Barnsley District Command Team - 28 May 2013


In Attendance:              Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)

CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response & SNA

DCI Mark Wilkie, Crime Manager

A/PS Gavin Kerr, Staff Officer

Mary Verity, Business Manager


Apologies:                   Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations

A/Chief Inspector Simon Wanless, Ops

Phil Swaine, Operational Management Accountant

Heather Askwith, HR Operational Partner


Copy to:                       Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer



1.         APOLOGIES


  1. As above.





2.1       The minutes of the last meeting dated 14 May 2013 were agreed as an accurate record.





3.1       Talent Management. Chief Supt. Brooke to capture the findings from the Talent Management meeting on an Action Plan.  Chief Supt. Brooke and Mary Verity to discuss.  Ongoing.


3.2       Licensing OfficerA/CI Wanless to liaise with Inspector Suttenwood in respect of a temporary back fill.  Following interview an officer has been appointed.  It was confirmed she will work from Barnsley.  Discharged.


3.3       Funding – PCCCommand Team members to consider who could lead on the District Christmas campaign.  CI Hodgkinson will oversee the campaign and nominate an appropriate officer.  Discharged.


3.4       Child Protection & Sexual Exploitation Detective. Chief Superintendent Brooke, DCI Wilkie and Heather Askwith to identify someone for the post.  A Force-wide selection process will take place.  Discharged


3.5       Resilience – Coroner’s OfficerDI Askew to liaise with the Coroner’s Officers in terms of the resilience issues and present an update to Chief Superintendent Brooke, DCI Wilkie and CI Hodgkinson.  Update from DI Askew prior to the next meeting.  Ongoing.


3.6       File QualityDCI Wilkie to dip-sample the returned files for errors and feed back his findings to Chief Superintendent Brooke. Chief Superintendent Brooke to liaise with Anne-Marie Dempsey regarding file quality.  Discussion outside of this meeting.  Discharged.


3.7       VolunteersA meeting to be arranged between Chief Superintendent Brooke, CI Hodgkinson, A/CI Wanless, Mary Verity, Inspectors Burgess and Mitchell to discuss volunteering opportunities in more detail.  Ongoing.


3.8       SpecialsA/CI Wanless to produce a process map around the deployment of Specials.  Ongoing.






4.1        Summary of Year to Date Performance re PCC Targets


All crime is up by 3.6% (78 offences). 


ASB is up by 14%.  It was highlighted that the Dearne area are experiencing problems with nuisance motorcycles and repeat calls. 


Burglary dwelling is up by 60.4% (67 offences). 


Vehicle crime is up by 29.8% (67 offences).


Criminal damage is down by 3.2% (13 offences).


Violence with injury is up by 36.1% (52 offences).


Hate crime is up by 15% (5 offences).


The positive outcome overall detection rate is down by 8.3% (27.7% at this present stage).


4.2        Forthcoming Events/Operations


            A pre-season friendly between Barnsley-v-Wolves will take place on 20 July 2013.





5.1        Major Crime Investigations


No items.





6.1        Update from Key Force Meetings


Child Sexual Exploitation.  The meeting will be split into three strands which are generally covered through daily business within District. 


Safeguarding Children’s Board.  A further sub-group will be established to review Child Sexual Exploitation in Barnsley; DCI Wilkie has been nominated onto the group.  Chief Supt. Brooke will also attend the Safeguarding meetings. 


ACC Sahota has requested that District increase its bids for OSS etc. 


6.2        OMA Financial Commentary


Deferred to the next meeting.


6.3        Risk Register


            Chief Supt. Brooke and Mary Verity will meet today to discuss the Risk Register and Business Plan projects. 


Business Continuity.  No items.


6.4        Business Plan


Business Plan Projects.  See item 6.3.


6.5       Human Resource Issues


Establishment.  Deferred to the next meeting.


Personnel & Welfare Issues.  To be discussed at the next meeting.


            Awards.  No items.


6.6       Performance Visit Action Schedule


The recent Performance meeting was discussed.


6.7        Audit Reports


            The Seized Cash Audit has formally been signed off by Internal Audit with the two recommendations being actioned and agreed.


            Items such as the Risk Register, Dispersement Account, Control Stationery, iProc System, System Access, Property, i.e. drugs, Gifts & Gratuity and Complaints have been reviewed by Audit.  Other than iProc which is still ongoing, Audit had no issues to report.


6.8       Command Team Patrol Time


            The Command Team are the subject of reporting to the PCC time spent on patrol.  An update in respect of this can be downloaded onto the ‘o’ drive/Barnsley Command folder or via the District Secretaries.  





7.1       Hate Crime Reduction Initiative.  Election of a new Chair will take place in July 2013.  Following discussion with PS Pursley, Inspector Burgess’ name will be put forward for the position. 


Tuesday, 28 May, 2013 - 10:00