Rotherham District Management Meeting - 2 July 2013

C/Supt Jason Harwin, Supt Paul McCurry, Jayne Cusworth, Hayley Seward, DI John Hobson, Insp Abdul Aziz, Mary Verity, Sgt Ash Qaiyum, David Wilson, Insp Dave White, DI Dave Turner, Insp Martyn Sheldon, Insp Adrian Clarke, Insp Barry Bentley, Sgt Craig Cooke,  DI Steve Ashmore,  Kim Williams

Presentations were given to the group as follows:-

• Demand Management Proposals  -  Supt Paul McCurry & C/Insp Ian Womersley
• Professional Standards -  C/Insp Ian Womersley
• HR Framework  -  Kim Williams

Force Update
C/Supt Jason Harwin gave update to the group from across the Force.  These included:-

• Additional Staff to District
• Finance Issues
• District Review
• CSE – Inspection imminent

Performance Update
David Wilson gave an update to the group on District performance and in comparison to the MSG.

Portfolio Updates
All Portfolio leads gave a brief update to the group on issues/events within their respective teams.

Any Other Business
There were no issues to be raised


Actions Raised  -  02.07.13

Date Raised No: Owner Issue Update
20.05.13 1 AC AC to identify what Atlas have in place to action the new Missing Persons System and report to JH to enable this to be raised at the SY Policing Board Ongoing – update to be received from AC
20.05.13 2 DS DS to make contact with Pete Horner with regards to the new Missing Persons System (main contact is currently Sgt Helen Smith) Implementation of the new system should take place around Autumn
02.07.13 3 IW IW to circulate a copy of the Demand Management Presentation along with the deployment protocols to all officers 
02.07.13 4 AC Insp AC to identify a location and all required equipment for the Demand Management Sergeant at Main Street 
02.07.13 5 KW KW to circulate the lists of PDR due dates to all Insps for their information 
02.07.13 6 ALL All Portfolio leads to collate three HR observations from each of their teams and forward to Supt for discussion at DCT meeting on 22.07.13. 
02.07.13 7 ALL All Team leads, including support staff, to submit names of representatives who wish to sit on the District Professional Standards Group to PM by 12.07.13 
02.07.13 8 ALL All officers on duty, must be aware at all times, of the information on the CSE briefing site 
02.07.13 9 IW IW to circulate the locations of the ANPR cameras throughout Rotherham District to all officers for their attention 

Previous Meetings Actions - DISCHARGED
Date Raised No: Owner Issue Update
20.05.13 3 IW IW to review the unallocated jobs on the active queues to identify any issues which will be discussed with Atlas via the Sgts 
20.05.13 4 NPG Insps NPG Insps to allocate Sgt on days to make contact with Atlas to identify work processes for the active queues w/c 21.05.13 
20.05.13 5 DS DS to collate any feedback anonymously from staff who attended the Supervisors away days and report this to the DCT 



Tuesday, 9 July, 2013 - 10:15