Marissa Cooper  Chief Inspector  (Chair)
Linda Seddon   Shift Manager  
Michelle Mottram  OSS Administration Support Officer
Craig James   Deputy PNC Manager
Joyce Elias   Minutes   
Adrian Moran   Superintendant
Alan Cordwell   Airwave Manager
Catherine Canetti  Sheffield City Council

1 Welcome & Apologies for Absence
CI Cooper welcomed everyone to the meeting and thanked them for attending.
Apologies noted above.

2 Minutes of the Previous Meeting
Agreed as accurate.

3 Action Schedule
Updated as attached

4 Health & Safety Policy
Michelle Mottram advised that Deborah Davis, OSS Business Manager is reviewing the OSS H&S Strategy, this will be cascaded in due course.
CI Cooper & Linda Seddon advised that the Well Being Group is being re-launched, first meeting 25 September.  When agreed Linda Seddon to notify Michelle Mottram how often the group will meet.

ACTION: Linda Seddon to advise Michelle Mottram how often the Well Being Group will meet.

5 Organising for Health & Safety
Brief discussion took place around the format of NCALT records needed in order to establish any outstanding mandatory training.
Michelle Mottram will contact the NCALT Support Team and request up to date, legible records.
Joyce Elias will identify staff who have not completed their mandatory H&S courses.

ACTION:  Michelle Mottram to obtain NCALT records for mandatory H&S courses.  Joyce Elias to identify outstanding / overdue training and advise Supervisors.

6 Planning & Implementing Health & Safety
Michelle Mottram updated on the key issues resulting from the Fire Risk Assessment Review conducted on the Atlas Court site, including;
• Door Guards on fire exit doors in Dispatch – concern whether these work when fire alarm activated – building engineers confident the guards work
• CO2 fire extinguisher damaged (FP18) – being replaced
• Coiled extension cables have been used on top floor and in conference room – these are not safe and will be replaced.
• Are CCTVs staying on top floor?  If so they need securely fixing.

ACTION: Supt Moran to advise Michelle Mottram whether or not the CCTV monitors are to stay on the top floor (if yes they will be securely fixed).
• Phone chargers and fridges plugged into floor (UPS) sockets – unplugged, where appropriate wall socket used.
• 1st floor equipment room very untidy – SYP & SCC responsible
• Gate by canteen fire exit door very stiff / difficult to open – being replaced
• Several ‘emergency lighting’ bulbs out – replacement commenced
• Toaster in ground floor kitchen – taken back to canteen.

ACTION: Joyce Elias to remind staff that toasters cannot be used outside of staff canteen

• Fire extinguishers in Equipment Room not adequate – ISD to advise & FM to provide
• Internal doors marked as fire doors – not all are – issues surrounding being addressed

All issues are being addressed.

During the risk assessment the rubbish bin outside the car park entrance caught fire twice.
The meeting discussed the background;
Two ash trays were sited just outside the car park boundary when Comms first moved to Atlas Court, there is a bin between the two for the disposal of empty cigarette packets in an attempt to keep the entrance tidy.  It is thought that Atlas is the only police building to provide ash trays and it is possibly because it is accepted that due to the stress associated with the top floor roles, staff smoke.  Also discussed who is responsible for emptying the rubbish bin and the ash trays.  The meeting did not reach any conclusion on a way forward other than to ‘educate’ staff on the fire hazard aspect and Linda Seddon will take this forward possibly via the Well Being Group.  It was agreed that the issue should be referred to the OSS H&S Meeting and possibly the Force H&S Meeting.

ACTION:  Educate staff on Fire Safety around the smoking area – Linda Seddon

ACTION:  Table smoking and use of ash trays at Atlas Court at OSS H&S Meeting – CI Cooper.

7 Measuring Health & Safety Performance
Accidents stats received from HR Shared Services show seven incidents this year.  No ‘near misses’ are shown although two have been reported and forms submitted.

A number of broken operator chairs have been kept in the old gym whilst awaiting collection. Some members of staff using the pool table have moved the chairs and stacked them unsafely.

ACTION:  Linda Seddon to speak to the staff involved regarding the unsafe stacking of chairs in the old gym.

8 Audit and Reviewing Information
Michelle Mottram advised that she had not as yet received a report following the forcewide DDA Audit in June 2012.

ACTION: Michelle Mottram to chase DDA Audit report and cascade as appropriate.

9 Any Other Business
Kitchen on 2nd floor recently re-fitted.

Due to a severe back problem a member of Comms personnel has purchased a kneeling seat, Michelle Mottram advised that this should be refer to the force H&S Advisor.

ACTION:  CI Cooper to contact H&S Advisor to establish whether or not a privately purchased kneeling seat can be used in SYP premises.

A member of staff recently attended a First Aid course and has stated that training was given on how to use a defibrillator, they queried whether there should be a defibrillator on site at Atlas Course.  Joyce Elias referred this to the force H&S Advisor who has advised there is no requirement to have one at Atlas Court.  They are within Custody Suites only.

10 Summary of Issues for Referral to OSS/Force H&S Committee

Provision of Ash Trays outside Atlas Court boundary




Thursday, 13 September, 2012 - 13:00