Marissa Cooper  Chief Inspector  (Chair)
Linda Seddon   Shift Manager 
Delphine Marson  Team Leader
Julian Roper   Business Change Officer 
Michelle Mottram  OSS Administration Support Officer
Ben Bushby   Building Engineer
Joyce Elias   Minutes   
Adrian Moran   Superintendant

1 Welcome & Apologies for Absence
CI Cooper welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.
Apologies noted above.

2 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Agreed as accurate.

3 Action Schedule
Updated as attached

4 Health & Safety Policy
Michelle Mottram advised that the OSS H&S Strategy has been reviewed and will be discussed at next week’s OSS Strategic Management meeting.
Michelle thanked Katie Newbould for her excellent work on the new document.

5 Organising for Health & Safety
Nothing to report.

6 Planning & Implementing Health & Safety
Michelle Mottram updated on the actions arising from the Fire Risk Assessment Review.
Total of 17 actions, 5 x Intolerable, 5 x Substantial & 7 x Moderate, summary of key updates:
Action 2 Coiled extension cables removed; any further discovered should be uncoiled until removed and replaced.
Action 3 Personal Electrical Equip – adopt suitable policy – Julian Roper to draft and put on Briefing Site (done 11.12.12).
Action 4 Designated Smoking Point – action taken (refer action schedule)
Action 5 Toaster in Kitchen – removed immediately
Action 6 1st Floor Equipment Room – SYP & SCC to tidy – some progress / outstanding
Action 8 PEEP required for SCC employee – done
Action 9 Alarm in disabled toilets – only alarm locally; should they be linked to FIM?

ACTION:  Ben Bushby to obtain cost to link alarms in disabled toilets to the FIM desk.

Action 12 Defective emergency lighting – rated Intolerable, Ben Bushby has submitted a cost to replace / repair.

ACTION:  Michelle Mottram to chase Facilities Management to proceed with repairs to emergency lighting as a matter of urgency.
Action 16 Ground floor equipment room – work ongoing ISD & FM
Action 17 Review Fire Procedures using force template – this is in hand.

ACTION:  Michelle Mottram to forward Linda Seddon an electronic copy of the latest Fire Plans for Atlas Court.

7 Measuring Health & Safety Performance
Incident / Near Miss Report now issued quarterly by Health & Safety Department and circulated to Debbie Davis and Michelle Mottram in OSS.
April – June – 2 incidents recorded for Comms; July – September – 0

Ben Bushby advised of an incident today when a driver from Driver Services drove over a manhole cover in a disabled parking bay and the cover fell into the drain.

ACTION:  Ben Bushby to complete a Near Miss form in respect of the manhole cover incident and forward a copy to Driver Services.

8 Audit and Reviewing Information
Michelle Mottram advised that she is still chasing a copy of the report following the forcewide DDA Audit in June 2012.

9 Any Other Business
Force H&S Committee
CI Cooper asked who chairs and who attends from OSS.

Post Meeting Update – meeting chaired by Aleks Stojkovic Head of Employee Support for SYP and HP, next meeting 22 January.  C/Supt Barber represents OSS.

Electronic Cigarettes

ACTION:  CI Cooper to find out force steer on electronic cigarettes.

Staff returning from First Aid Training have asked for a defibrillator to be purchased for Atlas Court, this has been referred to Safety Dept, the force has made a decision to have defibrillators only in Custody Suites.

ACTION:  CI Cooper to raise the possibility of having a defibrillator at Atlas Court at the next Force H&S Committee (via C/Supt Barber).

First Aid Boxes
All have recently been replaced and wall mounted, Michelle Mottram confirmed that Admin will check contents quarterly and replenish if necessary.

Heating / Air Con
Ben Bushby & Michelle Mottram updated:
Call Handling – generally fine, some dips in temperature.
Dispatch – looking to bring in data loggers to record / review temperature.  Julian Roper reviewing daily.  Supt Moran monitoring and escalating issues with Facilities Management.  Service level agreement with MITIE being reviewed.  FM and Comms looking at call-outs.

Lighting Levels – Delphine Marson
Following a complaint monitoring is underway and feedback is to be reviewed.

Ben advised he had been trained in Lift Release, Daniel Challinor will also be trained.

Hand Dryers
Two dryers need replacing, 1st floor gents & 2nd floor ladies, it was agreed that paper towels could continue to be used in the 2nd floor ladies until the dryer was replaced.

ACTION:  Ben Bushby to submit report to Michelle Mottram on the two hand dryers that need replacing.  Michelle Mottram to instruct FM to replace. Post Meeting update – email to FM sent 11.12.12

10 Summary of Issues for Referral to OSS/Force H&S Committee

Request for a Defibrillator at Atlas Court

11 NEXT MEETING – MONDAY 11 MARCH 2013 1.00 pm



Tuesday, 11 December, 2012 - 13:00