Force Governance Board 12/3/2013

Force Governance Board – 12 March 2013 – 4th floor Secretariat, HQ

Notes of the inaugural meeting

Members of the Board:               

T/DCC Andy Holt 

Nigel Hiller – Lead

Geoff Berrett – Corporate Finance

Lorraine Booth – HR

Chief Supt Terry Mann – PSD

T/Supt Scott Green – BCD

Gary Slinn – Legal Services



Michelle Wilkinson – Internal Audit, Joint Secretariat



NH welcomed members to the meeting and apologies were noted.  Since the appointment of the Police and Crime Commissioner on the 22nd November the force was required to produce a separate governance structure and annual governance report.  NH confirmed that he was to lead on this and the meeting was convened to determine the procedures. GB stated that a Governance Improvement Plan would need to be produced for the next 12 months. 

Annual Governance Statement 2011/12

Members reviewed the Annual Governance Statement for 2011/12 and NH commented this would be mostly unchanged except for careful editing which would reflect the new arrangements.   NH said that he and GB would later meet to approve this.  NH stated that any significant governance issues that were mentioned in the statement had now been fully resolved. 

NH asked board members if they wished to raise any new governance issues/risks.  AH raised the issue of collaborative working, as the Chief Constable was already in discussions with Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Police.  NH said that if we were to have future arrangements with Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Police, we would need to ensure they follow the same model as the new working arrangements we currently have with Humberside. 

SG said the issue surrounding working practices with police staff and the stage 2 transfer was a bit blurry regarding governance arrangements.  LB said we could go back to the risk that’s already on the risk register regarding police staff.  NH said it was well worth raising an issue about the governance of the staff transfer arrangements/change in employment framework. 

Questions/Challenges when reviewing compliance with 6 Core Principles

Members reviewed the 6 core principles check list.  NH stated that once the policing plan is published and goes to the Police and Crime Panel, the force should have an agreed joint vision in the coming months.    The Core Principle check list was updated as follows:

Core Principle 1 - it was agreed that there was no difficulty in evidencing any of the above

Core Principle 2 – NH said we need to ensure that we have the proper scheme of delegation and  asked that the Force Solicitor feed back what delegations had been agreed to the PCC.  GS confirmed that the Force Solicitor had met with Maureen Oades and produced a document which stated that all other delegations were in place.  NH asked that the scheme of delegation be brought to the next Force Governance Board.

Core principle 3 – These were issues for the OPCC

Core principle 4 – NH stated that no issues had been raised in previous years on this core principle.  Regarding the question on transparency, NH said that meetings such as QRD and the Local Policing Board showed the forces commitment to transparency.

Core principle 5 – LB said that skills are identified through role profiles/annual training plan.  TM said lessons learned are through HR Champion, and good process through BCD and managing recommendations, therefore no issues

Core principle 6 – No serious issues to address – make sure that can be supported in the annual governance statement


Officer Assurance Certificates and Related Party Transactions


Officer assurance certificate – GB explained that SCT members, District Commanders and Heads of Department were asked to sign these forms to confirm that they knew what they were responsible for and what their job entailed etc.  Members were asked to take a view as to whether the taken approach met the forces needs or whether further information was required along the lines of the “area of responsibility” paper by Barnsley Council.  NH commented that there was too much detailed information sought by the Barnsley process and that the current SYP approach was more appropriate for this organisation.

Related party transactions – LB confirmed that we hadn’t received any.  NH said he needed to check whether being a council member requires him to sign a form, however he had declared this previously.

Timetable for review and drafting the AGS

GB informed members that a draft Annual Governance Statement would need to be produced by mid June for the Auditors.  An Audit Committee meeting had been scheduled for June. GB said that there could be some flexibility on this as the final accounts process is likely to result in a request for an additional July Audit committee meeting date.

Frequency of meetings

It was agreed that the next Force Governance Board be arranged around the end of April/beginning of May 2013


Tuesday, 12 March, 2013 - 11:00