Barnsley District Command Team Meeting - 11 June 2013

In Attendance

Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)
DCI Mark Wilkie, Crime Manager
Mary Verity, Business Manager
Phil Swaine, Operational Management Accountant
Heather Askwith, HR Operational Partner
Judith Stone, Victim Support
Julie Butcher, Victim Support


Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations
CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response & SNA
A/Chief Inspector Simon Wanless, Ops
A/PS Gavin Kerr, Staff Officer

Copy to:  

Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer


1.1 As above.


2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 28 May 2013 were agreed as an accurate record.


3.1 Talent Management. Chief Supt. Brooke to capture the findings from the Talent Management meeting on an Action Plan.  Chief Supt. Brooke and Mary Verity to discuss.  The Plan is still being developed.  Chief Superintendent Brooke has attended most briefings to discuss where the Force is in terms of the cash cuts and the limitations on promotion.  He has explained that other opportunities are being sought to develop staff and maximise their opportunities for interview and selection for both their own posts and vertical progression.  Chief Superintendent Brooke and Mary Verity will look at how to implement and document this from a Police Staff perspective.  Ongoing.

3.2 Resilience – Coroner’s Officer.  DI Askew to liaise with the Coroner’s Officers in terms of the resilience issues and present an update to Chief Superintendent Brooke, DCI Wilkie and CI Hodgkinson.  A PCSO has been identified to support the Coroner’s Officers as and when required.  Discharged.  
3.3 Volunteers.  A meeting to be arranged between Chief Superintendent Brooke, CI Hodgkinson, A/CI Wanless, Mary Verity, Inspectors Burgess and Mitchell to discuss volunteering opportunities in more detail.  A meeting will be held on 18 June 2013 to discuss volunteers in more detail.  Ongoing.

3.4 Specials.  A/CI Wanless to produce a process map around the deployment of Specials.  Work is ongoing.  Further, Specials have been discussed at the Business Plan meeting in terms of the costs associated with an increase in numbers.  Ongoing.


4.1 Victim Support is a national charity, which offers support throughout the country to witnesses attending Court.  This includes pre-trial visits, a designated waiting room at the Court and entrance via a back door so they do not feel intimidated.  Volunteers will also visit individuals in their own homes to explain the Court process, using diagrams and visual aids to support discussions.

In addition, the organisation offers a community service.  In the main, this involves emotional support but practical support is also available, eg. Food vouchers, basic alarms and dummy cameras. 

4.2 Last year, at the request of A/CI Wanless, Victim Support briefed officers on the services they could offer.  Officers were further informed that as well as the option of ticking a box to request Victim Support, they could request their assistance via phone or email as long as they provided a crime reference number.  Despite this, there have been very few direct referrals.  The reasons for this were discussed. 

At some point in the future, a tick box might no longer be available for Victim Support and the emphasis will be on the officer to explain about the organisation.  As some officers do not have sufficient knowledge of the services available, a discussion around Victim Support will be built into staff briefings.  Victim Support is also willing to offer additional training to officers including Specials; Judith Stone and Julie Butcher were asked to take the latter training forward via PS Darren Taylor.  Furthermore, consideration will be given to Victim Support volunteers being allowed to attend the scene of a burglary, assault etc. with an officer as it would be beneficial for them to see how the incidents are dealt with.  As A/CI Wanless is doing some work around volunteering and enhancing victim support, Chief Superintendent Brooke will liaise with him in respect of this.  Action:  Chief Superintendent Brooke to ensure Victim Support is on the agenda for staff briefings.


5.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re PCC Targets

All crime is up by 2% (55 offences). 

ASB is down by 2%.   

Burglary dwelling is up by 46.2% (66 offences). 

Vehicle crime is up by 22.5% (62 offences).

Criminal damage is down by 3.8% (20 offences).

Violence with injury is up by 24.4% (47 offences).

Hate crime is up by 58% (7 offences).  Establishment Control has approved the post of Hate Crime Co-ordinator for the District.  The post will sit within the VCT.

The positive outcome overall detection rate is 29.6%, the highest in the Force.

5.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

Barnsley Live will take place on 22 June 2013.  A policing operation is in place.

6. Closed


7.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

Diamond Projects.  The Intelligence review has been approved and it is now in the implementation phase.

The PPU review is still being developed and has yet to be presented to the Policing Board. 

The Economic Crime review has been to the Policing Board.  It will now be presented to the Diamond Board for consideration around centralisation. 

The Reactive CID review has been to both the Policing Board and Diamond Board on a number of occasions.  ACC Sahota has met with the four District Commanders and the Head of CID to try and resolve the issues but a final decision has yet to be reached.   

The centralisation of CCTV is progressing.  There are staffing issues associated with this and efforts are being made to address these locally.  Action:  Mary Verity to liaise with Liz Blackburn regarding the possibility of training a number of officers in CCTV work.

Children’s Safeguarding Board.  Bob Dyson has requested that a sub-group be formed around Child Sexual Exploitation.  The idea is for Social Care to put a dedicated Social Worker in place at Wombwell to work alongside the dedicated Detective on Child Sexual Exploitation.  

7.2 OMA Financial Commentary

An underspend of £250k is anticipated.  A reduction should be noted next month pending a decision on the POCA income.

Modernisation Plans – There is potential for a support staff vacancy.  This was discussed at the Business Plan meeting where a decision was made not to replace the post but to use it elsewhere, eg. Admin Support for Response and VCT.  Action:  Chief Superintendent Brooke and Mary Verity to discuss with CI Hodgkinson the potential to create a Response Team Clerk post. 

7.3 Risk Register

 The Risk Register has been updated.  Three new risks have been identified:-

• CID Reviews – links to operational performance
• Performance in key categories
• Further budget reductions – impact on operational policing

A further risk around the increase in Specials will be included.

There are also risks associated with batteries.  This has been noted but will not be included in the Risk Register.

Business Continuity.  No items.

7.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects.  The projects have been reviewed.

7.5 Human Resource Issues

Establishment.  Discussed at Business Plan meeting.

Personnel & Welfare Issues.  HR Shared Services issue a weekly report advising of staff on sick leave.  When the new HR Knowledge database is in place, the information will be more readily available.

Internals transfers were discussed within the meeting.

 Awards.  Three young males will be awarded with District Commander’s Commendations for their efforts in detecting a robbery.  The Mayor and PCC will be in attendance.

7.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

A couple of performance visits have taken place recently.

7.7 Audit Reports

 A recent audit has been conducted at District.  This included the disbursement account, risks, property, complaints, iproc, seized cash, controlled stationery, systems access, disposals, gifts, hospitality and business interests.  No issues were identified.  A report detailing the findings will be forwarded in due course.

7.8 CCTV Staffing

 Refer to item 7.1.


8.1 SNA Vacancies.  Staff have been identified for the two vacancies, however, no moves will take place until all the other Sergeant moves have taken effect.   
























Wednesday, 19 June, 2013 - 10:30