Superintendent Adrian Moran OSS Communications (Chair)
CI Marissa Cooper
CI Stuart Walne OSS Comms OSS RPG
Inspector Simon Slack OSS RPG
Inspector Craig Clifton OSS RPG
Inspector AllIson Huckstepp FIM
Inspector Paul Butler Driver Training / Humberside
David Burton Humberside / Driver Training Supervisor
PC Neil Fletcher Driver Training
PC Lee Crossland FSG
PC Kenny Fox Sheffield
Joyce Elias (minutes) Secretary Atlas Court
DCI Steve Williams PSD
Sgt Mark Groarke Sheffield District
PC Tim Scothern OSS RPG

 The minutes of the meeting held on 11 September 2012, were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

 ACTIONS:  Action Schedule updated, see attached.
 Additional discussion:
RPG / TG91 – Insp Clifton asked why when a communication goes out by email does it go to OSS All Police Officers, message not relevant to majority, FSG not included in this group.  Can recipients be filtered out, some officers are assuming email isn’t relevant and are deleting without reading.  Established this is 91 Write Offs.  CI Cooper said she will review and communicate findings.

ACTION:  CI Cooper to review email distribution for TG91 Write-Offs, and communicate.

 As agenda

See Item 4 below.

 Insp Clifton updated on a recent pursuit where there was confusion over the channel, driver was on TG154 and switching between 11 & 12, no-one could hear driver, additional concern as single crew.  Once ‘Briefing Document’ authorised and circulated confusion over channels should be resolved.

Review of Gen203 Forms
Insp Slack reviewing forms as they come in requesting a debrief where necessary and providing feedback to the district inspector.  Supt Moran said any major issues / concerns should be escalated to CI Walne or Supt Moran.  Insp Clifton said nationally the debrief is the poor area.  Discussed how we get feedback from debrief and lessons learnt.  Supt Moran concluded that as the QA process is being done by CI Walne’s team it was their responsibility to obtain further information on individual cases when needed.  It was agreed by CI Walne that Insp Sehatlic would review the Gen203 forms once Insp Slack has retired and he should be added to the group immediately in order to receive the forms whilst he is shadowing Insp Slack.
PC Fletcher confirmed Driver Training are picking up any training issues and bringing drivers back in for re-training.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to add Insp Sehatlic to the Pursuit SG email address so that he receives the Gen203 forms.


 CI Walne said the Police Driving Policy was now a year old and would now be reviewed and refined where necessary.
Nationally there is just one group covering Pursuit & Response and it was agreed that this meeting should cover both. 

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to amend title of meeting to Pursuit & Response Driving Steering Group.

 Insp Butler updated:
• TPAC total of 9 weeks planned (down from 18 weeks)
• In negotiations with SYP/HP Fleet to loan vehicles for training
• Pre-emptive delivered at HP, good feedback, reviewed live jobs – put into practice well, seeing a change in culture to use pre-emptive on jobs rather than pursuit.
• Risk – Refresher Training
o 86 officers awaiting advanced
o 45 officers awaiting standard
o Above numbers greatly reduced having reviewed the officers current need for the training
o Currently refresh every 3 years, national guideline is 5 years, increasing to 4 / 5 years would reduce number awaiting Advanced to 4.
Discussed above and option to stay at 3 years with 1 year grace, meeting happy however need to refer possibly to District Commanders.
Ch Supt Brooke produced report on this subject approx 4 years ago.

ACTION:  Insp Butler to email Supt Moran with basic business case for extending period for TPAC Refresher Training to 4 years (by adding a years grace). Refers to Advanced Drivers.

ACTION:  Supt Moran to discuss report on TPAC Refresher Training with Ch Supt Brooke.

Bespoke TPAC for Supervisors, 1 day hydra-suite course developed, Insp Huckstepp will be meeting to discuss full course with Driver Training in February, with aim to be ready to deliver by 1st April.  Approx 35 – 50 SYP Comms Team Leaders and Shift Managers.  Main discussion was around course duration 2 or 3 days, majority favoured 2 days.  Also discussed practical content and possible income generation.

TPAC Advisor Courses – Insp Huckstepp asked if Comms staff (current 2 x TPAC Advisors) were to receive refresher training, or would supervisors be used as TPAC Advisors.  Insp Clifton said he felt the problem was a lack of confidence giving advice because they didn’t command a pursuit very often.  New national guidance is imminent, TPAC Advisor guidance has changed – no longer states advisor must be independent therefore allowing the driver to take on the role using his experience.  Agreed to revisit when TPAC for Supervisors in place.

 ACTION:  Insp Huckstepp to advise current Comms TPAC Advisors that due to a change in national guidance they will not receive refresher training.

National Guidance
Supt Moran asked for an additional agenda item.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to add new standing agenda item ‘National Guidance’.

Insp Clifton updated:
Attended meeting last week, the pursuit side of the APP (Authorised Professional Practice) is ready, some slight adjustments to tactics directory.  The College of Policing (formerly NPIA) will put the new APP guidance (not Tactics Directory) on NCALT, forces will be expected to ensure their guidance is up to date and in line with national policy. 
The new guidance document Insp Clifton has produced meets the new national guidance.
Document includes a summary of the changes and gives practical examples.  This document has been seen by Supt Moran, CI Cooper and the Force Incident Managers.  Need to agree ‘pursuit’ talkgroup procedure before issuing, CI Cooper said that following a meeting between herself, Insp Clifton and Insp Huckstepp the following was agreed:
Communications will be dynamically risk assessed by the Force Incident Manager at the time.
Insp Clifton said the new guidance tells driver to stay on current talk group (Comms staff will patch) unless there is a problem.
Supt Moran said all FIMs need to adopt the same approach and apply the same criteria.

ACTION:  CI Cooper and Insp Clifton to agree how to communicate / launch revised Pursuit Guidelines to Comms and District.

Driving Standards Panel – Insp Clifton
New group email referral process – created new address for referrals and contacting panel.
Need to discuss before communicating (CI Walne & Insp Clifton).

Use of Airwave Terminal When Driving – PC Fletcher
Discussed whether terminal can be used as ‘hands free’, when for example car set fails and driver can’t pass on a message.  It was agreed that Insp Clifton would check national guidance.

ACTION:  Insp Clifton to check National Guidance on the use of Airwave Terminal when driving as a hands free device.

Stopping Motorcycles Safely – see action schedule
Insp Clifton has emailed all forces, responses to dates indicate forces don’t pursue motorcycles and don’t log incidents involving motorcycles.  Met has particularly high number of traffic crime involving motorcycles.  CAST looking to fund research, Insp Clifton collecting information for national group – will update in due course, action ongoing.

Driver Suspension
CI Walne to provide training to Force Incident Managers, approx 30 mins.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to arrange Driver Suspension training for FIM.



Monday, 17 December, 2012 - 11:45