OSS COMMS Management Team Meeting

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Tracy Potter Operations Manager (Chair)
Stuart Chapman Shift Manager
Teresa Govier Operational Support Manager
Diana Harris Performance & Planning Manager
Adele Cooper CST Manager
Dawn Pearson Disclosure Unit Manager
Craig James Deputy PNC Bureau Manager
Julian Roper Business Change Officer
Joyce Elias Secretary (minutes)
Adrian Moran Superintendent
Marissa Cooper Chief Inspector
Amanda Emmerson OMA
Liz Ellison PNC Bureau Manager
 Attendees and apologies noted above.  Tracy Potter gave an update following yesterday’s OSS Management Meeting – recorded under AOB.

 The minutes of the meeting held on 19 February 2013 were agreed as a true record of the meeting.

 Updates recorded on action schedule.
Additional discussion:
ARLS – Teresa Govier attended last ARLS Task & Finish Group yesterday, project will transfer to the MIP Steering Group, four key areas are Pool Handset, Accuracy of Handset, PACT Priorities & Internal Marketing Strategy.  Sgt Simon Davies will manage when he returns to Comms, work will fall within the Dispatch Way Forward Project.  Teresa has drafted an update for staff, Tracy Potter signed off with minor amendment.  Two new actions agreed:

ACTION:  Teresa Govier to communicate ARLS Update to staff.

ACTION:  Julian Roper to put Dispatch Way Forward project and all sub projects on TENS.

 Update from OSS Management Meeting
Incident Handling Protocol
Doncaster Prison Process
CMU/CRB review
Action Fraud
PACT Priorities

 Julian Roper advised all projects have now been transferred to TENS, Julian gave the meeting a short overview of the software.  Access to TENS is via the desktop, Comms have been allocated LRF.  Julian emailed relevant staff with detail 18.03.2013.

ACTION:  Julian Roper to attend Teresa Govier’s briefing sessions to give managers and supervisors an overview of TENS and reinforce the process for submission of projects.

Tracy Potter stressed the importance of keeping project information up to date and reminded everyone that new projects should be submitted to comms_senior_managers for discussion / approval at the Management Team meeting.

Process for updating existing policies (Knowledge Bank documents) was discussed and it was agreed that all proposed changes should be sent to the Policy Owner copying in Julian Roper who will record on TENS, Julian will advise comms_senior_mangers of any urgent changes.

ACTION:  Julian Roper to communicate new process for Knowledge Bank document changes.

 Tracy Potter no issues, register was reviewed at yesterday’s OSS Management meeting.

Report attached to minutes.
Diana Harris went through the key areas of the Tutor Unit report, trends have been identified under Misper, Hate and ASB.  Diana and Teresa Govier have an action to produce an action plan to improve.

P&Q report for February sent out with meeting papers, Tracy Potter updated on key areas:
999 service level up on this time last year, however call volumes down
YTD 85%
Non 999 similar
Non emergency significantly up
101 – 77%; down on this time last year
OOH no issues (no concerns from SCC)
SNA calls, Sgt Harbon & Suzanne Hutchinson have looked at reason for reduction in number of calls and believe it is due to improvements to SYP Web Site.
Switchboard 86%
CRB (Teresa Govier) 80 – 85%, no issues
Input 100 hate related crimes; 2000 domestic related, future counts will include action fraud.
Disclosure (Dawn Pearson) Six disputes received, one complaint – upheld. Social Services received 314, closed 271 (1 post down), Cafcass received 47, closed 60.  PND received 77 Level 2 checks.  Disclosure performance data needs improvement, Dawn to be included when Teresa Govier meets with BCD (see action schedule).
PNC (Craig James) Arrest Summons within 1 Day 86.3% (target 90%) believed to be continuing problem in receiving penalty notices outside 24 hour target.  Disposals % in 10 days 93.5% (target 75%).
CST (Adele Cooper) service level has dropped may be due to Sheffield trial, abandonment up at 6%, call down 300.

Complaints received in February 0
Compliments received in February 1

Contractual Hours – following the workshop Diana Harris and Jane Hardcastle have presented the suggested plan to the Performance Development / Training meeting and the Local Staff Association meeting, no objections received.  Management agreed to proceed with proposed plan.

ACTION:  Diana Harris to prepare and circulate a briefing on the Future Use of Contractual Hours.

 HR Issues
Comms – currently 30 vacancies with a further 14 staff on secondment, career break or Mat Leave.
Ten will come out of training 22 April.
Seventeen Comms staff attended the PC Assessment Centres last week.
FIM – Insp Lynskey moving to Staff Officer post.
Disclosure 1 x Band C + 1 x Band C secondment; 2 x Band B

Absence – Comms: as per last month plus first stage 3 dismissal
No update on changes to Absence Policy.
Disclosure: 1 x stage 1 incapacity, same person about to go on stage 1 capability.

Well Being Group first meeting last week chaired by Supt Moran, Julian Roper given action to write Priorities.  Gym will be ready for use shortly all staff should be encouraged to use.

FWA – a few waiting decision in RPU, two appeals, one heard, one outstanding.

Health & Safety
Action from Comms H&S Meeting held 11 March – Local Policy required for Electronic Cigarettes. The smoking of electronic cigarettes is allowed in buildings and therefore in the workplace.  Meeting discussed policy for Atlas Court and agreed that staff could ‘smoke’ in the break-out area on the top floor but only if no-one was eating in the area.  It was felt that although only a vapour is emitted other staff may object if they were eating, for this reason too it was agreed they could not be smoked in the canteen, it was also agreed not to allow at the workstation.

ACTION:  Julian Roper to communicate via Briefing Site the Atlas Court Policy on Electronic Cigarettes.

No update.

FAW on contractual hours resolved.
1 FAW re DDA outstanding.

 Julie Humphries submitted a change to part of the Incident Handling Protocol regarding telephone numbers – changes approved and Julie told, via Diana Harris that she could start briefing the changes out to staff.

Changes are required to the Domestic Abuse Policy, Teresa Govier is reviewing and will discuss changes with Stuart Chapman.

ACTION:  Teresa Govier to discuss changes to Domestic Abuse Policy with Stuart Chapman and bring back to this meeting for approval.

 Key Points from OSS Management Meeting 18.03.2013 – Tracy Potter
• Action on Corporate Health Check for Teresa Govier in relation to Hate Crime – has not been updated.

ACTION:  Teresa Govier to look at the Hate Crime action on CHC and update Tracy Potter.
• Overtime – to be discussed with Diana Harris
• Business Analyst post can be advertised once grading confirmed, via ECP.
• OMAN is OSS’ business continuity plan not the force’s
o Four vehicles available for immediate incidents or fetching staff to work – FIM must decide priority and liaise with Contingency Planning
• ACC Sahota has requested 2012/13 achievements, submissions include Shift Review, PNC Review & Airwave savings, CRB around Detection of Crime, 101.
• OSS Health & Well Being Strategy ready for launch.
o department will have two Well Being meetings
o Chaplain – available to staff for support / to listen (not there to sell faith)
• Finance – changes to procurement process and Financial Regs, support staff not police officers to sign off, authorised for Comms Tracy Potter (also Debbie Davis, Amanda Emmerson & Barbara Russell)
• Savings Plan 2013/14 – main departments for savings SCS and OSS.  OSS will look to achieve bulk via collaboration and regional working.
• Media – Matt Newby – priorities agreed op focus, Guns & knives, 101, Social Media and Tweeting for Atlas.  Any further requests must be made via Supt Moran or Tracy.
• Accommodation – if traffic move to Ops Complex Contingency Planning may move to Atlas Court, however CID also interested in space on 1st floor for central CMU (if agreed).
• OSS Command Team, C/Supt Barber, Supt Moran & Supt Verrall – leave now being co-ordinated.

Incident Handling Protocol – Stuart Chapman
Draft document circulated, feedback requested.  It is intended to issue as a one page documents with hyperlinks to all sections.  Tracy Potter said the roll out has yet to be agreed for Comms and she asked for suggestions, she and Stuart would probably visit Districts and roll out via Chief Inspectors.

ACTION:  Feedback on draft Incident Handling Protocol to include how it should be rolled out.

Doncaster Prisons – Teresa Govier
Doncaster District have submitted a proposed process for dealing with incidents at Doncaster Prisons.  The proposed process does not fit with the Incident Handling Protocol and also conflicts with the process for diary appointments.  Teresa and Adele Cooper to meet with District to discuss.

ACTION:  Teresa Govier and Adele Cooper to meet with Doncaster to discuss and agree a process for dealing with incidents at Doncaster Prisons.

NSIR – Teresa Govier
No changes from 1st April 2013 (other than Action Fraud).

CMU/CRB Review – Teresa Govier
Previous CID review recommendations have been implemented without going through the usual implementation processes.  Although this has changed and the CMU/CRB recommendations will be submitted to the Policing Board the lead can go with just one option.

Action Fraud – Teresa Govier
All staff to complete NCALT package by 25 March.

ACTION:  Teresa Govier to remind Shift Managers that all staff must complete Action Fraud NCALT package by 25 March.  Explanation on Gen2 to Tracy Potter if deadline cannot be met.

RPU Update
Diane Harris confirmed that work was completed in respect of the clocks going forward and Easter staffing.

PACT Priorities – Tracy Potter
Tracy tabled for discussion whether the Prompt 60 was still required in respect of PACT Priorities. After discussion it was agreed to make a recommendation to drop this grading.

ACTION:  Tracy Potter to make a recommendation via Supt Moran to drop the grading ‘Prompt 60’ created in respect of PACT Priorities.  Supt Moran to take to Citizen Focus Board.

TUESDAY 16 APRIL 2013 – ATLAS COURT – 10.00 am



Tuesday, 19 March, 2013 - 10:00