OSS COMMS Management Team Meeting

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Adrian Moran Superintendent (Chair)
Marissa Cooper Chief Inspector
Tracy Potter Operations Manager
Teresa Govier Operational Support Manager
Diana Harris Performance & Planning Manager
Liz Ellison PNC Bureau Manager
Jayne Wylie Deputy Disclosure Unit Manager
Julian Roper Business Change Officer
Viv Davison HR Shared Services
Joyce Elias Secretary (minutes)
Amanda Emmerson OMA
Adele Cooper CST Manager
 Attendees and apologies noted above.

 The minutes of the meeting held on 20 November 2012 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

 Updates recorded on action schedule.

 Action Fraud
CRB/CMU Project
Criming from Scene

 Nothing to report.

 Re-grade – CST Team Leaders – already on Force & OSS RR but paperwork now received.
CST resources – can now be taken off
CRB/CMU Review – brief discussion, agreed project to review
PNC – New Interface – Error Handling not included on ISD spec and can’t now be included before release, manual process will be required, group now looking at implications.

ACTION:  Liz Ellison to update Deborah Davis on implications around Error Handling

 P&Q report for November sent out with meeting papers, key areas:
Tracy Potter updated:
999 performance disappointing at 83.8%; primary 999 achieved 87% calls, brought down on secondary 999, delay reports down, none on New Years Day, praise received from BT. 8,000 less 999 calls YTD on this time last year.  Tracy monitoring situation.
Priority Incidents – target 77%, sits at 78.2%.  Briefings to staff have gone out, working with Sheffield, will continue to monitor.

Teresa Govier not happy with the CRB data being produced.

ACTION:    Teresa Govier to discuss what data needs to be captured and reported on for CRB, with Insp Payling.

PNC – Liz Ellison – Arrest/summons reports entered within 1 day 89.1 %; Doncaster under 70%, bureau just received large batch of penalty notices which are 3-4 weeks old.  Percentage of Court Disposals entered within 10 days 91.4%.  Today received 109 Missed Adjudications 2008/09, from Sheffield Magistrates Court, Home Office advised this will affect figures.  Crime Mapper 13 % from Custody, staff chasing 63% of cases.

Disclosure – Jayne Wylie – CRB forecast 4,708 actually received 3,960 and closed 4,589 (97%).  Social Services received 283 , closed 374.  Cafcass received 35 completed 43. 

Overview by Diana Harris, report attached with minutes.

Complaints received in November 1; December 0
Compliments received in November 2; December 0

External Template – GMT Planet – requested enhanced version.
PNC Names & Managers(provisional if we can’t provide within force).
Internal – Airwave TAC annual refresher – should be on automatically, Diana Harris to check (also GMT Planet course).

ACTION:  Diana Harris to ensure Airwave TAC Advisor & GMT Planet are on 2013/14 Training Template.

Training Days – Feb 2013 will include a 2 hour Q&A session with members of Comms Senior Managers, main input will be from Samaritans on suicidal calls, will include input from SYP professionals e.g. negotiator.  As per AOB below ½ hour may need to be allocated to Action Fraud.

Team Leader away days held in November, theme recruitment and HR processes, good feedback received.
Dates agreed for next away days, late April / early May.

Team Leaders have been abstracted to spend time in RPU.

 HR Issues
Viv Davison updated:
Dispatch interviews completed, all candidates notified.  Some of the successful candidates will commence training 21 January, this will create vacancies in call handling, CRB & CST.
Team Leaders – 2 successful candidates identified and notified.
Call Handling – assessment centre last weekend, approx 90 attended.
New staff – February course full.
PC recruitment – not yet known how many from Comms applied
New contracts now include tenure
Total vacancies 30 full-time + 16 secondment etc (7 x call handling, 3 x CST, 20 x dispatch, 7 x CRB)
Tracy Potter would prefer March course to be filled with twilight staff.
Absence – police office & staff up ytd on last year, December down for both.
Average days ytd Staff 9.48; police officers 14.4.
Brief discussion around absence, incapacity etc, also recording of ½ day sick leave – this is being reviewed (Humberside record).  Also discussed whether staff could take annual leave for sickness absence.

PDR – 41 outstanding today (21 at end of December).  Brief discussion on new process.

Barbara Russell appointed HR Partner for OSS inc Comms, effective from 11 February 2013.

Health & Safety
Broken desk on top floor
From 21 January only 1 engineer will be based at Atlas Court.
Boiler broken – no running hot water in building.  Being progressed via FM daily.

Viv Davison meeting with Amanda Emmerson 21 January to reconcile vacancies v budget.

No issues raised.

 No items raised.

 ACTION FRAUD – Teresa Govier:
We will be getting the packages.  Process mapped through all the areas we/Comms need to consider, changes made and QA’d.  Two mandatory NCALT packages to complete however, staff may need more (provision for ½ hours on Training Days in Feb).

CRB/CMU REVIEW – Teresa Govier
Visits made to Cleveland (out sourced) and Durham, visiting North Yorkshire next.  Cleveland & Durham have combined centralised functions, Cleveland left 1 post at District, now agree not needed.  Cleveland unit under CID, Durham within Comms.
SYP project looking at CMU first, weekly meetings taking place and weekly updates will start going out to staff.  Programme Board 24 January – Comms need to be invited.
See action schedule – Supt Moran to meet with DI Shaw (pre meet for a brief with Teresa).

Teresa looking at CRB closing crimed incidents – this would improve our compliance – could be issues around CSI attending, several benefits just one process change.

Sergeants Updating ProCAD – Teresa Govier
Doncaster - have been changing incidents, out of 25 have only got 2 correct.  This has been fed back.  Once District has mobilisation officers will have booking on only, therefore will be unable to write on or close incidents.

ASB / Performance Visits – Supt Moran
Asked for guidelines for Insp Payling / Performance visits – Tracy Potter linking in.

Various – Tracy Potter
MR2D – meeting with Diana Harris tomorrow
Recruitment – thanks to Diana Harris, Francine Timperley-Walker and Viv Davison
Incident Handling Protocol – project terms of reference (Stuart Chapman) circulated, work will be linked in to the Dispatch Way Forward project
NYE – Lisa Wallis thanked for her efforts and specifically her management of the event on the day.
Group 3 – well done to Josie McIntosh and team leaders – doing exceptionally well on quality and performance, also good support being given to staff on welfare issues.
Process Meeting – outcome – proposal around CST taking all scheduled incidents, work in infancy, gone out for consultation.  Meeting also covered Property Database, Action Fraud and Criming from Scene.

Tracy added that it is recognised how many changes and challenges staff are managing on top of daily business and ‘management’ expectations are perhaps too high and there is a need to be more realistic in setting time scales.

ISD Underspend – Julian Roper
Julian advised some of this would be directed at Direct Transfer / Internet.

AirCon Security – Supt Moran
Asked Julian Roper to look at secure fencing of the external units.




Tuesday, 15 January, 2013 - 14:30