OSS COMMS Management Team Meeting

Friday 25 May 2012
Adrian Moran Superintendent (Chair)
Marissa Cooper Chief Inspector
Tracy Potter Contact Centre Manager
Diana Harris Performance & Planning Manager
Debbie James HR Business Partner
Amanda Emmerson OMA
Jayne Wylie Deputy Disclosure Unit Manager
Joyce Elias Secretary (minutes)
Liz Ellison PNC Bureau Manager
Teresa Govier Operational Support Manager
Michelle Mottram Admin Support Officer
 Attendees and apologies noted above.

Domestic Write-Offs:
Linda Seddon & Jessica Turner attended the meeting and gave a presentation following work they had carried out as the project for their Level 5 qualification.  The main aim of the changes is to streamline the process.  Supt Moran said managing domestic violence was a priority for the force and he was happy to approve the changes proposed, he asked Linda & Jessica to prepare a briefing including all the benefits, how it will be trained etc and realistic time scales, he will take the proposal to Ops & Performance.

The minutes of the meeting held on 17 April 2012 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.


Euro 2012 Seating Plan
Overtime & Bank Holiday Payment

Supt Moran updated - Four Comms projects on OSS Business Plan PNC Browser, Dispatch, Diary and CRM (all up to date).  Projects will be prioritised at next OSS Command Team meeting. Meeting being arranged with Nigel Hillier to discuss CRM, money needs to be spent on diary, some change requests are in and discussions continue with Tagish.  Amanda Emmerson advised that money carried forward has not yet been confirmed as carried over.

ACTION:  Supt Moran to discuss with ACC Sahota money not spent on the Diary last year being carried forward.

ACTION:  Julian Roper to attend OSS IT Strategy Group where day to day issues will be captured and feed back to Comms Senior Managers.

Supt Moran has submitted his report on key risks and bow tie analysis to Force Risk Board, next meeting July.

P&Q report for April attached.


Complaints received in April 0
Compliments received in April 0
Several examples of good work are being brought to Tasking and Good Work Minutes are being issued as appropriate.

Planet courses required for new members of staff, May course delayed until all in place.
Additional TAC Advisor course required, in addition NPIA have advised that an annual refresher is required and this will need to go on the Training Template.

ACTION:  Diana Harris to forward TN3 for TAC Advisor course, and annual refresher to Debbie James for inclusion on the Training Template.

Tracy Potter said the training priority at the present time is the Diary Pilot.
Customer Service for Dispatch Operators will be delivered September 2012.

Tracy Potter updated:
24.69 combined total vacancy figure. This does not include projected, projections are 3 x PCs & 3 x PCSO, 12 staff have passed the Assessment Centre for current PC & PCSO recruitment.
Including the 6 projections vacancies are:
Call Handling 8
Dispatch 9.25
CST x 2.36
In addition 5 x CST, 3 x Op & 5 x c/h have passed the latest Assessment Centre.

Courses 2012/13 – looking at September (10), October (5), November (10), February (5) March (5) & April (10) .  To achieve a plan to recruit 60 staff, 6 courses per year we need an additional 7 tutors, plan needs to go to IS Training and Vetting to see if they can support.  Ian Watson has requested a 2 year plan from Comms and Supt Moran will present at the next WIG.

Sickness levels are up, levels could be artificially inflated because sickness is not being closed off, Comms is improving.  Action planning is ongoing and Tracy Potter and Teresa Govier have met with Shift Managers and Team Leaders in connection with managing attendance.
Stuart Chapman has designed a Return to Work Pro-Forma.

OHU – Supt Moran said we should be requesting Functional Assessments where necessary.
HR Plan – Debbie James said the CST posts need to be cashed in, establishment is 36.

Flexible Working Applications:
Two appeal meetings held, only one from ‘review’ to finalise.

Health & Safety:
Since reporting became electronic forms are not being signed off and submitted, in future all Accident & Near Miss forms to be sent to CI Cooper.

ACTION:  Via Comms H&S Meeting communicate that Accident & Near Miss Forms are to be signed off by CI Cooper.

Health & Well Being was briefly discussed and agreed to resurrect.

ACTION:  Tracy Potter to discuss re-launch of Health & Well Being with Linda Seddon

When ‘Pay Model’ received Amanda will be able to identify where we are accruing savings.

No issues.

 A list of outstanding Guides awaiting review with Tracy Potter.

 CRB Review – Supt Moran:
Some recommendations have been put in place, however no agreement has been reached over whether police officers should be part of the team, Supt Moran has discussed with ACC Holt, now awaiting presentation from DI Monterio on his proposals before any decision made.

Hallam University Project – CI Cooper
Is there a project a Psychology student could do for 8 weeks?

ACTION:  CI Cooper to find out more about the Hallamshire University Project to establish if it is worthwhile being involved.

Euro 2012 Seating Plan – Diana Harris
Diana advised that in order to accommodate it may be better to move CRB downstairs to the Training Room for the duration, during period of cancelled weekly leave and overtime we may struggle for places.  Need to decide before games start.

ACTION:  Diana Harris to brief Julian Roper of the possible need to move CRB to the Training Room during Euro 2012.

Corporate Finance / Exchequer – Diana Harris
Diana gave an update on 3 issues:
Overtime – want to pay at end of shift
Bank Holidays – do not understand the process for shift workers (different interpretation of policy)
GRS – want Police Officers on in order to obtain report to pay unsociable hours (Planet can provide)
It was agreed to arrange a meeting to discuss all of the above.

ACTION:  CI Cooper and Diana Harris to meet with key Finance personnel to discuss overtime, bank holiday pay and whether or not Police Officers need to be on GRS.

Dispatch Way Forward – Tracy Potter
First meeting held and key work streams established Airwave Protocol and Command POD – recommendation is that POD should include FIM, XS, Team Leader & Silver Support, looking to trial before making a decision.
Megan Smales to update Union reps at this afternoon’s meeting on the competency work.

TUESDAY 19 JUNE 2012 – ATLAS COURT – 10.00 am



Friday, 25 May, 2012 - 10:00