Barnsley District Command



In Attendance:  

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)
CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response & SNA
DCI Mark Wilkie, Crime Manager
A/Chief Inspector Simon Wanless, Ops
Phil Swaine, Operational Management Accountant
Heather Askwith, HR Operational Partner
A/PS Gavin Kerr, Staff Officer


Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations
Mary Verity, Business Manager

Copy to:  

Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer


1.1 As above.

1.2 Phil Swaine was welcomed to the meeting.  Phil has replaced Evans Chisala as District OMA.


2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 2 April 2013 were agreed as an accurate record.


3.1 Talent Management. Chief Supt. Brooke to capture the findings from the Talent Management meeting on an Action Plan.  Ongoing.

3.2 Business Plan Projects.  Mary Verity to meet with Chief. Supt. Brooke to discuss the projects.  Chief Superintendent Brooke and Mary Verity have reviewed and updated all the projects.  They will meet further on 23 May 2013 to consider some potentially new ones.  Discharged.

3.3 Licensing Officer.  A/CI Wanless to liaise with Inspector Suttenwood in respect of a temporary back fill.  Interviews will take place on 15 May 2013 to cover the Licensing Officer’s maternity leave.  Ongoing.


4.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re PCC Targets

All crime is up by 2.6% (44 offences). 

ASB is up by 14% but it has been determined that this is due to approximately 15% of the ASB classifications being incorrect.

Burglary dwelling is up by 78.3% (65 offences).  Optimal Forager has been implemented at District to target the offences.

Vehicle crime is up by 34.7% (60 offences).

Criminal damage is down by 7.6%.

Violence with injury is up by 33.3% (36 offences).

Hate crime is down by 11.1% (1 offence).

The overall detection rate is down by 10%.

4.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

 The Barnsley Live music festival will be held on 22 June 2013.

 Op Barracuda is ongoing.  Radio Sheffield will follow officers on patrol on 17 May 2013.

 The BBC is looking to do a TV programme about the effects the austerity measures have on local communities.  A meeting has been requested with Chief Superintendent Brooke to determine what opportunities might be available in Barnsley.


5. Closed. 


6.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

SYPB.  The CID implementation plan was discussed at length.  The review on Reactive CID is pending and although the Intelligence review was supported at SYPB, it has since been put on hold by the Diamond Board.

Chief Superintendent Brooke has met with Detective Superintendent Barraclough regarding the Economic Crime Unit.  Whilst being aware that a number of options will be presented to the next SYPB, all of which steer towards centralisation of the unit to Sheffield, he is awaiting a copy of the project report and costings. 

The SIO structure review has been supported and there will be a move from Detective Superintendents to Detective Chief Inspectors.  

The review of Business Managers has been agreed and finalised.

An update was given on Hillsborough. 


Partnership.  It has been agreed through the Partnership that there will be a Local Strategic Partnership (LSP).  A new Health and Wellbeing Board has also been formed.  The latter has six key priorities; Chief Superintendent Brooke will lead on the priority on Alcohol for treatment, education and health.  Underneath that, is the CSP.  The District is well embedded within those partnership structures and this should afford good opportunities for the District in terms of funding etc.  Chief Superintendent Brooke is now keen to access the commissioning services structure, as this will afford other funding opportunities.


Finance.  A £12.5k underspend is anticipated in April, overtime will be £2,829 underspent.  The overtime cut for 2013/14 is 10%, this has been profiled into this year’s figures.

6.2 OMA Financial Commentary

Deferred to next meeting.

6.3 Risk Register

 All are up-to-date.

Business Continuity.  No items.

6.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects.  There are no projects to review at this time but a meeting has been arranged for 23 May to consider some potentially new projects.

6.5 Human Resource Issues


A CCTV Operator’s post is currently vacant but will not be filled because of the embargo on recruiting.  The ASBO post will be re-designated to a Hate Crime post but this has yet to go through the Establishment Control Panel. 

A number of posts are carrying spare hours. 

The posts that are currently showing vacant are actually substantive posts. 

The post of Child Protection and Sexual Exploitation Detective is currently vacant.  Action:  Chief Superintendent Brooke, DCI Wilkie and Heather Askwith to look to identify someone for the post. 

A request has been received from a PCSO to transfer to the ASBO team.  This will be discussed further at the Business Plan meeting. 

Personnel & Welfare Issues.  No items.

 Awards.  No items.

6.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

Deferred to next meeting.

6.7 Audit Reports

 No issues.

6.8 Coroner’s Officer Resilience

There have been some resilience issues in terms of the Coroner’s Officers but a PCSO has expressed an interest in covering as and when required.  Action:  DI Askew to liaise with the Coroner’s Officers in terms of the resilience issues and present an update to Chief Superintendent Brooke, DCI Wilkie and CI Hodgkinson. 

6.9 DMM Cover

Volunteers are required for Christmas Day and Boxing Day.  DCI Wilkie agreed to cover Boxing Day and CI Hodgkinson Christmas Day. 
6.10 File Quality

A report is received on a monthly basis regarding the quality of files but this does not go into the same detail as previous emails as to the reasons why a file has failed.  As a result, DC Harper was asked to look at the files for last month to determine the reasons for failure.  He found that while a couple were due to officers failing to scan both sides of the front sheet, a high proportion were due to officers not having ticked a box.  As it was felt that some of the failures were for minor reasons, it was suggested that the returned files be dip-sampled to determine the actual cause of the failure.  Actions:  DCI Wilkie to dip-sample the returned files for errors and feed back his findings to Chief Superintendent Brooke.  Chief Superintendent Brooke to liaise with Anne-Marie Dempsey regarding file quality. 


6.11 Volunteers
T/ACC Bates has been tasked with some work around increasing the number of volunteers within SYP, encouraging either police staff to volunteer in their own time or looking at external volunteers.  In terms of the latter, Districts have been asked to give some consideration as to what role volunteers can perform, eg. Crime prevention advice and reassurance type visits.  A discussion followed.  Action:  A meeting to be arranged between Chief Superintendent Brooke, CI Hodgkinson, A/CI Wanless, Mary Verity, Inspectors Burgess and Mitchell to discuss volunteering opportunities in more detail.

6.12 Specials

Barnsley had 35 Specials but this has reduced by 4-5 in the last few months as a result of all Specials being put back through the process of Safe and Lawful.  Since this was introduced, only one Special has re-achieved this status.  The concern is that the Force is now looking to recruit more Specials over the next 12-18 months, increasing the number at Barnsley to approximately 95.  A/CI Wanless’ suggestion is that when the Specials are initially recruited to Barnsley, they should be divided between the five Special Sergeants, working alongside a Response Team after being assigned a Tutor, Assessor or Mentor, to gain some experience to attain Safe and Lawful.  When they have achieved this, they will be allocated to an SNT where they will be assigned a Mentor.  If they wish to remain on a Response Team or work with the ASB unit, this will also be accommodated.  Action:  A/CI Wanless to produce a process map around the deployment of Specials.

HQ has requested that Districts each have a nominated Sergeant to co-ordinate the role.  At this time, PS Pursley and PS Taylor have taken on the responsibility for managing the Specials but this will be monitored to determine capacity.

From a finance perspective, the centre has set aside £1.4m for the recruitment to cover kit, lockers, airwaves and BlackBerries etc.  The budget for Specials will be held centrally and will not be devolved to Districts. 


7.1 No items. 




Tuesday, 14 May, 2013 - 10:00