OSS COMMS Management Team Meeting

Tuesday 17 July 2012

Adrian Moran Superintendent (Chair)
Marissa Cooper Chief Inspector
Tracy Potter Contact Centre Manager
Diana Harris Performance & Planning Manager
Debbie James HR Business Partner
Adele Cooper CST Manager
Liz Ellison PNC Bureau Manager
Teresa Govier Operational Support Manager
Dawn Pearson Disclosure Unit Manager
Joyce Elias Secretary (minutes)
Amanda Emmerson OMA
 Attendees and apologies noted above.

 The minutes of the meeting held on 19 June 2012 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

Additional Discussion:
Supt Moran stated that at the WIG yesterday C/Supt Hotchkiss said internal PCSO candidates might be moved to earlier courses. Supt Moran advised the meeting that this would be detrimental to staffing in Comms and the plan presented was based on the start dates already given to staff.

 See below:

 • CST & PNC/Disclosure – reviews due September
• Civica Gateway – ISD working on

ACTION:  Liz Ellison to forward update to Supt Moran on the Civica Gateway Server and any risks associated with it.
• CRM – joint meeting held with Humberside, talks ongoing.
 As discussed on action schedule new risk to be submitted re Bank Holiday calculation / payment.

ACTION:  Diana Harris to complete GEN14 in respect of Bank Holiday working and forward to Supt Moran today.

Tracy Potter advised that the risk around the new Website and PACT Priorities has not been resolved.

 P&Q report for June sent out with meeting papers, key areas:
999 performance 87.5% (calls down 1,000 on this time last year, ytd 87.2%)
Non 999 84.7% (6.7% up on last year, calls down over 1,000 ytd 85.1%)
101 78% (up 10%, ytd 78.6%)
Shared Services 88% (up 6%, ytd 87.2%)
Switchboard 85.3% (up 7.7%, ytd 84%)
Overall performance is generally good.
Meeting arranged for review of Shift Review.
CRB 74.3% (down 5%, calls up), Crimes recorded 9,763, now getting more detailed data fairly raw at present but once refined will assist in identifying any trends in future. Teresa Govier to discuss further with Pru / Stats.
CST sl approx 75%, meeting Telecoms next week to discuss 4 dedicated lines, Telecoms need change request to quote.  Front end changes to Diary signed off, Adele Cooper to discuss Reports with Tagish, once resolved more performance data will be available. Close to achieving 10% all districts, however incident queues have grown. 

ACTION:  Julian Roper to complete Change Request for CST dedicated telephone lines.

ACTION:  Adele Cooper to look for a more representative indicator of diary appointments

Arrest Summons 92.1%, Court Disposals 83.7%
Working with PRU re phone calls, volume varies daily.
CID9 5 week backlog, overtime on CID9 and Crime Mapper commenced.
Social Services 8 weeks behind, 310 backlog, continually re-prioritising, little take up on overtime.
Cafcass, enquiries reduced to 20 per month, no issues, however procedure all forces should be following is when relevant info found in another force area, phone that force, tell them what has been found and audit trail it, other force need to agree the disclosure (to use in force) – a very time consuming process, do not have the resources.  Gill Bower-Lissaman wants this procedure followed for Social services too.
CRB completing 95% in 10 days, 16,000 backlog, majority over forecast, requested £20k for overtime.
PND 268 backlog, 11 days behind, Doncaster now completing checks.
CRB Panel investigating a complaint against an SYP decision to disclose.

Diana Harris distributed report for last month, Tutor Unit have been concentrating on Domestic Incidents since current data was collected Joe Harwood has been doing briefings, will compare next month’s report to check for improvement.
In relation to Hate Crime, Neil Plummer looking at possible changes to Procad to assist in identifying errors better.  Supt Moran suggested Live spot checks to help improvement.

Complaints received in June 1
Compliments received in June 1

Several items of Good Work being brought to Daily Tasking.

No items.

 Recruitment plan in place.  Top floor vacancies have been advertised internally, 28 applications, mainly for the call handling posts.  Risk to PNC, two offered posts – will need to go to Establishment Board.
Debbie James advised that Pru are to start preparing performance stats in a report format.
Tracy Potter updated on current stats for Comms:
9 x Incapacity
2 x disciplinary
9 x medical certs outstanding
34 x PDR outstanding
10 x self certs outstanding
7 x welfare reports outstanding

2 x FWA appeals outstanding.

Health & Safety
CI Cooper now carrying out monthly checks around the building with building engineer, these are additional to the quarterly risk assessments.

1 x call handling issue, awaiting report.

 Insp Greenwood assisting to ensure reviews are carried out.

Airwave Operating Guide – Supt Moran has referred this for review.

Debbie James advised that HR are developing a Policy Database, due for launch in September.

 CST Shift Pattern – Tracy Potter:
Alternative patterns produced, Adele Cooper reviewing, update next meeting.

Property Database – Tracy Potter
Electronic system now live, Sultan Mahmood looking at, getting feedback from staff, need to agree who has access and needs training

Planning & Design Analyst – Tracy Potter
Report / business case for new post written.

SCC Triage – Tracy Potter
 Will pilot out of hours warden sitting on top floor in order to advise and support.

Savings Workshop – Tracy Potter
Following work done on Training Days, workshop held with staff, actions agreed around seven key ideas.

6 + 2 – Teresa Govier
Automation going live tomorrow however it won’t work with multiple assignments, Teresa doesn’t feel we are ready for this as it hasn’t been tested – Supt Moran agreed to stop the implementation.

ACTION:  CI Cooper to request Insp Greenwood to look at rollout / testing of 6 + 2.

SYP Fairness at Work Annual Report – Tracy Potter
2011-12 report distributed to Resolution Officers.
Key issue was around Flexible Working and keeping to timescales.

Police Officers Unsociable Hours Payment – Diana Harris
GMT Planet can produce a report that will be able to tell Finance everything they need to know every month, cost for this additional automatic function is £1,500, currently RPU producing data manually.  Supt Moran agreed to the additional cost.

Deviations for Police Officers
Putting officers in the same pot as Police Staff can affect their pay, unsociable hours being calculated on an actual not average. 

ACTION:  Supt Moran to raise with Federation impact on Officer’s pay when deviated

ACTION:  Debbie James to raise impact on pay for Police Officers deviated, at HR Partners.

Supt Moran agreed to continue as normal however if asked will look at individual cases.

CRB / CMU – Supt Moran
Following the reviews, Chief’s view is to retain neighbourhoods, however other units e.g. CMUs may be centralised, a paper will be submitted in September, which will result in a Diamond Review.  In the interim period it has been agreed to keep an Inspector overseeing CRB.

TUESDAY 21 AUGUST 2012 – ATLAS COURT – 10.00 am



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