Senior Command Team Meeting

 Senior Command Team Meeting
Monday 21st January 2013

CC David Crompton (Chair)
T/DCC Andy Holt
ACC Max Sahota
T/ACC Martyn Bates
DF Nigel Hiller

There were no declarations of interest.


RESOLVED – These were approved as an accurate record. 

There were no current/outstanding actions.


CC Crompton

• In line with anticipated speech on integrity by the Home Secretary in the next week or so, SYP will publish details of disciplinary hearings resulting in dismissals from 1st April 2013. This will also include those people who resign from the force as a result of disciplinary-related investigations. The Police Federation have no objections to the policy of releasing information of disciplinary details externally. A press release is being issued today to this effect.

ACTION - CC to release information to the press.
ACTION - T/ACC Bates to liaise with PSD about taking this forward.

DF Hiller

•   A brief budget update was given – good progress following discussions with the PCC. 

ACTION – NH to request information from Head of Facilities Management in relation to SYP properties.

•  Risk Management/Governance - following discussion this area of business will now fall under DF Hiller’s area from BCD.
•  Business Manager Review - consultation phase completed and the paper will now be passed to Diamond for on-going work.

T/DCC Holt

• Discussion took place with regard to an additional Chief Inspector post at Barnsley district and also one at Sheffield district.  Barnsley district currently have one substantive Chief Inspector with the other Chief Inspector being filled using a temporary promotion.  SCT agreed that an additional uniform Chief Inspector post would be established at Barnsley. 

• With regard to Sheffield district, the C/Supt had intended to disestablish a district wide Chief Inspector post.  Recent experience showed that this post was essential to co-ordinate Pan Sheffield initiatives and SCT agreed that the post should not be disestablished and that the post would be recruited to.  It was pointed out that there was only one person awaiting promotion to Chief Inspector.

All Crime   -7.1% 
Burglary   +0.3% (concerns car crime in Barnsley – action plan in place)
Burglary in a dwelling +6.7% (mainly in Sheffield)
Theft from a person +30.1%

Crime Statistics will be released on the 24th January 2013.

Decision Papers


T/DCC Holt presented this paper to seek approval from the Police Crime Commissioner and Senior Command Team to dispose of Bentley Station and Doncaster DHQ, and to reinvest capital receipts to establish a District Command Suite at College Road Station. 

The following recommendations were put forward:

1. SCT request that the Police Crime Commissioner grant approval to dispose of Bentley Station and Doncaster DHQ.
2. SCT request that the Police Crime Commissioner grant approval for capital receipts to be reinvested to establish a District Command Suite at College Road Station.

ACTION –  Paper was agreed in principle but a revised paper needs to be presented to the PCC – T/DCC Holt .


CC Crompton presented this paper to outline options for the 2013 Leaders in Action Force Awards Ceremony.

The following recommendations were put forward:

1. Awards timeline - to culminate in ceremony either June or September (September date preferred by Media and Marketing)

2. Awards categories – with additional awards and process for District SPOC

3. Location of the ceremony – Niagara, Tankersley Manor or other

4. Sponsorship process

5. Awards Panel membership

RESOLVED – SCT agreed on the following:

1.   Awards timeline – 2013 awards to take place in June but bring forward next year’s awards before the end of the financial year.  Additionally, the cost associated with this event should not exceed that of last year’s. 

2. Awards categories – Manager of the Year Award (Staff and Officer) is to be added to the category.

3. Location of the ceremony – Move around venues in all districts as this is a force wide event.

4. Sponsorship  – Two SPOC were appointed and are to work with CSD on sponsorship deals.

 ACTION – T/DCC Holt to speak to districts about how their respective local awards can link in with LiA in terms of financial commitment and contribution to this force wide event.

5. Awards Panel Membership – approved.


ACC Sahota presented this paper to notify the Senior Command Team of plans for Specialist Crime Services (SCS) to undertake a review which examines the rank of Senior Investigating Officers within the Force; and (ii) to agree a plan to address current and projected Detective Superintendent vacancies.

The Force currently has four full-time Senior Investigating Officers (SIOs) at the rank of Detective Superintendant. Nationally, the rank of SIO differs between forces, with a number of large metropolitan forces utilising officers of the rank of Detective Chief Inspector. Furthermore, Specialist Crime Services (SCS) currently have one Detective Superintendent vacancy (SIO), with a further vacancy projected from May 2013, upon the retirement of the Force Authorising Officer.

Considering these factors within the context of the current financial challenges and the ongoing Force CID restructure, it is timely to determine whether the rank of SIOs should remain at Detective Superintendent. The SCS review will be led by T/Det. Ch. Supt SCS and will examine both the need and options for any change.

The following recommendations were put forward:

1. note the plan for Specialist Crime Services to carry out a review of the rank for Senior Investigating Officers, under the governance of the Diamond Board

2. approve the plan to fill the current Senior Investigating Officer vacancy and projected Authorising Officer with temporary promotions to Detective Superintendent.

RESOLVED – SCT agreed to filling the vacancies but the details of who will fill them is yet to be decided and agreed on.


T/ACC Bates presented this paper to seek the Senior Command Team’s view on South Yorkshire Police (at Senior Command Team level) being represented on the Common Purpose Advisory Group for Sheffield City Region.  There is no financial cost to the organisation in relation to this decision. 
The following recommendation was put forward:

1. That SCT consider whether they wish to nominate an SCT member to take a place on the Common Purpose Advisory Group for the Sheffield City Region.

RESOLVED – Paper was rejected. SCT will not provide a SCT member to sit on the Advisory Group.


HR Supt presented a report providing promotion predictions for all ranks excluding ACPO based upon available information up to April 2015.  It also seeks SCT approval for the timetabling or where applicable review of timetabling of processes and the format of promotion assessment.
SCT noted the paper with a comment about information not detailed in this report.

ACTION – Information to be provided on the number of officers and staff currently employed in a temporary promotion capacity.
ACTION – Supt HR to work on the promotion time table which can then be communicated to staff.

Discussion Papers


DF Hiller presented a report on the national specification and procurement of the new patrol body armour (HG1A/KR1).

Concerns have been raised by the Police Federation regarding the lack of shoulder protection in the new body armour provided to Police Officers and this report summarises the decisions made regarding the national standard and the procurement and consultation process.
RESOLVED – SCT noted the position and have been made aware that there will be a presentation on this in due course, to which the PCC will be invited to.
ACTION – CC to include as agenda item for his next meeting with the PCC.

HR provided SCT with a proposed sustainable 5 year Health & Wellbeing Strategy for consideration and launch during March 2013.  Thereafter embedded within the organisation using a range of in house and externally provided services/initiatives, including management and personal development, self help and well being support tools, available for officers and staff.

The following recommendations were put forward:

1. To endorse the proposed strategic intent of the Health and Wellbeing Strategy, (Appendix 1) to be incorporated within the Chief Constable’s Vision for the Force, and linked to the People Strategy.

2. To endorse the underpinning Health & Wellbeing model (Appendix 2) and 2 phase Delivery Plan for 2013-18, (Appendix 3).

3. To report and monitor at corporate level on Health & Wellbeing support via the strategic Health & Wellbeing Committee (formerly Health & Safety committee) on a quarterly basis, and at SCT, JNCC and the Policing Board, as required.

SCT noted that further work needed to be done in terms of simplifying the information given in the report to give a better and clearer understanding of the target group, the aims and benefits associated with the strategy, how it would be delivered and achieved, and how it would be communicated. 

ACTION - HR to amend the purpose of the report to include specific examples of products/services/benefits in order to sell the strategy to the workforce.
To include on the next QRD agenda for presentation to engage and consult with key stakeholders and promote the benefits and how the services/support will be implemented in practice.


Supt HR presented an overview of the current situation in terms of progress to date in terms of post deletions required for 2012/13 (Year 2) and the consequent knock-on effect for years 3 and 4. The report also provided an indication of the potential post deletions that could contribute towards the challenge for 2013/14 and the projected shortfall that needs to be addressed.

Information will also be provided in respect of projected leavers over the next 2 years and the number of officers to be recruited during years 3 and 4 of the Comprehensive Spending Review (CSR). Recruitment projections are based on the numbers of leavers, the number of post deletions and additional transitional funding provided via the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The following recommendations were put forward:

1. SCT note and discuss the information provided within the context of progress towards the CSR Savings Plan 2012-2015.
2. Attention is focussed in particular on the current gap in terms of post deletions for 2012/13 and the post deletion targets set for 2013/14 and 14/15 in the medium term financial forecast (MTFF).

RESOLVED - SCT noted the paper and held a general discussion on some of the issues.
ACTION – DF Hiller to add post deletions to the Budget Monitoring Report.

Audit Reports

Papers to Review

CC to circulate a brief summary to SCT after his weekly meetings with the PCC.

Press release - Integrity



Monday, 21 January, 2013 - 10:00