Community Safety Department Management Meeting Minutes

Conference Room, Lifewise Centre
Friday 15th March 2013 – 10.00 a.m.


T/Supt Paul Varley (PV) Chair Head of CSD
Insp Joff Brook (JB) CSD
Margaret Lawson (ML) CSD Manager
Matt Newby (MN) SYP Marketing
Alex Mills (AM) SYFR Marketing
Dave Newton (DN) SYFR
Jenny Webb – minutes CSD

Sgt Pat Bowen CSD
T/Sgt Wayne Vernon CSD
Joanne Wehrle SRP
Steve Betts SRP
Terry Haith Admin Manager, CSD
Kevin Ronan SYFR

1. Presentations

There were no presentations delivered

2. Nomination for Update Bulletin

Matt Newby volunteered to provide the update to staff.

3. Minutes and Action Schedule

The minutes of the last meeting held on 15.02.13 were agreed.

Please see attached action schedule for updates and new actions.

4. Standing Items

Declaration of Any Other Business

No other business was declared.

5. SYP / SYFR / SRP Performance

SYP – JB gave the following update:

• Burglary offences in Sheffield are particularly high.
• Overall public confidence is down from 54% to 48% for quarter 3 of 12/13.
• Theft of pedal cycles has seen an increase between May and October and equates to 5% of all crime in 2012. Sheffield and Doncaster have run operations to tackle these offences.
• CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) – There were 58 individual children aged
12-14 missing from home between 1 Jan and 9 Feb, 2013. Of these 27 displayed some indication of CSE. There are concerns around the recording of potential CSE and low-levels of intelligence being received.
CSD have an action to liaise through the KINS of the Roma Slovak community to try to pass on awareness of the warning signs.

SYFR – DM gave the following update:

• Accidental and deliberate dwelling fires are both down from the same period last year.
• Deliberate secondary fires and malicious calls are also down.
• RTC’s ‘extrication of persons’ are down.

SRP – PV updated

There have been no monthly briefings received about casualty performance in Jan and Feb due to SYP changing over to a new recording system.

6. Lifewise Centre

Lifewise Income Generation

An income generation update was provided to the Lifewise Governance Board.
There is around £7k in the Lifewise ‘pot’ for this 2012/13 financial year (that can be carried forward into 2013/14 if need be).

Phase 3 Development

Slight progress has been made but, having got the floor plans, there is still a problem with obtaining the ‘structural reports’ re the two-story house fronts etc. Further enquiries to be made to see exactly how much data is required before it can be taken to Regional Procurement for the project to progress through the ‘Your Build’ system, which uses approved contractors without the need to go through the tender process.

Action arising
54. ML to chase Helen Wright for an urgent update in relation to the ‘Phase 3’ development.

New Innovations/Projects

No update

The Lifewise Set and How it is Used

Upgrades currently being progressed are:
• Better IT facilities in the Arson room (second house)
• Large screen in the Internet Cafe (with funding from the Prevent budget).

7. Work Packages Update

• SYP Work Themes

No update

• SYFR Work Themes

No update

• SRP Work Themes

PV updated:
Two of the four countywide road safety officers are now in post. They will work across the SRP partners providing assistance where appropriate. Meetings are currently being held with the local authorities and SYFR to develop long lists of projects that the 2 officers will work on and these will be prioritised accordingly.

Recruitment of the remaining countywide road safety officers is ongoing with interviews taking place on the 2nd April, these officers will be supporting the local authority road safety teams delivering activity in schools in priority areas.

Planning is underway for the UN Road Safety Week in May and Child Road Safety Week in June.

The Road safety pages on the Lifewise999 website are currently being looked at and ideas for enhancing the content and navigability of the road safety pages are currently being progressed.

• LA / Partner Work Themes

No update.

8. Finance Update

The projection costs for the running and managing of the Lifewise Centre for forthcoming years have been submitted in a report to the Lifewise Governance Board.

9. Marketing


• The electrical fire campaign which ran throughout January and February has now ended. During this time there were 12 items of high impact media coverage and contributed to a 12% reduction in electrical fires saving approximately £150,000.
• Next campaign will concentrate on cooking fires.
• Planning a family fun day in Eastwood taking place on 8 April, specifically aimed at the Roma-Slovak community.


• Current priorities are Action Fraud, which will be adopted in South Yorkshire from 25 March and child sexual exploitation.
• The first visuals of a brochure being developed for the Lifewise Centre to give to visitors, contacts and dignitaries etc was presented to the Management Team, this should be printed by the end of the month.
• Katie Ashmore is currently preparing to do some research with
Emma Kenny-Levick with Crucial Crew attendees with a view to producing marketing materials for young people to take away.


• The 2013-15 communications plan is currently being prepared.
• 'Jemma Bear' campaign will launch on the 18th March, this is in support of Operation Ophelia targeting HGV drivers.
• Someone's Son campaign planning underway - campaign launches April through to May.

A number of press releases have recently been issued throughout February and May:
• Senior citizens drive-safe event.
• Op Obstruct.
• Flowers for your sweetheart or for a broken heart?
• Take a Road Trip to National Bikers Show.
• SY Police joins European Seatbelt Crackdown.
• Calling all South Yorkshire Bikers.
• Jemma Bear Campaign

10. Crucial Crew Workbooks

It was agreed to defer this agenda item pending further market research as detailed above.

11. Good News Stories

It was agreed by all that the recognition for the month of March would go jointly to:

The High Sheriffs Award
The Remand and Release Day

12. A.O.B

No further business was discussed.

13. Date of Next Meeting

Monday 15th April 2013, 10.00am
NHS Room, Lifewise Centre

Action schedule – 15.03.13

Action Date

Action / Update
Action 41 – 14.09.12 JB to source a display cabinet.
16.10.12 – Ongoing.
14.11.12 – It was agreed for the cabinet to be purchased from the Income Generation budget.
Insignias for both SYP & SYFR to be framed and displayed – ML to progress.
13.12.12 – Re the cabinet PV is reluctant to purchase at the price sourced, further researched to be progressed through the prisons.
Insignias – Ongoing
18.01.13 – Deferred for more research.
15.02.13 – Deferred re clarification on the funding in the income generation budget.
Lisa Porter to contact Everthorpe Prison.
15.03.13 – DN to try to progress through SYFR funds. Joff Brook

Margaret Lawson

Dave Newton
Action 50 – 13.12.12 TH to obtain quotes for new conference tables in the NHS room.
18.01.13 – Deferred, TH to look at other alternatives re better quality and flexibility i.e. tilt and slide, look at other premises like the training centre to see what they have and also link in with SYFR.
15.02.13 – TH to obtain further quotes and look to split the cost with the Fire Service.
15.03.13 – ML to progress. Terry Haith

Margaret Lawson
Action 52 – 15.02.13 JW is to check whether planning permission is required for the garage to be erected in the back yard.
15.03.13 – It has been confirmed that planning permission is required but we still need to fetch the other half of the garage, Andy Hall SYFR is to contact the supplier to arrange delivery. Joanne Wehrle

Andy Hall, SYFR
Action 53 – 15.02.13 ML to look at relocating or disposing of the simulators.
15.03.13 – J Wehrle to identify a new location for the simulators after the terms and conditions have been checked by Sharon Storey. Margaret Lawson
Joanne Wehrle
Action 54 – 15.03.13 ML to chase Helen Wright for an urgent update in relation to the ‘Phase 3’ development. Margaret Lawson


Friday, 15 March, 2013 - 11:30