Senior Command Team Meeting

Senior Command Team Meeting
Tuesday 2nd April 2013

CC David Crompton (Chair)
ACC Max Sahota
DF Nigel Hiller
ACO HR Ian Watson
T/ACC Martyn Bates

There were no declarations of interest.


These were approved as an accurate record following an amendment being made to item 67 Portfolio Updates, with the following to be removed:-

DF Hiller

•    Provided a verbal update on the SYP Estate Working Group.


Item 54 – ongoing.  ACC Sahota has written to WYP.  Awaiting an update from Ch.Supt. OSS regarding parts and tools audit and a timeframe to work to.

T/ACC Bates

• DC Replacements

The UKBA Enforcement team is based in Sheffield and some of the constable vacancies will be coming up for advertisement shortly. 

ACC Sahota advised that there is also an opportunity to advertise two secondments positions – one in PREVENT as a Superintendent, the other is an Analyst role within the regional collaboration team.

ACO Watson to arrange for SCT to be copied in to job advertisements.

ACC Sahota

• Initiated a discussion in the meeting on the regional collaboration paper that the PCC had requested.  Awaiting the outcome of the meeting the PCC is having next week with the other PCCs within the region.

DF Hiller

• Advised that the Head of Facilities Management would be leaving the organisation on 31st May 2013 and asked colleagues for their thoughts on how this role is fulfilled going forward.  CC Crompton to speak to the PCC.  DF Hiller advised that as an interim arrangement, Humberside have advised they could afford some resilience to SYP if required.

• ACO Watson said that there was a wider issue around stage 2 transfers and that the timescales have now been confirmed.  The submission has to be with the Home Secretary by September at the latest and consultation has to be undertaken within this period.  ACO Watson to provide a briefing paper to SCT.

• DF Hiller advised that he had circulated some notes to SCT from the recent Efficiency Advisory Panel he had attended with DCC Holt.  The Panel are to agree the way forward for future meetings.

• DF Hiller confirmed that the first session of interviews for the new Joint Audit Committee membership had taken place.  There had been 38 applications and 12 of these are to be interviewed. 

• The sale concluded on Meersbrook last week.

ACO Watson

• Advised that there would be a communication going out this week regarding changes to the attendance criteria.


In the absence of DCC Holt, a round up of the year-end performance will be discussed at the next meeting.
Decision Papers


ACC Sahota presented this paper, the purpose of which was to enable SCT to consider and make an informed decision as to the future structure of SYP’s response to CSE in line with the future restructure of CID within South Yorkshire.

The following recommendation was put forward:

1. SCT to agree the proposed Force Child Sexual Exploitation Investigation Model that will incorporate the additional staff to ensure improved service delivery to victims of Child Sexual Exploitation in South Yorkshire.

RESOLVED – Recommendation agreed. 


The purpose of this paper, presented by ACC Sahota and Ch.Supt CJAD, is to agree the revenue savings plan that supports the new build of the custody suites within SYP and is to be presented to the Commissioner on 9th April 2013.

RESOLVED – The paper to be amended to include more detail for the Commissioner and for it to be submitted to the Governance Advisory Board Meeting on 21st May 2013.

Revised Constables’ Pay Scale From April 2013

ACO Watson presented this paper, the purpose of which is to provide the information necessary for the Chief Constable to consult with the PCC and agree on the appropriate level of starting pay for newly- appointed constables.

The following recommendations were put forward:

1. That South Yorkshire Police adopts the new pay scale for constables from 1st April 2013, including the option to offer a starting salary at Point 0 or Point 1 of the new scale, depending on policing qualifications, relevant experience or local recruitment needs.

2. That in order to minimise bureaucracy, the force adopts only two possible starting salaries at Point 0 - £19,000 or £21,999, rather than a range between the two.

3. That outstanding applicants for appointment as constable already in the recruitment system and awaiting appointment are paid a starting salary at Point 1 of the new salary scale (£22,000).

4. That, until a nationally agreed framework of pre-entry qualifications is developed, external recruits to the office of constable, who are not serving Special Constables or Police Community Support Officers, should be paid a starting salary at Point 0 (£19,000) of the new salary scale.

5. That a Special Constable who is appointed as a constable after 1st April 2013, and who has achieved Safe and Lawful status, should be paid a starting salary at Point 1 of the new scale (£22,000).

6. That a Police Community Support Officer  who has been signed off as competent to perform independent patrol and has served a minimum of 18 months in the role, and who is  appointed as a constable after 1st April 2013, should be paid a starting salary at Point 1 of the new scale (£22,000).

7. That a member of police staff who is  appointed as a constable after 1st April 2013, and who has successfully completed eighteen months’ service, should be paid a starting salary at Point 1 of the new scale (£22,000).

8. That a Police Volunteer who is seeking a career in the police service should be given the opportunity to take advantage of the PDR process in order to develop competence in core skills.

9. That SCT considers whether non-Home Office forces or people in partnership roles working with the police should be subject to further consideration with regard to accreditation of ‘relevant experience’.

RESOLVED – The paper was agreed and is to be discussed with the PCC.

Discussion Papers


T/ACC Martyn Bates advised that the paper presented the rationale behind the verbal update he gave at the last SCT Meeting.

Proposals within the paper were agreed.


T/ACC Martyn Bates circulated the Memorandum of Understanding to SCT and asked colleagues for their observations.  The MOU was agreed with the addition of a paragraph to include the agreed force policy regarding critical incidents and the discretion of the commanding officer / duty ACPO.


DF Hiller asked that a full discussion take place prior to signing off any performance management system.

HMIC Valuing the Police 3

CC Crompton asked for a briefing paper that would detail the profile looking forward over the next four years.  A discussion followed regarding the complexities involved.

Audit Reports

DF Hiller discussed the report, including carry forwards and the fact that priority would be given to delivering the CSR.


DF Hiller advised that this was a routine audit report around i-procurement. It has been agreed that contract purchasing agreements will cease and this step will remove some of the recommendations from the audit report.  The other principal recommendations that haven’t already been completed will be done by the end of May.

Papers to Review


DF Hiller to forward an email on to SCT colleagues regarding CPOSA.

SCT non-Business Meeting next Monday to be extended and Diamond Board start time to be delayed in order to facilitate a presentation and discussion from Head of BCD.


Tuesday, 2 April, 2013 - 10:00