Barnsley District Command Team Meeting

In Attendance:  Chief Superintendent Andy Brooke (Chair)
Superintendent Liz Watson, Operations
DCI Mark Wilkie, Crime Manager
T/Chief Inspector Simon Wanless, Safer Neighbourhoods
Phil Swain, Operational Management Accountant
Heather Askwith, HR Operational Partner
A/PS Andy Froggatt, Staff Officer
Mandy Cunliffe, Media & Marketing re. Item 4

Apologies:  Mary Verity, Business Manager
CI Andy Hodgkinson, Response

Copy to:  Rachel Lilley, Barnsley District Liaison Officer


1.1 As above.


2.1 The minutes of the last meeting dated 3 September 2013 were agreed as an accurate record.


3.1 Enquiry Desk Post.  Chief Superintendent Brooke to liaise with CI Kent and determine if there will be a requirement to use the vacant post to establish a CCTV Evidence Review post.  CI Kent advised this type of post had not been considered as part of the project, but will now be discussed with Chief Supt. Tweed.  Ongoing.

3.2 Risk Register. Mary Verity to remove the risks around long term missing persons and unfunded posts.  Completed.  Discharged.

3.3 Vehicles.  Mary Verity to discuss vehicles in more detail with T/CI Wanless and CI Hodgkinson outside the meeting and report back to Chief Supt. Brooke. T/CI Wanless confirmed that only one response vehicle used by the Inspectors was under-utilised.  As Cudworth only has one available vehicle, this will be progressed outside of this meeting.  Discharged.


4.1 Mandy Cunliffe briefed the Command Team in respect of the new structure within the Corporate Communications Department.  All District Comms. Officers are now centralised with three teams covering the Media Unit (Lindsay Rust), Internal Comms. (Caroline England-Woodcock) and Public Engagement (Mandy Cunliffe).  Engagement with the public and District/Force priorities were then discussed. 


5.1 Summary of Year to Date Performance re PCC Targets

District performance and the Force improvement drive was discussed in detail.  All crime is up by 2.2% (146 offences) which is an improvement on the 4.4% reported within the August meeting.  An overall detection rate of 31% has been recorded.  District has established a shoplifting team aimed at prevention rather than apprehension and crime cars will focus on key areas.  High visibility patrols will also take place.

ASB is down by 4%.   

Burglary dwelling is up by 10.9% (40 offences). 

Vehicle crime is up by 21% (143 offences).

Criminal damage is down by 14.5% (183 offences).

Violence with injury is up by 19.5% (95 offences).  

Hate crime is up by 7.7% (3 offences).  A Hate Crime Co-ordinator has been appointed and will commence duties once vetting is complete.

5.2 Forthcoming Events/Operations

 The EDL will hold a rally in Sheffield this weekend – Barnsley resources will be deployed.

5.3 100% Crime Scene Attendance – Impact on District

It has been estimated there will be a further seven crimes per day for District to investigate.  Atlas are considering retaining immediates, priorities and schedules but criming them in the first instance to avoid the public having to wait several days for attendance.  Response will progress immediates and priorities with schedules being diaried.  SNTs will also retain a diary to follow up actions from a crime either by a revisit or house-to-house.  Action:  CI Hodgkinson to update Chief Supt. Brooke and Supt. Watson of the current standing with 100% crime scene attendance.


6.1 Major Crime Investigations



7.1 Update from Key Force Meetings

Partnership support is still positive.  Additional funding has been received for an Enforcement Sergeant to work alongside the Neighbourhood Safety Unit. 

7.2 OMA Financial Commentary


Efficiency Savings.  On track.

7.3 Risk Register

 See action 3.2.

Business Continuity.  Not discussed.

7.4 Business Plan

Business Plan Projects. 

All have been reviewed.

7.5 Human Resource Issues

Establishment.  To be discussed within the Business Plan meeting.

Personnel & Welfare Issues.  Not discussed.

 Awards.  A meeting has been set for Chief Supt. Brooke and Supt. Watson to discuss the nominations for the District Award Ceremony. 

Night Detective Cover.  SCS have determined that Barnsley and Rotherham will brigade in respect of one night detective.  DI Steve Whittaker reports there will be a Forcewide DS and DI on nights and a pool of officers working from respective Districts of which Doncaster will provide one officer, Sheffield two and Barnsley and Rotherham one between Districts.  Action:  Chief Supt. Brooke to discuss with Chief Supt. Harwin night detective cover.  Chief Supt. Brooke to then liaise with Det. Chief Supt. Bates and DCC Holt around the provision of night cover.

7.6 Performance Visit Action Schedule

A Performance meeting will take place today.

7.7 Audit Reports

 No new items. 


7.1 No items.


Tuesday, 17 September, 2013 - 10:00