OSS COMMS Management Team Meeting

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Tracy Potter Operations Manager (Chair)
Marissa Cooper Chief Inspector
Teresa Govier Operational Support Manager
Diana Harris Performance & Planning Manager
Adele Cooper CST Manager
Liz Ellison PNC Bureau Manager
Julian Roper Business Change Officer
Joyce Elias Secretary (minutes)
Adrian Moran Superintendent
Amanda Emmerson OMA
 Attendees and apologies noted above.

 The minutes of the meeting held on 15 January 2013 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

 Updates recorded on action schedule.

 PNC Browser
Seating / Noise CST
Action Fraud
Building security
Video Conferencing

 Julian Roper advised transfer to TENS underway, aim by 1st April.  Should be able to give demonstration at next meeting.  System automatically sends out chasers to actions.

Tracy Potter advised that any new items for the Operating Plan must be brought to this meeting first for discussion and sign off.

 Tracy Potter updated:
Tracy has taken ‘CST Re-grade’ risk off as paperwork received.
‘Resources for the Diary’ closed, now embedded in to normal business, if it becomes a problem it will be flagged up.

Diana Harris went through the key areas of the Tutor Unit report, report was circulated prior to the meeting.

ACTION:  Quality Checks – Diana Harris and Teresa Govier to identify any trends and produce an action plan.

P&Q report for January sent out with meeting papers, key areas:
Tracy Potter updated:
999 performance dropped to 83.2%
101 down 10% (need to clarify data this is calculated on)
There were three key dates in January which will have affected performance, previously key dates have been taken out for a more accurate reflection.
SNA demand is down, Sgt Harbon looking at where this demand has gone / reasons why.

Switchboard performance is up at 90% which is excellent, thanks to all switchboard operators and to RPU staff for effective planning of resources.

ACTION:  Teresa Govier to pass thanks from Management Team to all switchboard operators for the excellent performance during January.

ACTION:  Diana Harris the pass on praise from the Management team for the effective planning of switchboard resources during January.

Teresa Govier said CRB performance is up at 77.8%.  Criming from the scene has already shown improvement in force compliance, and this expected to improve further as CRB staff are now closing incidents.

PNC – Liz Ellison – Process now in place to report on backlogs in Daily Tasking.
Arrest/summons reports entered within 1 day down at 86.4 %, primarily due to a power failure at Hendon.  Meeting being arranged with Districts to resolve issues around late receipt of penalty notices, thought to be due to diminished admin resources.
Percentage of Court Disposals entered within 10 days up at 93.3%. 

Disclosure – CI Cooper updated
Looking at whether PND checking function will stay in unit or will it become a central function / linking in with CID review.
Social Services backlog 180 (not unexpected), DBS (CRB) 200 below target last week (staff sickness), have got funding for 12 months for another Band C operator.
CI Cooper advised PNC/Disclosure Review due to report back at end of March.  Intelligence gathering phase completed and ready to report back with recommendations.  Regular staff consultation sessions have been held. 

CST – Adele Cooper
Service level at 85% average last 3 months, up. 
Calls down by 1,000 on last January.  Average calls per month approx 4,000.
New process with switchboard from April – should improve abandonment rate.
Now have reporting function on Diary, want to include number of appointments on future performance data.
New process re scheduled incidents for Sheffield District commenced.

Complaints received in January 0
Compliments received in January 2

New Complaint / ESRI guidelines circulated by CI Cooper, Tracy Potter asked Teresa Govier to ensure this is included in Team Briefings, drawing particular attention to guidelines around accessing emails, websites etc.
ACTION:  Teresa Govier to include new procedures for Complaints / ESRI in Team Leader Briefings and draw particular attention to guidelines on accessing emails, websites etc.

PNC Refresher Training – Liz Ellison
On-line refresher package pass rate increased from 80 to 90%, envisaged that this will have biggest impact on top floor staff as they are not regular users.  A random sample has highlighted a team leader only completing 4 checks in an 18 month period.  The same team leader has agreed to trial completing the on-line package to give an indication of the size of the training requirement for the top floor.

ACTION:  Once PNC Refresher Training trial complete Liz Ellison to update Diana Harris / Performance Development / Training meeting.

 HR Issues
Diana Harris attended Force Recruitment meeting.  Internal recruitment for Police Officers just closed, force looking to recruit 110 – 130 in next 2/3 years.  Force aiming to recruit 600 Specials over next 3 years.  PCSO recruitment planned for later this year – will have an impact on Comms.
Comms Recruitment – Tracy Potter updated:
Additional course agreed for 5 x twilight at end of July, next course is 11 March x 5, 22 April x 10. Further assessment centre arranged for 21 April for full time and twilight.
Attendance – Tracy Potter updated:
123 staff on an attendance plan
26 staff on a Stage 1 plan
2 x Stage 2
1 x Stage 3

Attrition – 3 ytd
FWA – mainly being received requesting reduction in hours
HR Plan – achieved savings plan for 2012/13

Health & Safety
Fire plan for Atlas Court revised.
OSS H&S Strategy revised and updated, good feedback received on Comms processes around PEPS and DSE Assessments.

Funding for gym and well being agreed.
RPU Demand Analyst – post not agreed (OSS analyst may have capacity to assist Comms)
New monthly report to be circulated by Amanda Emmerson.

1 x FAW mediation meeting arranged.
2 x FAW in progress.
Agreed to change this item to Equality

 PNC inc DVLA – Liz Ellison advised that all PNC related documents will be moved to one PNC room on the Briefing Site.

Missing From Home process updated; Tracy Potter asked for the proposed change around who assesses a Medium risk to be discussed further, in the meantime FIM will continue to assess high and medium risks.

ACTION:  CI Cooper to discuss with Force Incident Managers the MFH Protocol around who should assess a Medium risk, include analysis around quantity of medium risk, when they come in etc.

 PNC Browser – Liz Ellison
From 1st April new browser will be found under SYP Applications, every operator will get an individual email telling them that their user ID remains the same but their password has changed.  You cannot use a proper word, 8 characters, mix alpha and numeric, various ‘conditions’ to meet.
Printer changes, info will be sent to personal email address and the print out currently shows user ID – ISD looking to see if this can be removed.  Liz advised that Glenn Hancock has volunteered to sit upstairs to support when browser goes live.

ACTION:  Liz Ellison to prepare briefing on new PNC Browser and forward to Julian Roper and Teresa Govier.

Seating Issues & Noise Levels – Adele Cooper
Adele report daily issues around seating for CST staff, yesterday at 1 pm three staff were unable to find a seat.  Adele also expressed concerns that CST requirements would increase when SOCO join team in June.  Teresa Govier advised there were adequate positions but last week nine terminals were reported faulty.  Post meeting update: Julian Roper contacted ISD main issue is Instant Replay not working (this doesn’t stop terminal being used but call handlers / cst operators prefer facility to be working). SDesk have created a fault folder in which a copy of the ISD Report Form will be kept.
Adele also reported that when tutees are in the Tutor Unit the noise levels around the CST Team Leader desk is very high.  Discussed use of screens, some concerns around h&s, Tracy Potter asked if other positions could be adapted.  Agreed to discuss issue at next strategic planning meeting.

ACTION:  Comms senior managers to discuss solutions to noise level around Tutor Unit and CST, at strategic planning meeting 6 March.

Action Fraud – Teresa Govier
Staff briefed at Training Days.  Goes live in SY 25 March, region is last to go live, others went live 1 January.  Full details including process map on Briefing Site.

EMPASS – Julian Roper
Julian & CI Cooper attended first meeting last week, service goes live 3 April, no real difference.  SYP helicopter will operate during core hours only.
Briefing for FIMs arranged.

ARLS – Julian Roper
All issues being reported, looking at switching vehicles on again.

Voice Recorder – Julian Roper
Issues resolved, system upgraded, evaluation tool now working, training to be rescheduled.

Direct Incident Transfer (DEIT) – Julian Roper
ISD have placed order.  Will enable incidents to be sent to other forces and partners e.g. Highways.

G Cloud – Julian Roper
OOH Diary Portal to be moved to G Cloud, initially though it will be on an IL2 Accreditation (can’t put write-offs on it).

Building Security – Julian Roper
Survey 2 years ago recommendations to improve included CCTV on the Air Con units, bid placed and agreed for this work, will present on FIM screen, cost of a security cage also approved.  Bomb blast film on windows not approved.

FIM Pod – Julian Roper
Looking at cost to raise pod, meeting 8 March to discuss various options as part of the Dispatch Way Forward project.

SMS 11 – Julian Roper
Phone now installed on Doncaster pod, asked group 3 team leader to start testing.

Comms’ Priorities – Tracy Potter
Supt Moran, CI Cooper & Tracy Potter holding a monthly strategic planning meeting to identify key priorities and plan work, Julian has prepared a draft document.

Video Conferencing – Liz Ellison
Desk top equipment now installed on terminal in Supt Moran’s office.

101 Update – Tracy Potter
Scotland going live 1st April, further national campaign planned.  Tracy will discuss local marketing with Matt Newby.

Force Awards – Tracy Potter
Details sent to all supervisors, need to get nominations in by this Friday.

TUESDAY 19 MARCH 2013 – ATLAS COURT – 10.00 am



Tuesday, 19 February, 2013 - 10:00