Superintendent Adrian Moran OSS Communications (Chair)
CI Marissa Cooper OSS Comms
Inspector Simon Slack OSS RPG
Inspector Craig Clifton OSS RPG
Inspector AllIson Huckstepp FIM
Inspector Paul Butler Driver Training / Humberside
Sgt Mark Groarke Sheffield District
PC Tim Scothern OSS RPG
PC Neil Fletcher Driver Training
PC Lee Crossland FSG
Pc Paul Leighton FSG
Joyce Elias (minutes) Secretary Atlas Court
CI Stuart Walne OSS
DCI Steve Williams PSD
PC Stuart Hope FSG
PC Stan Smith FSG
PC Richard Smith FSG

 The minutes of the meeting held on 13 June 2012, were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

 ACTIONS:  Action Schedule updated, see attached.
 Further discussion:
• Pursuit Guidelines & Authorities:
ACTION: Insp Clifton to produce a Briefing Document on Pursuits for Comms Staff and Operational Officers.  To be displayed on Force Intranet and Comms Briefing Site. 
Submit to Supt Moran by 21 September for sign off.

• Gen203 Forms:
ACTION: Supt Moran to raise completion of Gen203 forms at next R&D Group (J Elias to email CI Green and put on agenda)

• Driver Policy – Use of Exemptions:
Insp Clifton updated, discussed with CI Walne, intention is to protect drivers, suggestion is to consult RPG Supervisor, after discussion at meeting it was suggested that the Force Incident Manager is independent and would always be notified of an accident.  Agreed FIM to make decision.  Inspectors Clifton & Huckstepp to discuss interpretation, and examples of exemptions.

ACTION: Inspectors Clifton & Huckstepp to agree wording change for Driver Policy around use of exemptions.

• TPAC Training for FSG:
Insp Slack asked if X5 should be used during training as this would be the vehicle used in an actual incident.  Agreed, currently not used due to availability. Training needs to include ‘Safety Briefing’ re limitations and proportionality of X5.
Post Meeting Update – appraisal carried out by Driver Training (Gen2 circulated to group), will discuss at next meeting.

ACTION:  Next meeting discuss Driver training report on use of X5.

 As agenda


 PC Fletcher asked if Driver Training could have access to TG91 on their personal sets for the safety car, Supt Moran agreed to the request.
 Inc 125 27.08.12 – Insp Clifton
District officer did not submit gen203 until chased 3 days later, in the summary officer has referred to ending pursuit using tactical contact, officer has not been TPAC trained, officer was not suspended. No de-brief has taken place, CI Walne has contacted line manager, no response received.
Insp Clifton’s reason for raising was to agree how the Gen203 forms are reviewed.
After discussion Supt Moran confirmed process as follows:
• Overall responsibility to review pursuits lies with CI Walne
• Review of gen203 form can be delegated to OSS RPG Inspector Insp Slack happy to take on)
• Driver Training to keep records

ACTION:  CI Cooper to look at the FIM role in ensuring Gen203 forms are completed.

Insp Clifton advised the meeting that a national recording system will be discussed / agreed at next week’s national steering group, NPIA have come up with an excel based system.
Insp Clifton asked what SYP would want recording, he went through a list he had prepared, Supt Moran to discuss with Insp Clifton out of meeting.

Supt Moran asked if Driver Training, following changes to the HR structure, has the capacity to carry out TPAC Training.  PC Fletcher advised that Driver Training has flagged up that more trainers would be of benefit, currently taking steps to train other police officers to assist with TPAC training, would like 6 x PC in training.  Insp Butler said this was unlikely to happen as further cuts would be made in training.  Using police staff to train e.g. hard shoulder referred at a national level, decision awaited.  If this is agreed it would solve a lot of issues.
Supt Moran asked if SYP’s requirements for specialist training e.g. TPAC would be met, Insp Butler said he didn’t believe there are any risks in the short term.  Need to look at Advanced Driving refresher after 3 or 5 years.
Supt Moran asked anyone from RPG in particular to voice any concerns.

  No issues raised.
 All issues discussed under action schedule and Item 4 TPAC.

Vehicle Circulations on Email – PC Scothern
An email had been sent by an operator following a drive-off for £7, the vehicle had however done over £300 worth of drive-offs, the email wasn’t picked up for 20 minutes.  PC Scothern doesn’t feel the email is appropriate and TG91 should still be used.  Supt Moran agreed that we have gone too far the other way. 

ACTION:  Supt Moran will advise members of the Airwave Communication UG that RPG will still receive information via TG91, not email.
ACTION:  Insp Huckstepp will advise FIM that RPG will receive information via TG91, not email.

IPCC Case Review – Insp Clifton
Ignoring a call to abandon a pursuit - circulated prior to meeting (Case 2 Bulletin 17) 
SYP are in the same position, we do not have anything in our policy that states what to do in the event of a pursuit.  Policy should say ‘if you get a vehicle fail to stop this is what you do . . . . .’  Need to agree how to conduct a pursuit, including what channel to run it on.  Supt Moran asked for a Guidance to be written, including instructions for the communication room, also needs to include stopsticks.  Supt Moran said use of TG154 needs to be discussed, general comments in meeting was that a pursuit channel isn’t required.

ACTION:  After discussion with CI Cooper & the Force Incident Managers, Insp Clifton to write bullet point Guidance on Pursuits in SYP.  Submit to Supt Moran within next 7 days.

Tactics – Insp Clifton
Teaching pre-emptive tactics - motorcycles, Insp Clifton will be raising nationally.  He asked if there was any reason not to include motorcycles.  Opinion in the group was that tactics would be acceptable if the motorcycle was stationary e.g. at traffic lights.  Insp Clifton asked officers to think about ways motorcycles can be stopped safely.  There is nothing in the policy that says a bike cannot be pursued.

ACTION:  All – research safe ways to stop motorcycles – discuss at next meeting.  Benchmark with other forces.

Adaptive Tactics – Insp Clifton
Played DVD to demonstrate ‘get pass’, this tactic is not trained and is therefore outside of training.  Discussed manouver, driver in this example used the tactic for the right reasons and got the right result, agreed tactic is pre-emptive but slower.  Insp Clifton asked if the tactic could be trained and written in to SYP policy, PC Fletcher suggested that in order to approve the tactic it would need to be approved by the NPIA and put in the Tactic Directory.

Tactical Contact – Insp Clifton
Viewed DVD to demonstrate ‘tactical contact’ again with a view to train and agree the tactic.
Following discussion Insp Butler agreed to look at including in TPAC training next year.

ACTION:  Insp Butler to look at including adaptive and tactical contact training in TPAC Training course next year.



Tuesday, 11 September, 2012 - 11:45