OSS COMMS Management Team Meeting

Tuesday 20 November 2012
Rachel Barber Chief Superintendent
Adrian Moran Superintendent (Chair)
Marissa Cooper Chief Inspector
Martin Farr Inspector (FIM)
Tracy Potter Contact Centre Manager
Teresa Govier Operational Support Manager
Diana Harris Performance & Planning Manager
Adele Cooper CST Manager
Liz Ellison PNC Bureau Manager
Jayne Wylie Deputy Disclosure Unit Manager
Stuart Chapman Shift Manager
Julian Roper Business Change Officer
Viv Davison HR Shared Services
Joyce Elias Secretary (minutes)
Amanda Emmerson OMA
 Attendees and apologies noted above.
Shortened meeting due to Contact Management workshop.
 The minutes of the meeting held on 18 September 2012 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

 Updates recorded on action schedule.
Additional Discussion:
• Supt Moran asked that a review of the Atlas Court Briefing Site (front page) was included on daily tasking – see new action
• Supt Moran asked for the performance of 6+2 to be monitored and for Inspectors Rodgers and Cooper to report back via CI Cooper

 Discussed Team Leader vacancy – recorded under HR.

 Supt Moran advised this sits below the OSS Business Plan, and captures key Comms projects, Julian Roper has been working with BCD regarding automating the review process, Neil Plummer assisting in order to transfer across (thanks extended to Neil via Diana Harris).  Should be up and running within next month.

 New risk added around PND daily downloads requested from year end, however SYP unlikely to be able to meet this.
Discussed risk to CRB staffing during CRB/CMU review, Supt Moran said this should be recorded under the project but he will meet with DI Shaw.

ACTION:  Supt Moran to meet with DI Natalie Shaw to discuss risk to CRB staffing during review.

 P&Q report for October sent out with meeting papers, key areas:
Tracy Potter updated:
999 calls 10% decrease in demand, ytd 85.2%, very good result in this challenging period.
Average queue time down 1 second, abandonment rate down by 1%
All others up; non emergency up by 7% on this time last year.
Only cause for concern at present SNA contact lines – demand decreased significantly, need to explore with Districts if it has gone elsewhere and why.  Calls to contact lines tend to be from partners.  Ask Sgt Harbon to include in reality checking.
Slight concern re switchboard, demand down 8% but performance 3% down – monitoring, however recent focus has been on quality and this may be the factor.  Supt Moran said the Channel Strategy relies on switchboard routing the call correctly.

ACTION: Tracy Potter to discuss reality checking on SNA contact lines with Sgt Harbon.
Meeting arranged for 5 December
There is some work being undertaken with BCD as counting may not be right.

CRB – Teresa Govier – concern that data is incorrect / not being recorded correctly or counted right – this will be investigated within CRB/CMU review.
Overall CRB performing well.  Recent focus on Metal flags, last month excellent.  Current push on investigation – this is key to project.

ACTION:  Meetings to be arranged between Tracy Potter, Teresa Govier and Insp Hunter to agree a process to avoid any slippage during the Project / manage risk.
Bi-weekly meetings arranged
Disclosure – Jayne Wylie – CRB received 6,609 and completed 6,091, staffing issues, CRB aware.  Social Services received 419, completed 317 picking out urgent cases daily.  Cafcass received 62 completed 36.  CRB audit will take place 12 & 13 December.

CST – Adele Cooper – now included in P&Q Report.  Average calls 4k per month, abandonment rate up in October, dip in service level from August onwards, lost 6 staff to PCSO recruitment, now replaced and in position.

PNC – Liz Ellison – Arrest/summons reports entered within 1 day 89.8 %; percentage of Court Disposals entered within 10 days 89.3%.  HMIC/acpo new Code of Practice from next March/April will be more about quality.  ANPR / Vehicles audits will be carried out in Q1 2013, Liz will link in with RPG, South Yorkshire seen as lead.

ACTION:  Liz Ellison to arrange meeting with RPG in December to discuss and agree a process in readiness for the ANPR audit next year. Arranged for 20 December 2012.

Circulated by Diana Harris.

Complaints received in September 0; October 0
Compliments received in September 4; October 0

PSD currently reviewing complaints process.  New process circulated 27/11/2012.

No items discussed

 HR Issues
Team Leader vacancy – Viv Davison advised there were 8 applicants, discussed closing date should have been extended to 30 November with Assessment Centre in January, Viv to discuss closing date with Michelle Webster but she advised Assessment Centre has been booked for 20 December.

ACTION:  Viv Davison to discuss closing date for Team Leader vacancy with Michelle Webster (should be 30 November). Confirmed as 30 November

Sickness Absence – Viv Davison – staff ytd gone up from 5.75 to 6.71; officers from 7.29 to 12.81.  Across the force ‘stress’ absence has increased, substantial increase in Comms.
Incapacity plans – 19 force plans in place of which 11 are in Comms (pending cases could take this to 21).  HR taking proactive action across the force on staff absence.

PDRs – 35 outstanding – needs to be an audit trail showing that the individual has seen the document – HR SS will not close them off without this.

Finance – Viv meeting / liaising with Amanda Emmerson once a month.

Team Leader away day theme is HR.

Health & Safety
Further issues with heating / aircon on top floor.
Near Miss Accident report – plates in 2nd floor kitchen wall cupboard stacked untidily and fell out.  Plates removed and staff asked to put away in canteen cupboards.

No update

No issues raised.

 Tracy Potter has asked Joyce Elias to resume management of the Knowledge Bank in order to ensure existing guides are reviewed annually and all new policies and amendments are signed off.  Tracy has asked Joyce to write a Process for this meeting/agenda item.

 A4E – Diana Harris
Investigated whether we could claim funding if we employed any A4E customers – very unlikely could look like double funding as both parties are government funded.

Management Team Away Day – Way Forward – Supt Moran
• Well Being / issue around morale  - Supt Moran to take responsibility.  Julian Roper putting together an action plan, will be distributed within next week, Tracy Potter asked if the Well Being team could be involved in the actions / key issues.  Discussed with BCD / HR using a Hallam University Student to assist – no decision made.

ACTION:  Supt Moran to invite Stuart Price to Atlas Court to deliver a session on morale to Shift Managers and FIMs (consider using overlaps). Tracy Potter emailed S Price 30/11, awaiting response

• Dispatch Project – need to re-visit Back Up Pod

• MRD2 / RPU Processes – Julian Roper managing review of processes




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