  18.05.10: Joy Wilson to ask the Performance Assistant to add checking for  obsolescence into his work schedule for January.

13.Any Other Business
Introducing fuel charging for pool vehicles
AB stated that from 1 April 2011 the fuel used for Pool vehicles would be charged for and appear on the trading accounts.  Currently we are giving fuel away when pool vehicles are in use.  AB has reported this in the ‘Budget Holders Commentary’, which in turn goes through to the Police Authority.  A discussion took place about how to record this.  It was agreed that it would be shown as two separate lines on the trading accounts, one for workshop vehicles and one for pool vehicles.  There would be a budget to go with the workshop vehicles

Future of Quality Group
It was felt that in view of impending budget cuts and in order to ensure the best use off staff time, the Quality Group would be disbanded as there are other avenues of bringing issues to the attention of the Management Team, namely via the Supervisors Technical Meetings or directly to the Management Team Meetings.

Action 5 –  18.05.10:  Martin Whysall to send out an e-mail to all Quality Group members in order to bring the Group to a close and to let people know that any future issues could be brought to the Supervisors Technical Meetings or to VFM Management Team Meetings.

Date and time of next meeting:
1.30pm on Tuesday 15 June  2010, PSD Conference Room 2, Unit 20, Churchill Way.



Tuesday, 18 May, 2010 - 11:00