Superintendent Adrian Moran OSS Communications (part only)
CI Stuart Walne OSS RPG (Chair)
Inspector Peter Serhatlic OSS RPG
Inspector Craig Clifton OSS RPG
Inspector AllIson Huckstepp FIM
Sgt Mark Groarke Sheffield District
PC Paul Leighton OSS FSG
PC Natalie Gilmour OSS FSG
PC Neil Fletcher Driver Training
PC Kenny Fox Sheffield
Joyce Elias (minutes) Secretary Atlas Court
DCI Steve Williams PSD
Inspector Paul Butler Driver Training / Humberside
PC Lee Crossland FSG
PC Tim Scothern OSS RPG

 The minutes of the meeting held on 17 December 2012, were agreed as a true record of the meeting.
Action in respect of refresher training refers to Advanced Driving.

 ACTIONS:  Action Schedule updated, see attached.
 As agenda, and:
TPAC Advisor
Dedicated Event Talk Group
Cross Border Pursuit Meeting

See Item 4 below.

 Insp Serhatlic has been reviewing completed GEN203 forms for approx 6 weeks, no issues.

Insp Huckstepp proposed that TG60 be a protected talk group to transfer district business to when normal talk group affected by an ongoing pursuit patched to interop1.

ACTION:  Insp Huckstepp to progress proposal that TG60 be a protected Talk Group.

Insp Huckstepp suggested the reinstatement of the weekly interop test on a Sunday morning.  This was agreed.

ACTION:  Insp Huckstepp to communicate the reinstatement of the weekly interop test.


 A review is underway by DCI Williams and Insp Clifton.  Atlas Court grading, in particular Immediate, should not influence the use of exemptions, officers should risk manage their response and need to be able to justify the use of exemptions.  Two actions agreed:

ACTION:  PC Fletcher to ensure a simple message around the Use of Exemptions is included in the current round of Street Skills.

ACTION:  Insp Huckstepp to communicate that Atlas Supervisors and Operators take every opportunity to remind officers that an Immediate incident grading does not necessarily justify the use of exemptions, officer must risk manage.

Meeting briefly discussed video kits, it was agreed responsibility to trial and cost etc lies with Vehicle Fleet.

ACTION:  Insp Clifton to ask Vehicle Fleet to review video kits available to identify most suitable product.

PC Fletcher updated:
TPAC Refresher / Motorway Stinger: SYP, due to capacity, only complete TPAC refresher training every 3 years, regional agreement is for 2 years.  Insp Butler is proposing that motorway stinger is taken out of the course in Autumn 2013, proposal is 1 day boxing tactics and 1 day pre-emptive.   A smaller number can be trained separately for motorway stinger if there is a need, e.g. a single day in Spring 2014, SYP only has three motorway stingers.  This along with the new planning structure will help to get SYP back to being able to provide refresher every 2 years.  CI Walne said he was happy for the refresher to be reduced to 2 days but asked PC Fletcher to identify some odd days to run motorway stinger prior to Spring 2014, current capability (including FSG) to be carried out first.

ACTION:  Driver Training to review current Motorway Stinger capability and to identify training availability before Spring 2014.

Use of Hard Shoulder: In Humberside Insp Butler has gone through Legal Services in order to authorise police staff (under Section 16) to use the hard shoulder during TPAC training.  This hasn’t been an issue in SYP due to number of police officers available in Driver Training, however this could reduce in the future and, therefore Insp Butler has gone to SYP Legal Dept for authorisation in SYP, Insp Butler’s view is that only those who have received the proper training would be authorised, views of meeting requested.  Discussed; CI Walne summarised it was felt risk is minimal and Insp Butler’s recommendation is supported.
Pursuit Command Course – Insp Huckstepp:  Three 2 day courses now booked in, aimed at FIM and Team Leaders, meeting discussed whether RPG Inspectors should be included.
CI Walne concluded that RPG Inspectors either attended the course or provided input.

Unsafe Stopping of Vehicles by Basic Drivers, Supervisors are instructing drivers who have only had Basic training to stop vehicles by flashing lights and sounding horn.  This was discussed and agreed that this practice should be stopped.

ACTION:  PC Fletcher to circulate that the Stopping of Vehicles cannot be carried out by drivers who have only attended Basic Driver Training course.

Insp Clifton updated:
The APP for Road Policing has been delayed, Insp Clifton requested a separate APP for Pursuits, College of Policing have developed and the final draft documents have been approved and circulated (Tactics Directory & Pursuit Guidance circulated to this group 07.03.2013).  Insp Clifton drew attention to 2 areas in relation to Motorbikes:
Pre-emptive tactics and
Static Stops / authority levels reduced (immediate now Inspector)
CI Walne asked for these in particular, to be highlighted in launch.

ACTION:  Insp Clifton to ensure tactics/advice in relation to Motorbikes are highlighted in the local launch of the new Tactics Directory and Pursuit Guidance documents.

Dangerous Driving (in course of duty) – Insp Clifton advised that guidance is still awaited from DPP, in meantime drivers should adhere to training and ensure they can always justify what they are doing and that it is proportionate.  Nationally although some police drivers have been taken to court none have been found guilty.

GEN203 Amendment to Form – Insp Clifton proposed that pre-emptive action should be captured, this was agreed.

ACTION:  Insp Clifton to amend GEN203 form to capture ‘pre-emptive’ action.

TPAC Advisor Duty – Insp Huckstepp requested a list from Driver Training of all trained TPAC Advisors, this information can be entered on to Procad for use by Atlas to assist / identify which advisors are on duty.

ACTION:  PC Fletcher to forward list of trained TPAC Advisors to Insp Huckstepp who will arrange for it to be entered on to Procad.

Cross Border Pursuit Meeting – Insp Huckstepp advised that Derbyshire had been looking to arrange a de-brief with SYP and Notts following a cross border pursuit in December.  Due to delays it has been decided to arrange a more general meeting to discuss cross border and interop issues.   Joyce Elias arranging, will include WYP, Inspectors Huckstepp and Serhatlic from this group, and Supt Moran who will chair.

Driver Suspension (see also action schedule) – CI Walne has discussed with Force Incident Managers, some are not comfortable with being the SPOC and think this lies with District Supervisor.  After discussion it was agreed FIM would remain the SPOC liaising with District Supervisor primarily over the phone i.e. quick risk assessment.  If injury involved liaison with Traffic Supervisor will be required to determine if attendance at scene is required.

ACTION: CI Walne to write to Force Incident Managers advising that they will be the SPOC for Driver Suspension, and outline the process.



Wednesday, 13 March, 2013 - 13:00