Adrian Moran   Superintendent  (Chair)
Linda Seddon   Shift Manager 
Delphine Marson  Team Leader
Julian Roper   Business Change Officer 
Michelle Mottram  OSS Administration Support Officer
Ben Bushby   Building Engineer
Adrian Greensill  Unite H&S Rep
Joyce Elias   Minutes   
Marissa Cooper  Chief Inspector COMMS
Craig James   Deputy PNC Bureau Manager

1 Welcome & Apologies for Absence
Supt Moran welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.
Apologies noted above.

2 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Agreed as accurate.

3 Action Schedule
Updated as attached.
Additional discussion / detail:
Action 97 – Adequate First Aid and Fire Warden Coverage:
First Aid & Fire Warden appears adequate apart from ground floor, two staff in Airwave Team trained, however they would go out through fire escape rather than foyer.  Ben Bushby, Building Engineer trained however he is not office based staff, in reception Geoff Beet trained, Rebecca Revill and Trudi Clithero on waiting list.  Due to number of rooms on ground floor more wardens are needed, only person available is the Procad Administrator.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to ask Neil Plummer (via Diana Harris) to be a Fire Warden and complete a TN1 to attend the training.

Opportunity taken to review number of staff Evac Chair trained, again adequate however majority of staff trained in 2007 & 2008 and probably not out the training in to practice.  Shift Managers have been asked to review, group 4 have arranged for 10 staff to receive further training in April.  Training does need to be co-ordinated.

ACTION:  Linda Seddon to notify Shift Managers that Evac Chair training needs to be co-ordinated and responses should be emailed to Linda and / or Joyce Elias

It was also noted that staff should only be either Fire Warden or Evac Chair trained, not both, Joyce to review.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to review staff that are Fire Warden trained and Evac Chair trained to ensure they are only carrying out one of the functions/duties.

Action 114 – NCALT packages:
It was confirmed in the meeting that the Fire Safety package is completed every three years, however the package itself states annually.

ACTION:  Adrian Greensill to advise NCALT Team that the Fire Safety package needs amending to show mandatory completion every three years.

Action 119 – update from Ben Bushby
From the emergency lighting checks it has been identified that 14 light fittings in various locations through the building are currently not working. Lillekers quoted on this which was sent for authorisation on 11/9/12
When the building was renovated for SYP use it had an addressable emergency lighting system installed which was decommissioned in 2005 due to faults on the external lights constantly raising alarms.
Between 2005-2012 light fittings were retrofitted to exclude the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) required to tie each fitting into the emergency lighting system and to act independently and with generator backup power where necessary.
In November 2012 David Morgan requested that Protec attend site to identify if the addressable lighting system could be recommissioned. Protec had attended site in January 2010 and advised that the Protec 255 Addressable lighting panel was obsolete, David requested they be called back to site to identify if a new board could be retrofitted to the existing fittings.
Protec attended site in December 2012 to identify the system and make recommendations, The sales rep who attended made a few initial suggestions and was to provide a quote. As Protec are the manufacturers and nobody else can install their kit we were tied to them, unfortunately their salesman despite being contacted on numerous occasions has failed to provide any form or quotation to date.
Therefore, on Thursday 7th March, Cooper lighting attended site to identify our options and will be providing a quote to install their LED addressable lighting system which is also installed at Carbrook, RDH and Ignite. if this option is taken the existing emergency lights will gradually be converted to normal light fittings. The contractor is currently awaiting schematics for site which I have requested permission from David for me to release.

4 Health & Safety Policy
Michelle Mottram advised that the new OSS H&S Strategy was signed off and ready to be circulated.  Document includes department representatives (Comms CI Cooper & Linda Seddon) and outlines responsibilities of all managers, supervisors and individuals.  Supt Moran asked for this to be placed on the briefing site with a front end message asking all staff to familiarise themselves with the policy.  Minutes of this meeting to be sent to briefing site and any particular issues highlighted on front page.

ACTION:  Michelle Mottram to forward new OSS H&S Strategy document to Linda Seddon.  Linda to put on Briefing Site with a Front End Message asking all staff to read.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to submit H&S Minutes to briefing site and highlight any issues on front page.

Discussed whether or not Comms had enough staff TRiM trained.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to obtain list of staff who are TRiM trained, including those with a TN1 in, list to be reviewed to assess adequacy.

5 Organising for Health & Safety
• Ants in Ground Floor Gent’s Toilet – Linda Seddon
Ben Bushby confirmed FM are investigating where the ants are coming from, once established they will be dealt with.

• Lighting in Call Handling
Ben confirmed levels have been investigated and a suitable solution found, Andy Helowicz agrees everything has been done and any further issues should be referred to Force H&S Committee and/or OHU.  Linda Seddon advised that there is a darker section in call handling and staff finding the lighting too bright should be accommodated here.  Tracy Potter emailed Shift Managers 08/01/2013 advising action to be taken if complaints from staff are received. The email included a summary of the lighting position on the top floor.  An issue has been raised by CST Staff, detail not known.

ACTION:  Ben Bushby to discuss CST lighting issue with CST Manager, Adele Cooper (discussed and resolved).

Ben advised that there is some polarised lighting in call handling / switchboard area, averaging a reduction of 30%.  The normal luminance level is around 500.  Supt Moran added that staff experiencing problems should consider attending an Optician and asking about polarised lenses.  Individual issues should be dealt with on an individual basis, as per Tracy’s email.

• Working Time Regulations – Adrian Greensill
Adrian asked how Comms ensured staff complied with the Working Time Directive as SYP have not adopted the opt out clause.  Supt Moran advised it was only in very rare circumstances that the 11 hour rule was breached and that GMT Planet generates a warning if the 11 hour rule or 48 hours per week could be breached.  Supt Moran asked Adrian to discuss Comms processes with Diana Harris for further reassurance.

ACTION:  Adrian Greensill to discuss with Diana Harris Comms processes for ensuring Working Time Regulations are not breached.

6 Planning & Implementing Health & Safety
Quarterly inspection due, Michelle Mottram and Ben Bushby, further monthly checks undertaken by CI Cooper and Linda Seddon.

Linda advised that the fridge from the Quiet Room (used by nursing mothers and for insulin) had been moved in to the Airwave office.

ACTION:  Michelle Mottram to ensure fridge is returned to Quiet Room (completed).

New Gym – Supt Moran
Equipment delivered, will be installed when pool table moved.  Moving of pool table is a specialist job, it will be re-sited in the seat area of the canteen room, if this becomes an issue, positioning of the table will be reviewed.  Meeting discussed risk assessments for the gym, induction and signing in / out process.  It was agreed that all these issues would be handled by the Comms Well Being Group.

Pedal Cycles – Supt Moran
Three or four cycles for general use, previously kept and used at Ops Complex will be brought to Atlas and managed by Well Being Group.  Staff using the cycles must wear the appropriate safety clothing. 

ACTION:  Michelle Mottram to look at reinstating the annual maintenance contract for Pedal Cycles.

Fire Risk Assessment – Michelle Mottram
Coiled extension cables, OSS took action however ISD continued to use, Laura Dunraven (IS Team Leader) was asked to attend an inspection of the equipment room at Atlas and a coiled lead on a portable cooling fan was literally burning itself out.  The issue has been referred to a strategic level.  Laura is responsible for the maintenance and general tidiness of the equipment rooms at Atlas and Snig Hill.

ACTION:  Update on the outstanding issues from the latest Fire Risk Assessment required from Laura Dunraven, Michelle Mottram to request.

7 Measuring Health & Safety Performance
Accident – 1 in January, no action required.
Near Miss information not received.

Ben Bushby advised that during the last generator test a member of staff tried to use the lift and got stuck, Ben confirmed that in future the lift would be locked and a notice displayed.

Briefly discussed tidiness of cables under desks and the following action was agreed.

ACTION:  Linda Seddon to carry out an inspection of cables under the desks on the top floor and advise IS if a general tidy up is required.

8 Audit and Reviewing Information
Copy of the last DDA Audit still not received.

ACTION:  Supt Moran to request a copy of the DDA Audit from David Morgan (Joyce Elias to send email).

9 Any Other Business
Deep clean – Julian Roper:
This relates to keyboards in particular.  FM cleaning staff have been trained however work would be carried out as overtime and charged accordingly.  Supt Moran agreed that this work should be carried out on a regular basis (suggest quarterly) and he asked Julian to forward the relevant paperwork, this is something that could be factored in to the annual cleaning budget.

ACTION:  Julian Roper to forward detail and costing for keyboard cleaning to Supt Moran.

Central Waste Bins
This is a request received from Marilyn Clark, it is estimated that almost one hour a day could be saved (and spent on other cleaning tasks).  Suggestion was discussed, however it was generally felt it was impracticable on the top floor, main factors taking staff away from their work and risk of bins being too heavy for cleaning staff to empty / remove.
Julian Roper advised that FM are considering central bins force wide to assist with recycling and to fall in line with neighbouring forces.
It was agreed that the Well Being Group would be given an action to look at improving the management of waste at Atlas Court.

Fire Drills – Ben Bushby
Ben asked for the dates for forthcoming drills to be passed to him, he also asked if we should consider a bomb threat evacuation.  It was agreed this could be too disruptive and Supt Moran felt the regular fire drills adequate.

10 Summary of Issues for Referral to OSS/Force H&S Committee

Request for a Defibrillator at Atlas Court

11 NEXT MEETING – TUESDAY 9 JULY 2013 1.00 pm



Monday, 11 March, 2013 - 13:30