Adrian Moran   Superintendant (Chair)
Marissa Cooper  Chief Inspector
Linda Seddon   Shift Manager  
Michelle Mottram  OSS Administration Support Officer
Glenn Hancock  PNC Supervisor
Joyce Elias   Minutes   
Alan Cordwell   Airwave Manager
Catherine Canetti  Sheffield City Council
Julian Roper   Business Change Officer

1 Minutes from the last meeting
The minutes of the meeting held 27 March 2012 were agreed as a true record.

ACTION:  Agenda for future meetings to fall in line with Force Agenda – Joyce Elias

2 Action Schedule
See updated action schedule.

3 Review of Health and Safety Information Received
It was noted that in future all Accident/Near Miss Report Forms will be sent electronically to CI Cooper to sign off.

4 Health and Safety Items
a. Safety Inspections
Michelle updated, recent quarterly inspection highlighted the following issues:
• Kitchen drawers loose – being attended to
• Blackberry chargers left plugged in; some in UPS
• Small fridges plugged in to UPS
• Very untidy / cluttered under several desks in PNC/Disclosure

Discussed storage of Christmas decorations.

ACTION:  Michelle Mottram to obtain metal cabinet which can be put in ground floor meeting room for storage of Christmas decorations.

Discussed need for monthly housekeeping inspections.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to schedule in monthly housekeeping inspections to be completed by CI Cooper, Linda Seddon and Ben Bushby.

Brief discussion around issues with air conditioning on the 1st floor.

ACTION:  When temperature monitoring completed on the top floor, ask FM to move to the 1st floor i.e. PNC/Disclosure and M.I.R.

b. Accident Stats
SYP – None recorded since last meeting. 

c. Safety Training and Procedures
See action schedule, Linda to review number of fire wardens, first aiders and evac chair trained staff on the top floor.

Michelle expressed her concern that recommendations she has made in respect of the Airwave office and team, were sent to ISD Office Manager who has since left.  None of the recommendations has been put in place and ISD don’t appear to now have a H&S rep.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to ask Paul Thrustle who is the SYP ISD H&S representative is.

d. Fire Drills and Procedures
Schedule for fire drills in place, no issues reported following any recent drills.

e. Risk Assessment
Carried out with the PDR, however they are no longer collated by local HR, Linda has some concern that the annual assessment may be overlooked.  It was suggested that these are saved / logged electronically on a shared spreadsheet.

ACTION:  Linda Seddon to check process to ensure all staff complete a workstation risk assessment annually.  Establish process to collate.

5 Any Other Business
Plastic Cups/Cold Water Dispenser – Linda Seddon
Plastic cups are no longer purchased due to cost, approx £600 per year.  There is some concern that staff are using dirty cups/glasses/containers.

ACTION:  Linda Seddon to put a note on the water dispenser asking staff to use clean cups at the water dispenser.

PAT Testing – Sheffield City Council
Michelle advised that we need proof that all electrical equipment is PAT Tested, and the date is was last tested, this is required by SYP insurers.

ACTION:  Catherine Canetti to provide written confirmation that all electrical equipment within the SCC office area is PAT Tested – michelle.mottram@southyorks.pnn.police.uk

Facilities Management Action Plan – Supt Moran

ACTION:  Supt Moran to obtain an update from David Livingston in order to update SCT in July.

6 Summary of Issues for Referral to OSS/Force H&S Committee
7 Date of next meeting - Wednesday 12 September 2012 1.30 pm Atlas Court meeting room.



Thursday, 14 June, 2012 - 13:30