OSS COMMS Management Team Meeting

Tuesday 18 September 2012

Tracy Potter Contact Centre Manager (Chair)
Teresa Govier Operational Support Manager
Diana Harris Performance & Planning Manager
Adele Cooper CST Manager
Liz Ellison PNC Bureau Manager
Dawn Pearson Disclosure Unit Manager
Viv Davison HR Shared Services
Joyce Elias Secretary (minutes)
Adrian Moran Superintendent
Marissa Cooper Chief Inspector
Amanda Emmerson OMA
 Attendees and apologies noted above.

 The minutes of the meeting held on 17 July 2012 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.


 Julian Roper managing, he has written to plan holders requesting documents, Julian to attend future meetings.
Tracy Potter asked Liz Ellison and Dawn Pearson to provide Julian with details of their key projects / objectives.

 OSS Risk Register to be brought to future meetings to enable Comms’ risks to be reviewed.

ACTION:  Joyce Elias to arrange to display OSS Risk Register at future meetings.

 P&Q report for August sent out with meeting papers, key areas:
Top floor – all areas performance well particularly in view of the drop in staff numbers, the Management Team thanked all teams for their efforts.
PNC – Arrest Summons 93.7%; Court Disposals 90.9%
Thanks were extended to PNC staff for exceeding the national targets, particularly after all the recent changes in structure and roles.
CRB – service level 76%, in view of number of vacancies this is excellent, again staff were thanked for their efforts.  Teresa Govier reported that out of 4,500 calls only 280 were from the scene, T/insp Hunter dealing, Teresa to find out split between districts.

ACTION:  Teresa Govier to find out split between districts phoning CRB from the scene.
CST – performance information within reported very basic, Adele Cooper to discuss with BCD.

ACTION:  Adele Cooper to meet with BCD to discuss performance data.

Disclosure/CRB – Social Services received 337, completed 390, backlog 250, PND up to date just 63 outstanding, CRB cleared 5404.

ASB Briefings underway, 15 outstanding.
Attended Q1 performance meetings
Supervisor checks to be more detailed, user guide produced
Nine new starters started Monday 17 October.  Part timers were not told in their contracts that training was full-time.

ACTION: Diana Harris to raise with HR Shared services the need to include within contracts for part time staff that they will be required to attend full time during their initial training period.

Complaints received in July 0; August 0
Compliments received in July 2; August 1

Liz Ellison advised that HR Training are unable to provide PNC Offence Processing until March 2013, she has three staff that currently require this, the need for one is considered urgent.  Cost for NPIA to deliver, including accommodation is £1,025 and Liz asked if she could submit a TN3.

Learning & Development Board.
Tracy Potter attended August Board and presented papers on Dispatch Competency Framework, Mandatory Training for Comms & Hate Crime/ASB/DV Classroom training.  All agreed and Tracy has a meeting with Jo Buck and DI Mayfield to prioritise etc.

 HR Issues
Majority of vacancies are in Dispatch.
Assessment Centres arranged for 1st & 12th October, it may be possible to fill remaining 4 places on the November course from 1st October, exploring a quick initial vetting with a proviso built in to offer letter.
Comms recruitment remains a force priority.
Tracy Potter to review recruitment paper for WIG.

ACTION: Tracy Potter to meet with Michelle Webster & Viv Davison to discuss and review recruitment plan / paper for WIG.

Briefly discussed ideas / options for advertising vacancies.

ACTION: Diana Harris to explore ideas and options for advertising vacancies.

Absence down on this time last year.  HR Shared services now producing new reports.  Incapacity meetings taking place.  Briefings have taken place with Shift Managers and Team Leaders on Force Sickness Policy.
The Team Leader Away Days in November will have a HR focus with a 2 hour Q&A session.

ACTION: Diana Harris to send the re-coup list to Liz Ellison & Dawn Pearson.

ACTION: Tracy Potter to send the Out of Criteria List to Liz Ellison & Dawn Pearson

Tracy advised that Managers need to respond to the Out of Criteria List advising if individuals are on 1st, 2nd or 3rd plan, or explain why they are not on a plan.

A list of the top 30 offenders has been compiled, 10 are Comms staff (1 x PNC).

Tracy has a weekly HR meeting on a Friday morning, anyone wanting to refer any issues to feed in.

Attrition has dropped, however a few more Career Break applications are being received.

Flexible Working Applications – following the new CST shift patterns a few have been received from CST staff, dropped off elsewhere.  Teresa Govier said she anticipated a few from CRB staff when changes were introduced there.

Health & Safety
Fire drill held this week, a few minor issues, Linda Seddon will be issuing a brief.

As noted on action schedule budgets for CST, Diary and 101 carried forward.

No issues raised.

 Review work ongoing.

Force HR Knowledge Database should go live October / November.

 ASB Audit – Teresa Govier
Received ‘ Good’ compliance rating (last year fair).  Out of 200, 182 were closed correctly as ASB, main issue is lack of understanding between personal and nuisance.  Feedback has been given to Shift Managers.  Audit wasn’t exclusively Comms staff, Neil Plummer will amend Procad accounts for Comms staff to commence AC, enabling future audits to be AC account holders only.

Procad Access – Adele Cooper
Adele asked if Atlas staff transferring to another area e.g. PCSO should have their Write Access taken away, it was agreed they could keep this as they may be required to return to Atlas to work during a strike for example, it was however agreed to change their identifier.

QRD – Tracy Potter
Supt Moran attended, Following the Staff Survey Chief Constable announced his vision for the morale, health and well being of the force.
Deputy Chief Constable position will be temporary until next year.

CMU Review – Teresa Govier
Will include CRB, will not be a Diamond review.
Diamond reviews to date £14m down on savings.

Dispatch Way Forward – Tracy Potter
Members of Comms senior managers have visited all 4 districts and given a short presentation on changes to dispatch and a general Comms overview.  To maintain relationships similar meetings will now be held quarterly.

Hillsborough Files – Tracy Potter
Supt Moran and Tracy have attended Gold Meetings, guidance from the Chief Constable is on the Intranet.
ASB Strategic Meeting – Tracy Potter
Tracy has been attending this meeting, chair has requested the Dark Night Operational Orders, will probably run with District channels again, all Districts have been asked to refresh their Partnership Plans.

Refresh of I.T. Systems – Tracy Potter
Supt Moran has written a paper for the Risk Board and this has nor gone to the Police Authority.

Marketing – Tracy Potter
Tracy has met with Matt Newby to discuss marketing and in particular CST (12 month anniversary) and 101.

Home Office visited last week to look at our 101 partnership work, national impotence is back on partnership working.

Gateway (PNC Browser) – Liz Ellison
ISD confident we will switch to new gateway by end of October, main difference for user is a new look browser and a new way to log in.  Liz Ellison will confirm changes etc in writing to all users shortly prior to switch over.  Liz will also include an introduction to the new Auditing Tool – this will require users to complete a very quick audit when a pop up box appears (can be delayed until later if busy). No date for this yet but should be shortly after new Gateway.

Good Work – Tracy Potter
Several pieces of good work have been received recently and most have been acknowledged with a Superintendent’s Good Work Minute, Tracy encouraged all to recognise good work.

TUESDAY 16 OCTOBER 2012 – ATLAS COURT – 10.00 am



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