Rotherham District Command team - 28 January 2013

Minutes and Actions
Jason Harwin (Chief Supt), Jayne Cusworth (District PA), Dave Stopford (DCI), Ian Womersley (C/Insp), Richard Butterworth (C/Insp), Heather Askwith (HR OPS Partner), Mary Verity (Business Manager), Evans Chisala (OMA), Darren Boulding (Staff Officer)

Andrew Parker (Supt)

1. Actions from Previous Meeting
There were no previous actions to review

2. Force Update
Presentations were given to the group as follows:-

CST Review 
Changes within CST to the daily diary system have been explored and proposals were presented to the group on ways to improve the service for both customers and staff to improve efficiency.  A dedicated District CST Unit was agreed.
Customer Satisfaction 
Information on current customer satisfaction figures were presented to the group highlighting areas where service is measured.

3.  Business Planning
An update of current projects and risks was given by MV.

New projects to be included on the project register are to include Vulnerability & Silver Prevent, ANPR and Health & Wellbeing.
4. People Updates   
HA updated the group on the current numbers of long-term sickness on District and it was agreed that staff welfare visits will be carried out on a regular basis

Visits were agreed as follows:
DCT Portfolio Lead  -  after 2 months sickness
Superintendent  -  after 3 months sickness
Chief Superintendent  -   after 4 months sickness

Staff transfers, temporary and acting roles, vacancies and movement of staff were also discussed to ensure futures structures could be implemented and maintained.
future structures were also discussed.

5. Finance Update
Anticipated averspend on overtime.
Next years budget has been profiled to include costs for dogs, pedal cycles and skips and overtime.

All proposed centralisation of identified departments needs to be taken into consideration as budget amounts may be reduced as a result.

6. District  Performance Update   

7. Partnership Updates
JH gave an update to the group on topics covered at the Policing Board and the District Performance Visit actions raised, which have all be circulated to the team.
8. Any Emerging Portfolio Issues   
IW advised the group that the Public Events Advisory Group and the Emergency Planning Groups are to merge to produce one SAG for the Borough, which will cover sporting, licensing and public safety events.

9. Good Work
There were no GWM to be brought to the group’s attention.
10. AOB
Action Fraud  -  This was discussed at the Crime Conference and is a National Organisation, which has produced a package on fraud that has a start date of 25 March 2013.  A Ncalt
package has been developed to provided training/advice for this.

Coroners Office  -  Additional resource request has been made by the Coroner for availability of at District.  A meeting has been arranged with the Coroner to discuss this in more detail.


Thursday, 25 April, 2013 - 15:30