Community Safety Department Management Meeting Minutes

NHS Room, Lifewise Centre
Friday 15th February 2013 – 10.00 a.m.


T/Supt Paul Varley (PV) Chair Head of CSD
T/Sgt Wayne Vernon (WV) CSD
Margaret Lawson (ML) CSD Manager
Joanne Wehrle (JW) SRP
Matt Newby (MN) SYP Marketing
Alex Mills (AM) SYFR Marketing
Dave Newton (DN) SYFR
Jenny Webb – minutes CSD

Insp Joff Brook CSD
Sgt Pat Bowen CSD
Terry Haith Admin Manager, CSD
Diane Malpass SYFR
Del Galloway SYFR
Steve Wood SYFR
Simon Griffiths SYFR Finance
Amanda Emmerson Finance

1. Presentations

There were no presentations delivered

2. Nomination for Update Bulletin

Margaret Lawson volunteered to provide the update to staff.

3. Minutes and Action Schedule

The minutes of the last meeting held on 18.01.13 were agreed.

Please see attached action schedule for updates and new actions.

4. Standing Items

Declaration of Any Other Business

No other business was declared.

5. SYP / SYFR / SRP Performance

SYP – PV gave the following update:

• For South Yorkshire there are 73 recorded crimes per year, per 1,000 population as opposed to the National figure of 68.
• The Force priorities remain as Metal Theft, CSE, Shoplifting and Burglary. CSD are continuing to look to address through work at the Centre.
• An emerging trend – keyless thefts of high value motor vehicles.
Advice and preventative messages have gone out previously in relation to the car / house keys initiative, however it seems that there are conflicting messages going out.

Action arising
51. MN to liaise with John Shillito re checking the advice being given out in relation to the car / house keys initiative due to the emerging trend of thefts of high value motor vehicles.

MN reported on ‘Op Focus’ - Hallam FM put out on air details of vehicles stolen or sightings of stolen vehicles. At this time it is only applicable if the incident is in the previous 15 minutes, however Comms are in negotiations with Legal to extend the time to 30 minutes or 1 hour.

• Hate crime is up 15%, this may be due to actively currently ongoing to encourage reporting of hate crimes.
• An action plan has been created and approved at a force level for Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), some of this will cascade down to CSD in respect of education, prevention and intervention.
• Shoplifting continues to account for 10% of all crime.
• There are NCALT packages coming out for front facing staff in relation to the ‘Action Fraud’ initiative that is a national fraud reporting system.
The new process will be that any fraud, as of the 1st April, will be reported nationally to ‘Action Fraud’ unit who will collate all the details and decide who the best Force will be to investigate.

SYFR – DM gave the following update:

• Accidental dwelling fires have increased for January.
• Deliberate secondary fires, malicious calls, deliberate dwelling fires and RTC’s extrication of persons are all down.

SRP – JW gave the following update for Dec figures

• 4 fatals
• 5 non-statistical fatals
• Pedestrian casualties seem to be up, but only 3 pedestrian KSI’s that were children.
• There has been an issue with people falling out of taxis and private hire vehicles.
• There is a push for all taxis in Sheffield to have CCTV as part of the Taxi Licence, the cost will fall to the drivers.
• Young driver collisions are back down to 16% for KSI.
• Overall for 2012 based on the provisional figures KSI’s are at a similar level to what they were in 2011. Final figures are due in April.

6. Lifewise Centre

Lifewise Income Generation

The good news is that we are now starting to get more income generation for the Centre, including the following events:
• TTC Speed Awareness Sessions
• Rotherham Young Peoples Attendance Centres (not yet confirmed), with a view for the adult’s one to follow.
• A number of foreign force schools are coming forward to attend the Centre for Crucial Crew.
• 2 Passport to employment Job Centre events will take place during the Summer aimed at all people trying to gain employment.
• Busters vending machine is now working and meal deals will be put in on weekend to see how they sell.

Phase 3 Development

The plans are almost finalised we are just awaiting the elevation/structural report to be finalised to be able to submit to RMBC for planning permission.

ML has identified that the CCTV needs to be sorted out for the back yard so that we get full coverage of the back gate, a job has been lodged with ISD.

The plans do not now incorporate a full tram, the plan is to just have a fascia of a Supertram with a tram stop for shelter if required.

ML mentioned the garage that is to be erected in the back yard saying that it can be delivered but not erected due to us not having the planning permission if this is a requirement.

Action arising
52. JW is to check whether planning permission is required for the garage to be erected in the back yard.

New Innovations/Projects

SRP are holding their first chargeable QBE event on the 22nd February, which is a kind of driving for better business type of event. It is organised by the insurer QBE and they are having companies come who they insure and if it’s successful they may make it mandatory that all their businesses have to come on the event before they will insure them.

There is a High Sheriffs arrest and remand day on the 21st February to raise money for charity and the Annual High Sheriffs Awards Ceremony takes place on the
6th March.

The Lifewise Set and How it is Used

In relation to events, after discussion, it was agreed, that all events are to be booked through the formal booking process on the booking form and that ML will bring any events that require police and fire resources to the DMM so that management can formally approve and commit the appropriate resources at the planning stage.

7. Work Packages Update

• SYP Work Themes

A meeting has been held with the SYPTE and other Directors who were very supportive of the work WV is doing and the decrease in figures.

CSD have been asked to assist with getting sponsorship in for the Force Awards.

• SYFR Work Themes

Continuing progressing the official opening of the gym on the 28th February, which In2change have acquired to work with challenging young people.

• SRP Work Themes

In relation to recruitment, JW reported that the Community Engagement Officer is now in post and will be working on specific work themes relating to road safety including a joint activity database, where activity in schools will be a priority, a prospectus and working with the motor cycle and Subaru teams on messages.

The Project Development Officer post has now been filled with the successful applicant starting on the 4th March, the role will involve developing ideas with partners.

In terms of projects the following are up and coming events:
• Drivesafe 60+ course is planned for April.
• QBE Business Event.
• Lime DVD distribution.
• Working with SNAs for the Enforcement Seat Belt Campaign between the
7th & 11th March.
• Working more with health colleagues and attending a health fair in Barnsley on the 13th March.
• There is an induction for SRP volunteers on the 26th February.
• The One Show will be airing Scooter Safe on the 20th February.

• LA / Partner Work Themes

No update.

8. Finance Update

The funds in the joint income generation ‘pot’ are being finalised.

An extra TV has been fitted in the NHS room making the room more usable.

DN mentioned that there is a SYFR legacy fund available.
Agreed at the last Management meeting was that SYFR would pay for the fire alarm for the building to be linked to Atlas Court, a sensor to be fitted in the back stairwell in the SYFR office and the refresh of the equipment in the burnt bedroom scenario on the set.

9. Marketing

• The Fire safety theme is electrical fire safety, an incident will be aired on
Look North and 700 entries have been received so far to the on-line quiz.
• Fire are also conducting market research project in Eastwood particularly targeting the Roma Slovak community, to do home safety checks.
• Working on publicity in regards the ‘Lime’ launch.

• The SYP Violent crime campaign covering drink driving, vulnerable people and domestic violence is being evaluated.
• The GKTL (Guns & Knives Takes Lives) team have reconstructed a fictitious firearms incident on twitter which reached 142,000 accounts.
• The Force Impact day this month is on the 26th and 28th February and will be around burglary.
• The Lifewise Website will include a 360 tour of the centre which is being tweaked slightly before going live.
• SYP Brochure is being developed, awaiting visuals and is hoped will be ready by the beginning of March.
• The Channel 4 documentary on retail crime, Lifewise features, transmission date to follow.
• Continuing to support the Stop & Search and Integrated Services projects.

10. Crucial Crew Workbooks

It was agreed to defer this agenda item pending further market research.

11. Good News Stories

The following were put forward:
• Launch of the Lime ‘Collison’ Package (was known as Crash originally).
• Cubs sleepover - 180 cubs and 30 leaders - this was a real success with the cubs completing 6 badges during their stay.
• Job Centre event.
• Crucial Crew.

It was agreed by all that the recognition for the month of February would go to
Crucial Crew - Thanks went to everyone involved, particular mention to Emma as she managed to provide an excellent visit to hundreds of pupils during the heavy snowfall.

It was agreed that the future developments with the ‘Job Centre events’ and collision would allow further consideration at future meetings.

12. A.O.B

JW raised the risk with the scooters on set containing fuel, it was agreed to relocate them to the outside garage when erected.

Action arising
53. ML to look at relocating or disposing of the simulators.

13. Date of Next Meeting

Friday 15th March 2013, 10.00am
NHS Room, Lifewise Centre

Action schedule – 15.02.13

Action Date

Action / Update
Action 41 – 14.09.12 JB to source a display cabinet.
16.10.12 – Ongoing.
14.11.12 – It was agreed for the cabinet to be purchased from the Income Generation budget.
Insignias for both SYP & SYFR to be framed and displayed – ML to progress.
13.12.12 – Re the cabinet PV is reluctant to purchase at the price sourced, further researched to be progressed through the prisons.
Insignias – Ongoing
18.01.13 – Deferred for more research.
15.02.13 – Deferred re clarification on the funding in the income generation budget.
Lisa Porter to contact Everthorpe Prison. Joff Brook

Margaret Lawson
Action 50 – 13.12.12 TH to obtain quotes for new conference tables in the NHS room.
18.01.13 – Deferred, TH to look at other alternatives re better quality and flexibility i.e. tilt and slide, look at other premises like the training centre to see what they have and also link in with SYFR.
15.02.13 – TH to obtain further quotes and look to split the cost with the Fire Service. Terry Haith
Action 51 – 15.02.13 MN to liaise with John Shillito re checking the advice being given out in relation to the car / house keys initiative due to the emerging trend of thefts of high value motor vehicles. Matt Newby
Action 52 – 15.02.13 JW is to check whether planning permission is required for the garage to be erected in the back yard. Joanne Wehrle
Action 53 – 15.02.13 ML to look at relocating or disposing of the simulators. Margaret Lawson


Friday, 15 February, 2013 - 10:00